May 31, 2011

Gaastra North Sea Regatta at RBSC

Photo: Bundock-Van Leeuwen


Photo: de Koning-Visser


30knots for the Gaastra North Sea Regatta organized by the Royal Belgian Sailin Club (host of the 2009 Worlds)
Back to winning for Bundock and Jeroen on the C2, followed by the top french team Bontemps-Amiot (boat?) and 3rd for de Koning-Visser on Infusion. Onthe F16 several dnfs, and the Viper mix crew , Celine Van Dooren and Brett Goodall took 1st.

Current World Champ Arnaud Jarlegan and Carrie Howe, they were registered to race together.
Mixed crews are rising everywhere now, good for the sport.
Arnaud must defend the 2010 Title without Olivier Backes, lets see with whom he finally race at Hungary 2011.

Nr Zeilnr Naam Score 1 2 3 4
1 AUS 888 Darren Bundock, Jeroen Van leeuwen, F18, OSRC 4,0 1 2 (3) 1
2 FRA 4 Gurvan Bontemps, Benjamin Amiot, SRU 6,0 (dnf) 1 1 4
3 NED 3 Coen de Koning, Thijs Vissers, WSV Hoorn 6,0 2 (5) 2 2
4 NED 15 Willem Geijssen, Rico Van Capelle, Almere 10,0 (4) 3 4 3
5 BEL 6 Harry-Michel Peeter, Damien Bindels, RBSC 21,0 (14) 6 9 6
6 AUS 361 Jason Waterhouse, Josh, RPAYC 23,0 10 (dnf) 6 7
7 BEL 1 Patrick Demesmaeker, Olivier Gagliani, RBSC 25,0 11 7 7 (dnf)
8 BEL 53 Wim Deca, Jan Deca, F18, RBSC 42,0 (dnf) dnf 5 5
9 AUS 1978 Aaron Beattie, Jamie Leitner, CYC 43,0 7 4 (dnf) dnf
10 FRA 38 Pierre La Clainche, Antoine Joubert, SR Vannes 47,0 6 9 (dnf) dnf

Nr Zeilnr Naam Score 1 2 3 4
1 AUS 222 Bret Goodall, Celine Van Dooren, F16, Bendigo Yacht Club 7,0 (dnf) dnf 1 1
2 BEL 1007 Philippe Ohse, KYC 11,0 1 (dnf) dnf dnf
3 BEL 666 Gil De Bruyne, Kathleen Vandenbulcke, VVW Heist 12,0 2 (dnf) dnf dnf
4 USA 208 Philip Hendrickx, Gaetan Bols, RBSC 15,0 (dnf) dns dnf dnf

May 30, 2011

ExtremeSeries: Gaebler's view after the crash

Photos: Lloyd Images - Roland's team racing before the big crash
Indy 500 crahs was a joke compared to this one, glad to see that the majority of the sailors are now wearing helmets. Roland is quite upset, maybe a redress for the final day or the organization having a spare boat for these ocassions can be a solution next time.

By Roland Gaebler-
"Our boat was complete destroyed by Alinghi. Bad redress and bad points. Its a real shocker for the Team.
We were on a good move on day 3 at Extreme Sailing Series in Istanbul. Place 6-4-2 and then the massive crash.

The crew is fine but the Boat is destroyed. No way to continue the race after that. For sure we won the protest hearing. We got a very special redress which gave us some good points in day 3. But the last day we got no points and went to the last place.

It’s very very frustrating to get hit by a boat and then on top of this to finish last. We were not happy with the redress we got. But the ISAF rules are that way.
We were on a really good move with top results that day. We made absolute no mistake. We had right of way. We got hit and nearly sunken by Team Alinghi.
Some bones of the crew got hit and finally we got a bad redress. We have no words for this.

This all hurt a lot and we are very down. The videos and photos speaking for themselves. Our left hull is completely gone. I hope we get a other boat for the next event in Boston USA.

