Jul 29, 2010

Hobie Europeans: H16 Open gold fleet

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com
All photos courtesy of Jasper Van Staveren www.sailshoot.com
The Hobie 16 fleet at major event always provides high level racing.
At this Euros, Jerome leGal (H16 World Champion in Mexico 2004) and sailor/Photographe Marco Iazzetta are leading after 6 races. F18 star, Mischa Heemskerk is getting used to the H16 with an incremental (for best results) progression 15,16,11,8,4,2 for a 5th overall.
F16 europeans winners, Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin 8th followed by the french youth team, the Bellet brothers-
Full Results

1FRA 112625le Gal, Jerome-Iazzetta, Marco[4]142119,00
2GER 112652Mohr, Detlef-Wichardt, Karen[11]8312721,00
3FRA 112613Bader, Cédric-Souquet, Nathalie6384[17]324,00
4ITA 112639Porro, Francesco-Marsaglia, Luca3[15]51381039,00
5NED 112636Heemskerk, Mischa-van der Laar, Enrico15[16]1184240,00
6GER 112653Jansen, Knud-Delius, Anke512[27]318947,00
7ITA 112640Nicolucci, Matteo-Lanzoni, Matteo277753[37]49,00
8AUS 112616Waterhouse, Jason-Darmanin, Lisa96[50]6201455,00
9FRA 112658Romain, Bellet-Valentin, Bellet[26]5121661756,00
10GER 112650Delius, IngoWenig, Sabine72121710[31]57,00

Tornado Worlds 2010: 1st ever Mixed Crew crowned

Nahid and Roland Gaebler 1st ever mixed crew Tornado World Champs

2nd The Olympic greek team was 2nd only by 1 point.Paschalidis and Trigonis-

3rd GER 11 - Helge and Christian Sach

4th AUS 322 - brett Burvill and Ryand Duffield

5th GER5 - Veit Hemmeter and Moritz Rieger

6th GRE 11 Nikolaos Mavros and Alaexande Tagaropoulos

7th- Ger 102 - Christina and Florian Loweg

8th SUI228- Martin Rusterholz and Simon Koster

9th GER 68 - Heiko Söhle - Thomas Noll

10th SUI217 - Donald Beike and Michael Gloor

Final Day

Interview with the Champs

Full Results
Official Tornado Website with more pics, videos and Results http://www.tornado-class.org/events/worlds.htm

Jul 28, 2010

Tornado Worlds 2010: Championship for Roland and Nahid Gaebler

The ITA president and 1st campaigner for the Multihulls comeback to the Olympics is crowned World Champ again, this time with his wife Nahid.
8 races completed with one discard, on second place and only by 1 point
the Olympic greek team, Paschalidis&Trigonis.
More Info and pics to come...

Full Results
1GER 1Gäbler, Roland-Gäbler, Nahid3121122[5]12
2GRE 7Paschalidis, Iordanis-Trigonis, Konstantin1[5]13511113
3GER 11Sach, Helge-Sach, Christian42622[10]4222
4AUS 322Burvill, Brett-Duffield, Ryan235648[11]836
5GER 5Hemmeter, Veit-Rieger, Moritz64[ocs]7843739
6GRE 11Mavros, Nikolaos-Tagaropoulos, Alaexander5[dnf]3410761045
7GER 102Loweg, Christina-Loweg, Florian8144935[15]649
8SUI 228Rusterholz, Martin-Koster, Simon76956179[ocs]59
9GER 68Söhle, Heiko-Noll, Thomas[dsq]1111139145972
10SUI 217Beike, Donald-Gloor, Michael118141415[30]81282
11AUS 9Beattie, Adam-Leitner, Jamie[dnf]77161416101888
12AUT 372Schönleitner, Michael-Rakuschan, Philipp10[27]1910113211791
13AUS 1322Benson, Jack-Keller, Thilo2512[OCS]1813157494
14GER 1000Unger, Fridtjof-Busdiecker, Christian1391019239[26]19102
15AUT 377Schönleitner, Manfred-Rausch, Sven[27]168122762311103

LAC: Catsailing at its Finest

State of the Art catsailing by Team Invictus, training for next Little America´s Cup - Full insight info at SA dedicated Forum: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=101656&st=500

Trailer II

I was reserving the story of the solo F16 racers for next week, but it seems some of them couldn´t wait! Ok this is the Stealth trailer, from Eric Noyau and Mark Pressdee (MP-Multihulls UK F16 dealer ) that made the long journey from UK to Como. Check video of the Alps Splugen Pass... lucklily they didn´t met a Tornado trailer team coming the other way. More on the Stealth and Solo racers to come...

