Mar 31, 2011

Scheurer A-Class: The Contender

Photos: Megan Groves - Brad at Cesenatico and a good view of the Scheurer G6 platform / 

Luc DuBois sailed the Scheurer G6 at Cesenatico finishing 4th, note transom is quite different from Dna´s one (trapezoidal with lower volume dow and the G6 is the opposite with a more rounded proifle, like Alinghi´s, well DuBois was part of the team.

Photo: Matthew Johnson - Brad at Aus Nats - Fine bows and less volume, although Brad is reporting he can push harder inthe beeze even more than the dna guys.

4th Photo: Megan Groves - Landy finisihed 5th at 2010 Worlds, with an impressive comeback on the last 4 races: 2,3,8,2 . Also good angle to view the canted hulls of the Scheurer G6.

Since its successful racing debut, the dna had created some noise on the A Class, like it or not they made the entire 1st line of Pros buying one: Ashby, Brewin, Landy, Bundock... the list goes and the highest exposure come in the last Australian Nats.
At 2010 Worlds in Cesenatico, Ashby had to apply all his experience to win, and the reports said that with more wind, Brewin would have won for sure.

So right now you have a one design class at the top, but wait, suddenly Brad Collet beats Brewin on his dna with his Scheurer, the star boat is now a 'pos'... and the Scheurer is the boat to look up to.... well, No.

Things don´t work like that, the dna has proved she has some new details like volume and the right combo on curved daggers and it will create a trend for new boats, as the Cap or Infusion did on the F18, ending the Tiger era.

The good news about Brad's win is that other current As are not 'obselete'! and a good sailor with a well designed craft like Scheurer or the Nikita can take the candy from the dna guys. Nevertheless some new designs will be launched taking the best of the dna, Nikita and Scheurer just like the process seing in the F18.
Vele di Pasqua 2011, one year after dna's debut , will be an excellent scenario to match the power of the A-class technology. No need to add "and sailors skills" , we all know that, but like the F18, the constructors championship is one of the main appeals of both classes.

Above some photo and details on the Scheurer, designed by Andy Scheurer with the collaboration of his son Dominik Scheurer:
"The Scheurer G6 A-Cat is Andy's and my design. So, I'm very close linked to his company (Scheurer Bootswerft AG).
My main business is designing F1 race cars. I do this since more than 10 years. More info's on my web page. As you can imagine, a lot of my f1 know-how goes into the boats of my father.
For example the curved blades are done by my company (Scheurer Design & Eng.).

Yes you're right, we have started a new design. But after Brad's great results we need to see if the design direction which DNA follows is really the right one.
I will come back soon with more details...
Brad is sailing the "Cesenatico Worlds-Version" called G6."

Below Brad comments on his win, already published but worth posting again:
"Just to let you know we had the NSW state titles on the weekend in Sydney in about 15 to 20 Knots of wind.
I ended up winning beating Steve Brewin & about 6 DNA boats. The Generation 6 I think is a top boat & hasn't been tested enough. The boat is very fast downwind & powers up earlier than the DNA. Upwind in good wind I think the boat is faster & gets more lift and makes you point higher. Be careful when building the next boat not to make the stern to big. The stern being smaller helps lift the bows out in wind & waves. I have noticed with the the DNA when it gets windy they trip over when the bows go in. The Scheurer you can drive it as hard as you like, when the bows go in they pop straight out. I think this is a better boat the more I sail this boat the faster it is going. We have our Queensland titles at Easter & I will give you an update."
Best regards
Someone get me Nils contact to gather info about the hidden Nikita.....

Mar 29, 2011

Eurocat 2011: April 29 - May 1st

Photo above from Franck Gicquiaud, one of the best racing pics I've seen. More at
Already a classic start for the F18 racing season, the Eurocat organized by Yacht Club Carnac
is the right ocassion for the Pro teams and amateur sailors to test their new weapons and their new skills. Clearly a preview of things to come at every F18 Worlds.