This is it. Game Over for now. We need some rest after this shock."

May 29, 2011

ExtremeSeries Istanbul: Direct Hit...

Photo: Lloyd Images. - Roland Gaebler checking VX40 inside built...
1 Artemis Racing 307
2 Emirates Team New Zealand 306
3 Groupe Edmond De Rothschild 296
4 The Wave, Muscat 274
5 Luna Rossa 272
6 Red Bull Extreme Sailing 254
7 Alinghi 245
8 Oman Air 245
9 Team GAC Pindar 237
10 Niceforyou 212
11 Team Extreme 188

F18 Arg: Testing the new Infusion MKII

Juan Faustín preparing his new baby

Left to right part of the core of the founding members of the local F18 Class: Juan Faustín, Martín Vanzulli (me) , Cruz Smith , Mariano Heuser and Ian Rodger. Taking the pic the best F18 local crew, Juan Martin Benitez.
Today we could make a first test of the new MKII recently arrived to BA and assembled yesterday. The first impression is top quality build specially on new daggers.
Once sailing the boat feels quite firm
on our little meshy chop, very rigid platform like the Caps.
Here in BA we have shallow waters so these new 2mts foils are problem, and you need special care while going out or returning to the club.
So we waited some minutes to fully down the blades, we reached our usual training waters to start some informal training races.

The second aspect of the MKII is that the main sail is different from the previous cut, I was crewing so I felt that right away on the hard sheetings, this sail as the SI I tested on Mischa's Wildcat or my Landy needs No oversheeting as its stalls.
After a so-so 1st training race where we struggled a little trying to adapt upwind but we just flew downwind reaching first, Juan changed shroud tension and I let the main flow in the next race.
One of the MKII went left with Sergio and his C2 and we went right with Ian on his local Cap.
Wind came down a little, with tricky conditions that required constant trim.

I felt the boat better, Juan tried to point at every pressure zone, I trimmed the main more 'relaxed' compared to the previous version, we made an early tack to the layline covering Ian that was coming with more speed, we managed to point extremely well and both Infusions MKII reached first together
to the upwind mark coming from opposites tacks on comfortable positions against the other two boats.
Result: Happy faces for the MKII owners!
The boat really is a superior version, and the new blades are a blast, they performed in this special condition where we felt the Inf was lacking some flow against other boats, and some gain pointing too. We didn´t made 5 races as when I tested the Wildcat, but is an excellent first impression.
The good news for current MKI owners is that an upgrade kit is available, as the hulls and the rest of the platform is just exactly the same.
The upgrade is worth it, if you feel you have extracted all the juice of your current boat, if you are newbie, it wont make you win races by itself.
Next week Ian is receinving a pair of C2s, so we'll make a new test as is the only new design I didn´t sail yet.

So congrats to Nacra for improving some issues on the 2010 version, this is a top contender, as the Boskalis team showed at the Eurocat.
I always liked the Infusion (you can read the archive) , an easy boat to sail with lots of margin as I prefer, now with these upgrades it has become an updated racing machine to match the designs that came after its launch in 2006.

May 26, 2011

Extreme Series Istanbul: Day 2

Day 1 video, but nice to see part of this ancient City, also Gaebler , Ashby and other talking about the series.
Good to see lots of teams wearing helmets, now you can start pushing hard, this is no 4ksb racing.
Terry Hutchinson showing experienced catsailors how its done, as Dean Barker at the Australian A-Class Nats, the best sailing talents are just that, no matter which boat they helm.
1 Artemis Racing 116
2 Alinghi 97
3 Emirates TNZ 97
4 Luna Rossa 95
5 G E d Rothschild 95
6 The Wave, Muscat 87
7 Red Bull ES 78
8 Oman Air 76
9 Team Extreme 64
10 Niceforyou 64
11 GAC Pindar 55

