Jun 30, 2010

A-Class Worlds 2010: Photos by Eva Fagnoli

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it
All photos special courtesy of Eva Fagnoli , please do not publish without her persmission.
Contact and check Eva's website for more photos www.evarte.it , click pics for higher size.
Sadly not much wind at Cesenatico, only one race held today in poor conditions, with many top racers having bad results again. Brewin and Ashby are fighting head to head in this marginal conditions, Ashby got a 17th thoug today. Results below.
The word from Eva and I imagine of the entire fleet is "Very dissapointing day(s)"

Hope they can have more wind tomorrow, Congrega Velisti Cesenatico already organized an A-Class Worlds in 2000, and in April they successfully run the annual Vele di Pasqua championship including several classes like Tornado and A-Class.

A-Class Worlds 2010: Day 3

Photo: Steve Brewin by Eva Fagnoli - Check Eva's website for more pics: www.evarte.it

Only one race today, again. Brewin in front, with a discard he is even with Ashby, and Glenn has two bullets. The Aussie fleet wants to take top 3 spots home. Jack Benson will be Steve Brewin crew for the F18 Worlds next week. They will be riding an AHPC C2, and as I already pointed out after the F18 AUS Nats, watch out with these two at Erquy...
Full Results

No Sail Crew
Tot 1 2 3 4
1 AUS 4 Brewin Steven, 9 2 2 3 2
2 AUS 1 Ashby Glenn, 23 1 4 1 17
3 AUS 13 Benson Jack, 27 4 13 2 8
4 ITA 357 Marcolini Francesco, 56 15 25 13 3
5 GER 79 Raab Klaus, 64 12 8 9 35
6 SUI 218 Wallmer Sascha, 72 49 11 6 6
7 AUS 902 Anderson Scott, 77 7 6 34 30
8 AUS 10 Collett Brad, 79 17 26 24 12
9 ITA 78 Sorrentino Vincenzo, 81 24 16 8 33
10 ITA 1 Casadei Roberto, 84 40 24 5 15

F18 Worlds 2010 at Erquy, July 3-10

Photo: Pierrick Contin

Right now we have part of the catsailing racing elite at Cesenatico for the 2010 A-Class Worlds, some of them will rush to Erquy as soon as they finish the last race.

The 2009 F18 Worlds was one of the most competitive ever as several teams were fighting for the top spots, to the usual Hobie, Nacra and AHPC crews, you had the 'Dark Horse' and finally vice WChamps, Wilson-Lynch on the brand new (at the time) Loday-White Shockwave.

But this year you have to add one more, the 2BSailing bunch are definitely on a mission.

Bundock, Brewin, Brouwer, Goodall and now the greek tornado Olympic team has joined them.

Hobie still has top contenders; Heemskerk-Tentij, Booth, Ashby-Spithill. Nacra has the reigning champs with de Koning, plus the Boskalis team with Larsen, MacPherson and Styles.

Then two 'dark horses', Sail Innovation team with Backes-Arlegan and the new Australian F18 , the Edge, with Tornado sailor/builder Brett Burvill.

So its almost impossible to bet who will be the actual winner. After Eurocat and Texel course racing and other regattas, we can confirm, again, that the sailors are making the difference in this class, too much parity among all designs, it always amaze me how fair the F18 racing is while including all this different designs.

But we must remark again that, the evolution of the F18 has reach similar shapes and developments, making Formula rule box to be only one step behind total OD racing.

Top Contenders:
Coen de Koning&Thijs Visser (current WChamps), Nacra Infusion
Mischa Heemskerk&Bastian Tentij, Hobie Wildcat
Darren Bundock-William Howden, AHPC C2
Steve Brewin-Jack Benson, AHPC C2
Mitch Booth&Pim Nieuwenhuis, Hobie Wildcat
Glenn Ashby&James Spithill, Hobie Wildcat
Hugh Styles-Ferdinand Van West, Nacra Infusion
Rob Wilson&Marcus Lynch, Loday-White Shockwave

"Dark Horses"
Olivier Backes&Jarnaud Arlegan, Sail Innovation-Wildcat
Brett Burvill&Ryan Duffield , Windrush Edge

2010 Worlds Agenda
Saturday 3rd Registration & measurement checking
Sunday 4th Registration & measurement checking
Practice race
Opening ceremony
Monday 5th Qualification races (windward/leeward)
Tuesday 6th Qualification races
Wednesday 7th Final races
Thursday 8th Final races
Friday 9th Final races
Price giving ceremony
Saturday 10th Spare day

Worlds 2010 at Erquy

A-Class Worlds 2010: Video of 1st day

Thanks to Valerio Venturi, an Italian F18 sailor that managed to caught some video of the Cesenatico Worlds. Not much quality (recorded with his mobile), but at least it is the only footage of the event so it has great value. Clearly not much wind on the race course at Cesenatico... Full 18min hq version on facebook here

Photo: Congrega CesenaticoGlenn Asbhy finishing in no wind...