This year no new designs will be launched, (maybe one but not confirmed for the Eurocat) as the lead teams all have proven and uptodate F18s.
In 2010 we had the C2 and in 2009 the Wildcat started their season here.
Boulogne Cirrus "R" was already tested at Erquy, but as a proto, so this year we'll be able to analyze it.
Previous Results and reports for 2010 here
2009 Edition here

In the 2011 edition we'll see 5 stablished teams:
- The AHPC gang has step a solid foot in Europe with 2B Sailing (Darren Bundock and Carolijn Brouwer) The local support lead by french dealer Francis Ferrari and maybe the Australian task force with the Goodalls and Steve Brewin. Also from USA JCasey and Robbie Daniels if they plan to attend.
Boat C2

- Hobie should have Mitch Booth and the NL team with Mischa Heemskerk as their best racer, also Christophe Mourniac, Billy Besson and other french teams.
Don´t know if Glenn Ashby will have time to race F18 as he is involved with Team New Zealand.
Boat Hobie Wildcat

- Nacra team will rely on 2x WChamp Coen de Koning, company CEO Gunnar Larsen and Hugh Styles. Andrew Mac Pherson is no longer part of the team.
Boat: Nacra Infusion Mark II

- Sail Innovation took home the 2010 World Crown and also placed another top ten with Gurvan Bontemps & Hubert Savatier
Boat: Waiting for Udin for more info, I say Wildcat but maybe they'll show up with a surprise...

- Shockwave Team: 2009 ViceWolrdChamps Rob Wilson/ Marcus Lynch and François Morvan/ Matthieu Vandame , both top ten at Erquy.
Loday-White Shockwave F18

I might start playing some bucks on my bets as I clinched 2009 and 2010 Dark Horses (Wilson-Lynch Tied 1st, finally 2nd in 2009 and Backes-Jarlegan 1st 2010).
This year and after a solid 12 month testing and racing, peaking at the end of the season, my bet goes for the entire season with Darren Bundock - C2 combo.
The rest is obvious and mentioned above.

As 'Dark Horses' maybe the Hobie Wildcat Italian team of Vittorio Bissaron and Lamberto Cesari.
Youths for the 'Petit Leopards': Brieg Lecoublet and Loic Flocher (they are locals too at Carnac)

Mar 28, 2011

F18 Arg: C2 dominates weekend Racing

Photo: Jorge Cousillas /

Photo: Jorge Cousillas /

Photo: Jorge Cousillas /

Photo: Jorge Cousillas /

Photo: Jorge Cousillas /
This is the beauty of the F18 Class, last Regatta held at Mar del Plata was totally dominated by the current Arg champions on their Infusion (Cruz Smith-Mariano Heuser), and this past weekend, top contenders Sergio Mehl-Nico Aragonés won 6 out of 7 races with their ex Bundy's C2, in two quite different conditions for Sat-Sunday, 20-25 Offshore flat with huge gusts on day one and 10-14knots South with waves.
For more info on the C2 check label here

Bad weekend for us, crewing this time, we had only one start on 7 races, with just a good moment, above 1123 chasing the leaders, on the 1st race on Sunday that we couldn´t even finish due to a broken rudder casting on the last downwind leg...
LinkPhoto: Jorge Cousillas /
Two weekends ago I left some 5 imported boats behind with my school beat up Racecat with Landys, and yesterday one of the only two Tigers of the fleet had some excellent moments like photo above (leading the top crews), where Alberto Viera got a solid lead at the top mark of this race but ended with a spinnaker stuck in the front stay, he was using a Landy set too, showing how an 'old' boat with a good set of sails and the right crew can still be competitive against the top guns with the latest boats of the fleet.
Contact Felix Egner at for a custom set for your F18, now they are developing for the Wildcat on german sailors request.