May 25, 2011

Extreme Series: Act 3, Istanbul

Photo: Lloyd Images

Photo: Lloyd Images

Photo: Lloyd Images
I just don't understand why Alnghi is not part of AC34. Forget legal bs and that they lost last cup, they 've been sailing cats before every other current AC team and with all the experience gained on their A5... If I were EB, I would be racing this Cup all the way.
Extreme Sailing Series - Act 3, Istanbul

The first day of the Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 3 in Istanbul, Turkey saw an action packed seven races for the 11 international teams, with Artemis Racing taking the top spot with 52 points, only a single point ahead of Act 2 winners Luna Rossa and Alinghi on 47. The racing conditions tested the teams today as the 44 sailors manhandled their Extreme 40 racing machines around short, sharp courses. There were plenty of gusts to potentially trip the up boats, shifts in wind direction and the race legs were so short it was a full-on physical work. “It’s beautiful to sail here, the conditions are good with a tricky wind which is good for us,” said Maxi Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa.

Current overall standings after Day 1 (25.5.11)
Position / Team / Skipper & crew / Points
1st Artemis Racing (SWE), Terry Hutchinson / 52 points
2nd Luna Rossa (ITA), Max Sirena51 points
3rd Alinghi (SUI), Tanguy Cariou 47 points
4th Oman Air (OMA), Sidney Gavignet 46 points
5th Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), Dean Barker / Glenn Ashby 45 points
6th The Wave, Muscat (OMA), Torvar Mirsky 44 points
7th Groupe Edmond de Rothschild (FRA), Pierre Pennec /44 points
8th Team Extreme (EUR), Roland Gaebler 41 points
9th Red Bull Extreme Sailing (AUT), Roman Hagara / Hans Peter Steinacher 34 points
10th Team GAC Pindar (GBR), Ian Williams / Mark Ivey / Mischa Heemskerk 29 points
11th Niceforyou (ITA), Alberto Barovier29 points

May 24, 2011

F18 Argentina: Weekend racing Images by Matías Capizzano

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano -

Photo: Matías Capizzano - / Bobby Collazo : 95kg and 50 years old, a truly hardcore crew

We are lucky enough to have this guy taking pics in Argentina. Matías Capizzano -, is one the best photographers out there. The scenes and sharpness of each image are incredible, click images to enlarge.
Two consecutive weekends of full racing organized by Club Nautico San Isidro, hundreds of boats on several classes on the second major event in Argentina after BA Week in October.

This time I raced with Bobby Collazo on his Infusion, we never sailed together and our combined weight is +180kg! we struggled in some races but we managed to get some good results even with in calm conditions, in fact our best result, a 3rd, was raced on 6knots no trapeze conditions.
So yes , that weight is a handicap, and you need to reduce your errors, as building speed from zero is hard, but with some training and coordination is possible to perform at the top of your fleet, even if you are a 50! year old crew like Bobby. Hat off to him for pushing hard the whole championship. Also want to remark our latest crew addition to the fleet, Esteban Daneri with 54, enjoying sailing again after several years helming his new F18.

Regatta won by Sergio Mehl-Nicolás Aragones on their C2 , followed by Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser and Esteban Blando-Billy Lopez Segura on Infusions. Lucas Smith had an excellent championship too, first helming with on a borrowed boat and then crewing for his usual partner Juan Faustín.

Ian Rodger from AHPC Arg, is in between boats, having sold all first stage scheduled Caps, even his, and waiting for some C2s to arrive.
The new Infusions MKII have arrived (left new daggers), I will publish some images as soon as they have the boats sailing. The blade looks like a real quality weapon.

If there is any doubt that the F18 fleet is now the fastest and most exiting to race here in Argentina, well Javier Poclava's Yamaha R1 reinforce our speed credo, this is for sure a full power racing machine! you can´t even ride her below 50mph!

Catamaran Racing Book: We are preparing a book with Matías Capizzano, that will include several top notch photographers that contribute to this blog and mainly images from Europe , USA and Australia covering several classes like C-Class, F18, Tornado, A-Class, 18HT and more , the best material published here.