Jul 27, 2010

Tornado Worlds 2010: Day 3, No wind...

Current standings after 5 races:
1GER 1Gäbler, Roland-Gäbler, Nahid[3]12115
2GRE 7Paschalidis, Iordanis-Trigonis, Konstantin1[5]13510
3GER 11Sach, Helge-Sach, Christian42[6]2210
4AUS 322Burvill, Brett-Duffield, Ryan235[6]414
5GRE 11Mavros, Nikolaos-Tagaropoulos, Alaexander5[dnf]341022
Full Results and more info:


Brett Goodall crossing the Alps with two Vipers on his wayto the F16 Europeans held last week at Lake Como, Italy. The 2B/Ahpc dominated all races taking first to sixth overall, although Bundock , Brouwer and Visser were on the team the crown went to teenager crew of Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin. For pics and reports check the F16 Europeans label.

Tornado Worlds 2010: Pablo Soldano on OD sails by Ullman GZ


Hobie Europeans: Day 3



By Andy Dinsdale: "New challenging sailing conditions'' Today marks the first day of the Qualifying series for the Hobie 16 Europeans. After having seen this morning postponed due to light wind, both courses Hobie 16 and Tiger/Wild Cat/FX-One were in action in a consistent breeze.
The Hobie 16 course had two races. The qualifying series were dominated by the Singapore teams as well as 2008 European champion Jerome Le Gal. The Hobie 16 Youth SPI series were still dominated by France. However, the Italian teams really moved in the lighter conditions. Watch out for an exciting final day tomorrow.
On the other course, the Tigers, Wildcats and Fx-Ones managed to get 3 races in the box. Spanish sailor Marc Verdaguer moved in front in the FX-One class. Continuing an impressive series of bullets, Italian team Bissaro/Cesari continued their impressing series of bullets in the Wildcat class. They can almost walk on the water! ;-) In the Tiger the Dutchmen Gerard Loos/ Pieter v. Ruitenburg consolidated their lead with another three firsts! More info and pics
HobieClass.com - Full Results

Jul 26, 2010

Tornado Worlds 2010: Day 2

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: Andrew Dowley
Left: Greek Olympic sailor, Konstantin Trigonis gave a clinic to the Tornado crews taking advantage of the morning delay
Day 2 Video below by Andrew Dowley, good action after posponent comments- "All the action from Day Four of the Tornado World Championships. Postponement this morning due to a lack of wind but we went on the water at 3.15pm and completed races 4 and 5. Roland and Nahid Gaebler still lead the fleet."
More photos on the ITA Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tornadoclass

1GER 1Gäbler, Roland-Gäbler, Nahid[3]12115
2GRE 7Paschalidis, Iordanis-Trigonis, Konstantin1[5]13510
3GER 11Sach, Helge-Sach, Christian42[6]2210
4AUS 322Burvill, Brett-Duffield, Ryan235[6]414
5GRE 11Mavros, Nikolaos-Tagaropoulos, Alaexander5[dnf]341022
6GER 102Loweg, Christina-Loweg, Florian8[14]49324
7SUI 228Rusterholz, Martin-Koster, Simon76[9]5624
8GER 5Hemmeter, Veit-Mittelmeier, Niko64[ocs]7825
9AUS 9Beattie, Adam-Leitner, Jamie[dnf]77161444
10GER 68Söhle, Heiko-Noll, Thomas[dsq]111113944
Full Results and more info:

Jul 25, 2010

Tornado Worlds 2010: Racing, Day 1

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: www.travemuender-woche.net - Leaders after 3 races, Roland Gaebler and his wife Nahid

Photo: Andrew Dowley

Photo: Andrew Dowley - Nahid Gaebler holding tight, this girl is a tough one for sure, a mixed couple leading the T fleet, Bundy and Carolijn should ride together too if the Ts returns.

