May 30, 2011

ExtremeSeries: Gaebler's view after the crash

Photos: Lloyd Images - Roland's team racing before the big crash
Indy 500 crahs was a joke compared to this one, glad to see that the majority of the sailors are now wearing helmets. Roland is quite upset, maybe a redress for the final day or the organization having a spare boat for these ocassions can be a solution next time.

By Roland Gaebler-
"Our boat was complete destroyed by Alinghi. Bad redress and bad points. Its a real shocker for the Team.
We were on a good move on day 3 at Extreme Sailing Series in Istanbul. Place 6-4-2 and then the massive crash.

The crew is fine but the Boat is destroyed. No way to continue the race after that. For sure we won the protest hearing. We got a very special redress which gave us some good points in day 3. But the last day we got no points and went to the last place.

It’s very very frustrating to get hit by a boat and then on top of this to finish last. We were not happy with the redress we got. But the ISAF rules are that way.
We were on a really good move with top results that day. We made absolute no mistake. We had right of way. We got hit and nearly sunken by Team Alinghi.
Some bones of the crew got hit and finally we got a bad redress. We have no words for this.

This all hurt a lot and we are very down. The videos and photos speaking for themselves. Our left hull is completely gone. I hope we get a other boat for the next event in Boston USA.

This is it. Game Over for now. We need some rest after this shock."

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