More info coming soon, but we will have be a 1st class special limited first edition, so those interested contact me at catsailingnews gmail com to project a final number of prints.

Check Matías website for more images, books and print services. And don´t hesitate to contact him to shoot your event in USA or Europe.

Pl Crew From Tot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Serhio Mehl/Nicolás Aragones Aguila 14 1 2 -4 -5 1 1 4 1 1 3
2 Cruz G Smith/Mariano Heuser yca 21 2 1 2 -4 3 -4 3 2 4 4
3 Esteban Blando/Eduardo L Segura cvr 25 -5 3 -5 3 4 2 2 4 5 2
4 Lucas Smith/Federico Heuser Aguila 45 4 4 1 1 2 3 (dns) (dns) dns dns
5 Martin Vanzulli/Jose Collazo Aguila 52 (dnf) 9 7 10 -11 5 6 6 3 6
6 Christian Vilate/Juan M Benitez CNAS 66 3 (dns) 3 2 7 6 (dns) dns dns dns
7 Juan Faustin/Lucas Smith Aguila 67 (dns) (dns) dns dns dns dns 1 3 2 1
8 Juan Grunwaldt/Nicolas Stefani ycu 73 7 8 8 6 5 9 (dns) (dns) dns dns
9 Javier Poclava/Gustavo Osuna Aguila 75 (dns) 7 (dns) 8 6 11 7 dns 6 dns
10 Gabriel Berberian/Leandro Culotta cuba 77 9 10 6 7 8 7 (dns) (dns) dns dns
11 Alejandro Caputo/Sebastian Mazza Aguila 85 8 (dns) (dns) 9 10 8 5 dns dns dns
12 Sergio Armesto/Joaquin Duarte yca 87 10 5 (dns) (dns) dns dns dns 5 7 dns
13 Alberto Viera/Harold Meerhoff Aguila 91 6 6 (dns) (dns) 9 10 dns dns dns dns
14 Esteban Daneri/Estefanía Daneri C7 110 (dns) (dns) 1dns dns dns dns dns dns dns 5

May 22, 2011

Youth & Mixed Sailing: 14 year old Riley McDonald profile

Riley helming with her dad, Matt McDonald , head of Falcon Marine.
The next Carolijn Brouwer, riding not a Viper but a Falcon F16.

Sent by Gill de Bruyne:
Interview with Riley McDonald, 14 year old Falcon skipper!
You all know Matt McDonald as the builder of the Falcon, the latest light weight Formula 16 catamaran, based in Florida. But do you know Riley, his daughter?

Riley is sailing with her dad for almost a year now. She is skippering and doing a very great job! She is young, ambitious, light and the perfect skipper together with her dad as crew on the Falcon. We tought it was about time to have a short Friday afternoon interview with Riley.

- Can you tell us how old you are right now?
Riley: 14 yrs. old
- How did you get to know sailing?
Well, my dad is a great sailor and he taught me everything I know.
- What do you like about sailing?
I love meeting new people and setting new challenges for myself.

- What do your friends think about that?
Oh, they love it and they support me and they are very proud of me.
- How long have you been sailing the Falcon with your dad?
Almost a year now.
-Tell me what you like the most when you are sailing?
The rush of it and at the same time the relaxation.
- You are helming the boat and your dad is crewing. That must be a nice feeling that you can tell your dad what he needs to do?
Well, I wish I could tell him what to do, but he doesn't really listen very often :)
- What did you think the first time you got on such a big and fast boat?
It was amazing and I didn't want to get off.
- We heard you got a call by one of the heads of the youth sailing program and you got an invite to train with the youth girls development program? That’s awesome! When would you be starting this training?
Hopefully I will be starting this summer, but who knows. I'm really excited though.

- Any tips or tricks for other young girls who are thinking of starting to sail?
Go for it and sail with someone you can trust.