Pl Boat Crew From Tot R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
1 C2 Sergio Mehl Aguila 6 1 -2 1 1 1 1 1

Nicolás Aragonés

2 Infusion Cruz González Smith YCA 12 -3 1 2 3 2 2 2

Mariano Heuser

3 Infusion Juan Faustin YCA 18 2 3 (dnc) 2 3 3 5

Lucas González Smith

4 Tiger Alberto Viera Aguila 29 4 4 3 (dnc) dnf 4 4

Federico Villambrosa

5 Capricorn Gabriel Berberian CUBA 38 dnf dnf dnf 6 4 5 3

Leo Culotta

6 Infusion Christian Vilate CNAs 46 (dnc) dnc dnc 4 5 7 dnc

Pablo Vilate

7 Capricorn Sergio Armesto CUBA 47 dnf dnf dnf 5 6 6 dnc

Joaquín Duarte Argerich

8 Infusion Esteban Daneri
60T dnf dnf dnf dnc dnc dnc dnc

Rodrigo Acosta

9 Infusion Javier Poclava/Martín Vanzulli Aguila 60T
dns dns dns dnf dns dns dns
10 Infusion Esteban Blando CVR 60T (dnc) dnc dnc dnc dnc dnc dnc

Mar 27, 2011

New A-Class design: 'Vision' by Catamaranparts

Sent by Hans Klok---- "The A-class Vision is a new design from Piet Saarberg and Hans Klok . We did started the project after looking at the development on the curved dagger boards tested on several boats and we thought that there was room to come with something new based on a other vision.

The basic drawings where made in CAD and translated into a ship design software package to further develop it and to see if our vision was correct on how we could improve boat speed, performance and the sailing possibilities for people who are not racing only but also have just weekend fun with it.

We think that we succeeded in this approach with the Vision.

We did test sail the boat in 5 to 18 knots and the boat is very stiff and absolute comfortable sailing downwind and fast.

Some features you will find on the Vision:

  • The bow of the Vision is not designed according the well known “wave piercing “ concept but we used the “CEB “ concept.
  • The main beam is completely integrated in the hull to improve stiffness.
  • The rear beam is raised to prevent “ beam slap “ which gives less resistance.
  • The Vision is standard equipped with full carbon curved dagger boards and full carbon rudders with a carbon trailing edge to prevent breakage of the back part.
  • The Vision has 2 options on trampolines. 1 complete integrated in the deck and one with a string to pull the trampoline tide.
  • The Vision is standard delivered with the high quality Saarberg carbon mast.
  • The Vision is foam, carbon pre-preg build, which proved to be very stiff and light.
  • The last vision we had was to make a complete package what is ready to race from the box, using parts like our existing rudders
For more information you can contact Catamaranparts in the Netherlands by mail or phone."
Piet : or Hans :

Mar 25, 2011

F18 and Tornado Technical Clinics videos

Mischa Heemskerk and Andrew McPherson gave a complete technical talk for the F18s and performance cats in gral, at the last US F18 2010 Nationals held at Racine with a record number of 56 boats, including two crews from Argentina (with an excellent 7th overall for one of them).
There were some days without wind but the organization took advantage of it and now is available online.

For those starting to catsail or just interested in technical info, I can´t tell you how lucky you are as just some years ago this type of data was non existant or not available on the web.
Really excellent job from the Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin.

Complete list of videos can be found at
Below one of the 14 segments edited by CRAW, "The Main Sail" by Mischa Heemskerk who is sponsored by Hobie, Magic Marine & Harken:

Andrew MacPherson is a fully bore globetrotter too racing the F18 and X40 circuit. Here you have a complete interview we made last year.
"Mast Rake, tension and rotation" tuning guide segment by Macca at Racine, at that time in behalf of the Nacra Sailing team:

TORNADO Tuning Guide:
Also available online is a Tornado Tuning Guide by Konstantin Trigonis, sent by Andrew Dowley, Sec of the Tornado Class Association-

Mar 23, 2011

AC 45 1st Fleet training in NZ

Author: Ivor Wilkins/

Video Link by Blackburn -
Reply: Cats don´t tack...only for those who don´t know how to sail them. Proved thousand times with newbies coming from monos everytime I take them out for a ride on the F18.

F18 USA: San Diego NOOD for Greg Thomas

Photo: SDYCSailing
Regatta held at San Diego Yacht Club, close fight between Thomas and Pete Melvin with only 1 point behind, although Greg had 4 bullets and no discard was applied as per results published.

Skipper 1 2 3 4 5 6 T P
Greg Thomas 1 1 1 1 2 5 11 1
Pete Melvin 3 2 2 3 1 1 12 2
Brandon Wallace 2 5 3 5 5 3 23 3
Ian Sammis 9 7 11 2 3 2 34 4
Jason Moore 4 8 7 7 6 4 36 5
Jeffrey Newsome 7 4 6 4 7 dnf
43 6
Daniel DeLave 6 6 4 8 dnc dnc
54 7
Dennis Key dns 3 5 6 dnf dnc
59 8
Scott Miller 10 11 8 dnf 4 dnc
63 9
Alexander V Brunt 5 9 10 10 dnc dnc
64 10
Jeff Collins 8 10 9 dnf dnc dnc
72 11
Frank J. Ternullo 11 13 dnf 9 dnf dnc
78 12
Bill Tieman dns 12 12 11 dnc dnc
80 13
Phillip Meredith dnc dnc dnc dnc dnc dnc
90 14

Mar 22, 2011

Team New Zealand's AC45: Best graphics Ever

Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget
Oracle may need to call some good designer instead of a software dba to design theirs.
Now I have to agree with all those old style monohull anti multi guys: "This Cup will not succeed".... yep, no one will get amped seeing this spaceships flying in one hull at 25knots... welcome to the Catsailing Era you dinosaurs-

Mar 21, 2011

A-Class Australia: 2011 NSW State Championship

Sent by Julian Jenkins - Brad Collet wins with his Scheurer over Brewin and his DNA, good result for the class. No more pics available.
"The second episode of the Eastern Australian A Class Catamaran Class Championship trilogy was completed over the weekend at the Kurnell Catamaran Club.

At the end of the six race series, the spoils of victory were shared across three states. Brad Collett, from Queensland, sailing a Scheurer design, prevailed to win the championship, maintaining the overnight lead that he had created after the first day. Second overall was the local Kurnell sailor, Steve Brewin, sailing a DNA. Third place went to Steve Brayshaw from Victoria.

Four different sailors featured as individual race winners.
Despite the smaller fleet of 23 boats, compared to to the 50 competitors attending the Victorian Titles last weekend, the quality remained high,with some of the top Victorian and Queensland boats adding to the NSW ranks.

The conditions were dramatically different from last weekend's Victorian Titles, with winds generally in the 15 to 25 knot range, and frequent rain squalls crossing the course. The first race on each day was characterised by a brief postponement due to a storm cell with winds gusting above 25 knots and heavy rain reducing visibility. Over Saturday night, strong winds toppled several boats (fortunately without damage), and heavy rains caused minor flooding on the roads around the regatta site.

The conditions on Saturday, proved tricky to sail,despite the average wind strength remaining between 15 and 20 knots through out the day,due to significant changes in direction , which resulted in many changes in the lead as different competitors capitalised on the fluctuations.

The day also saw many capsizes ,with support boats busy returning sailors to escaped boats and assisting with righting boats. Several spectators reported spectacular cartwheels as some of the DNA boats nosedived whilst their skippers attempted downwind trapezing .

Sunday's wind was slightly stronger, in the 18 to 23 knot range. The continued gusty conditions, combined with a large chop generated by the outgoing tide meant that several competitors choose not to sail in the final two races. These conditions resulted in more conservative sailing, and surprisingly, fewer capsizes, although David Brewer, who finished second last week in Victoria, dropped his mast in the last race.
Brads Collett's final comment was " I really enjoyed sailing in strong winds and choppy conditions and showing that my Scheurer is as fast as the DNAs".

Thank you to the Kurnell Catamaran Club, who , with the assistance of the Georges River Sailing Club, ran a successful regatta in windy and wet conditions.

For several of the competitors, this regatta was the final regatta in their preparation before travelling to Europe for the World A Class Championships, to be held in Aarthus, Denmark, in August.
Many others will go on to compete the final event in the trilogy; the Queensland State Titles to be held at Humpybong, just north of Brisbane, at Easter.

Julian Jenkins and Robert Griffits.

Full Results

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