Photo: www.travemuender-woche.net - Now sails will be provided only by Ullman, but it seems another option for Marstrom is available now, Brett Burvill and Ryan Duffield on the Windrush built Tornado, currently 3rd overall----
Andrew Dowley: "Great high action Tornado sailing today. 3 races were completed in a 15-20 knot breeze, the wind died off slightly at the top end of the course in the second race but it soon filled in with a slight rain shower. The competitors all commented on the last downwind leg where the breeze was excellent." For more info check: www.tornado-class.org/events/worlds.htm

50 Ts - Full Results: www.tornado-class.org/events/2010worlds/results.htm
1GER 1Gäbler, Roland-Gäbler, Nahid3126
2GRE 7Paschalidis, Iordanis-Trigonis, Konstantin1517
3AUS 322Burvill, Brett-Duffield, Ryan23510
4GER 11Sach, Helge-Sach, Christian42612
5SUI 228Rusterholz, Martin-Koster, Simon76922
6GER 102Loweg, Christina-Loweg, Florian814426
7GER 1000Unger, Fridtjof-Busdiecker, Christian1391032
8SUI 217Beike, Donald-Gloor, Michael1181433
9GER 68Söhle, Heiko-Noll, Thomas14111136
10GER 1084Moser, Sebastian-Posch, Thomas9191543

Americas Cup 34: Media Trials on VX40s

Photos sent by Gilles Martin Raget - AC 34 Media Trials at Valencia
What a joke, while others are still 'thinking' if Multihulls should be back at the Olympics , the biggest and most important sailing event is seriously working on having Multihulls again for next Cup and making the right steps to offer the best media appeal available, glad there some sailors and leaders doing the right thing in the 21st Century, yes its 2010, please someone make a wake up call to isaf MNAs.....

Hobie Europeans: Day 2

Official Report from www.travemuender-woche.net --- Another great sailing day in Travemuende and new Women and Masters Champions.
The breeze was quite similar to Saturday with ideal wind conditions between 16 to 24 knots. The Hobie 16 Women, Masters, EHCA SPI Cup series had their final day and completed three races. On the Tiger/Wild Cat/FX-One-course they managed to get a total of four races in the box.
Marielle Zonneveld/Celine van Dooren (NED) won the title in the women discipline after a very consistent series. Cecilia Angioni/Valentina Gessa (ITA) took second and the last podium position was taken by Annouck Philippron/Julie Wijnand (NED).
The podium positions in the Masters were all occupied by Germany with Knud Jansen/Anke Delius taking the title with a total of five points in five races in front of local sailing legend Detlef Mohr/Karen Wichardt followed by Tom Schreyack and Stephan Schubert.
The Hobie 16 EHCA Spi Cup was dominated by France taking the top three. Martin Orion/Charlotte Hilliard won in front of Adrian Orain/Olivier Kersuzan and with Cedric Bader/Nathalie Souquet in third.

The Tiger series are lead by “All Star” Gerard Loos/Pieter v. Ruitenburg (NED) in front of the young Belgium team Rombaut/Beckers.
The Wild Cat Europeans are still lead by the Italian team Bissaro/Cesari who have won all races so far in front of German team Gosche/Pegel and Paysen/Heinrich.
In the FX One series Harald Busch moved up from 3rd to 1rst place in front of Marc Verdacver and Michael Pallowitz. Results are due to change after protest hearing.
Photo Left: Jasper Van Staveren/Sailshoot.com H16 Women Champs: Mariëlle Zonneveld and Celine van Dooren at Hobie Euros 2009
Racing will continue on Monday with the Hobie 16 Qualifier starting their series and with the HC16 SPI Youth, Tiger, WildCat and FX-Ones continuing their championships.

Jul 24, 2010

Tornado Worlds 2010: Speedsailing day

Travemunde is a great venue for the Speedsailing concept being pushed forward by the International Tornado Association (ITA) to promote Multihulls organizing events prepared for spectators and media.
Report sent by Andrew Dowley
: "We raced the second round of Speed Sailing tonight in the River Trave with thousands of spectators watching from along the shore. The 15 boats all racing along a short and not very wide course which provided action packed Tornado Sailing with lots of wind shifts and gusts. We also had a commentator on the shore for all the guests who were watching. The ferries were stopped for 30 minutes so the races could be started. The overall winners were Roland and Nahid Gaebler with the Greek team being over the line at the start on the final race."

More info and pics at www.tornado-class.org/events/worlds.htm