- When is your next race?
Kelly Park River Regatta, May 28 - 29th.

- You did very well on the last races: finishing first on Saturday and Sunday at Charlotte Harbour: great job! What was the weekend like? Good winds?
Decent wind and it was fun, but GYC was more my type of wind. Spring Fever was really fun, light winds and frustrating at times. I need a lot more practice to race in that kind of wind because I really need to pay attention to the wind shifts.

- What do you like the most: sailing upwind or sailing downwind?

Sailing downwind because it feels easier to me.

- Your mom is also a very good sailor, do you ever sail with her too?

Thanks Riley for taking the time to answer these questions! She is the future. Starting young on a high performanca multihull, aiming for the best and still having fun!
Contact Gill de Bruyne for your Falcon F16 in Europe:
In USA contact Matt McDonald at
Falcon Marine.

May 19, 2011

C-Class: Restoring Patient Lady

Photo: Christophe Launay

Christophe Launay

Photo: Christophe Launay

Photo: Christophe Launay

By Christophe Launay - C Class Patient Lady VI
Restoration of the 26 year old C Class Catamaran Patient Lady VI under the auspice of Benjamin Muyl, Herve Penformis, Axel de Beaufort and Sam Thomas at the Ecole Nationale de Voile, Saint Pierre Quiberon, Brittany, France.

Patient Lady VI been "given" to Benjamin Muy from Fred Eaton for 1 dollar, it 's actually the only C Class in continental Europe (Invictus is in the UK)

Christophe Launay

Marstrom 32 Launch

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom

Photo: Thomas Almesaker/Marstrom

Photo: Hakan Mann/Marstrom
Just received these pictures from Marstrom. The M32 is the X40 and AC45 'little' sister... although for sure a powerfull machine built on Marstrom quality. The right size to form big fleets. Looking sharp, lets wait for more pics and video to see her fly.

Hakan Mann: "Pictures from yesterday evening of the first M32 launch and sail together with North Sails. Everything looks so cool, even if there was almost no wind the M32 immediately showing super nice speed so amazing!
Superlight, rock solid, unirig with gennaker, The Cool M32…

May 17, 2011

Nacra Championships 2011: F20C Power Lift

Photo: Michel Abspoel

Photo: Michel Abspoel

Photo: Michel Abspoel

Photo: Michel Abspoel

Photo: Michel Abspoel
Incredible power lift on those curved daggers, nice solution for elimitaning combined crew weight factor, I needed those this past weekend...
Results pending but it seems the Boss won, tough having the owner of the company being also a top racer to race against with. Gunnar Larsen was nr 1 racing with Sam Frank as his crew ahead of 2009 World Champs, Coen de Koning / Thijs Visser and the Aussies.
Since Eurocat Gunnar is slowly building performance for next Worlds on the new Infusion MKII... but its time to improve those two consecutive top 5 at World Champs, and Coen/Thijs are eaguer to regain their past crown.
Strong team for Nacra in 2011

F18 Italy: Racing season launch

Good to see Tornado and 18HT top sailors racing on the F18 at top level
By Marco Radman
Vada 7-8 May: F18 Italian Circuit
In Vada on Tuscany it took place the first regatta of F18 italian Circuit
Good weather with sunny skies and high temperature, light wind conditions, 5-9 kn.
High level of competition with the top Italian crews and also teams from French and Hungary!

1) Sorrentino-Pennati Mattia (Tornado Italian team sailor)
2) Saragoni-Filippi Infusion (World Champion F18 HT & finalist Little America’s Cup )
3) Marcolini-Bianchi Wildcat ( Tornado Olympic Team in Athens ‘ 04 & China ’08 )
4 )Radman-Lai Mattia
5) Bissaro-Cesari Wildcat (Dark Horses… 6° in Carnac 2011 &Youth World Champ.2010)
And also Ferrari, Fantasia and many others!.

Full results: