Jan 26, 2011

AC34, Argo Challenge and Lars Grael

Press Release sent by Argo Challenge: Miami, Fla. Jan. 23, 2011--
The Argo Challenge announced its campaign to fund an international crew of disabled athletes in the America's Cup, the most prestigious competition in international yachting. The goal is to raise between $6 and $10 million by the March 31st deadline for entry fees. The America's Cup will be held in San Francisco in 2013 but the World Series begins in June.

Lynn Fitzpatrick, Argo Challenge communications & marketing director, made the announcement from Shake a Leg Miami, the host of three Paralympic sailing disciplines during the Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta currently ongoing through January 29th.

"Let's change the notion of what is normal in what will be one of the most visible international sporting events for the next two and half years," she said.
"The world's best sailors will test their limits and we want to ensure that the Argo Challenge is there."
Photo: Keith Burhans, Christian Giannini, Lars Grael, Lynn Fitzpatrick, Niki Birrell and Jens Kroker celebrate Argo Challenge gathering at 2011 Rolex Miami OCR.

Lars Grael is a truly sailing legend: A f our time Olympian and double bronze medalist in the Tornado, now sails in the Star Class.
In September 1998, Lars suffered a serious accident in Vitória, Espírito Santo
, Brasil caused by the negligence of an irresponsible boat driver that left the boat propeller uncovered, which amputated one of his legs.
His brother Torben is current Volvo Ocean n#1 skipper, AC veteran and also holds several Olympic medals too.

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