Photo: Congrega Cesenatico no wind...at all

Jun 29, 2010

A-Class Worlds 2010: Ashby-Brewin fight

No report, no pics.... not much info available for this Worlds.
Guessing, only 1 race completed so no much wind at Cesenatico. Checked with GRIB (tip courtesy of Jasper Van Staveren) for forecast and no more than 5knots and even lower for the rest of the week.
Some of the top ten had a bad day : Baier, Landy and Anderson with some 30ths.
Also Goran Marstrom is racing, currently 24th with 50,30,15-

One possible contender, Manuel Calavia from Spain, suffered a scooter accident some days ago and he sadly missed this A Worlds-
As the organization does not provide much info, here you have a pic from Manuel racing at Spain.
Well at least for Manuel "La Roja" is already in quarters at the World Cup.

Full Results
Pos Flag Crew
Tot R1 R2 R3
1 AUS 1 Ashby Glenn, 6 1 4 1
2 AUS 4 Brewin Steven, 7 2 2 3
3 SUI 202 Du Bois 10 5 1 4
4 AUS 13 Benson Jack, 19 4 13 2
5 GER 79 Raab Klaus, 29 12 8 9
6 AUS 902 Anderson Scott, 47 7 6 34
7 ITA 78 Sorrentino Vincenzo, 48 24 16 8
8 NED 95 Wentholt Roeland, 50 16 27 7
9 GER 14 Baier Bob, 52 18 3 31
10 AUS 308 Landenberger Andrew, 53 11 7 35

Darren Bundock: Chasing 'Lucky' 13th World Championship

Press Release by 2BSailing -
In a sport where bananas, anything green or starting a voyage on a Friday and even whistling are considered "unlucky'' on boats, dual Olympic medallist Darren Bundock said he doesn't have a superstitious bone in his body ahead of his campaign for a 13th world sailing crown.

The two-time Olympic silver medallist in the Tornado class said he knows plenty of rivals who would be nervous even to mention the "unlucky'' number 13. But for him it's not a problem.
"I know people who won't try to win, let alone even finish, an invitation race before a regatta because they consider it unlucky and would freak out completely if there was anything green on their boat,'' said Bundock, who has won a record seven world titles in the Tornado class, three in the F18 and two ISAF world sailing crowns in his stellar career.
"But not me. My favourite food on a boat used to be banana sandwiches and I always have green somewhere on the boat. And I always like to win the invitation race.
"For me, winning a 13th world title on the C2 at the F18 world championships next week would be an honour and would show that I've also had some luck on my side.''
Bundock, racing with 20-year-old crew Cas Van Oort, completed his lead-up to the F18 world championships in France with victory in the Wassenaar F18 class event on the Dutch coast on the weekend where the C2 Formula 18 secured first, third and fourth place overall.

"That was a tough one but a great preparation for the worlds,'' said Bundock who with Van Oort won two of the six races in The Netherlands but will race with former world Tornado silver medallist Will Howden from the UK at the upcoming world championships in France.
"But one of the best things to come out of the regatta is the knowledge that the C2 performs really well in the light. I knew it was good in heavier air but the way it went in the lighter stuff in this regatta has given me a lot of confidence ahead of the world titles.''

Former Tornado catamaran rival Robbie Daniels from the US, sailing with Dutchwoman Marja Van Helden, also secured two wins on the C2 in the regatta for his third placing behind Bundock and Dutch sailor Mischa Heemskerk. The father and son crew of Greg and Brett Goodall finished fourth.

The F18 world championships will be raced in Erquy, France _ the venue the inaugural titles were held at a decade ago _ from July 3-10.
Returning to the water for the event will be multiple Olympian Carolijn Brouwer, who missed the lead-up regatta due to an arm injury, and well known Greek Olympians, Iordanis Paschalides and Kostas Trigonis.
"I had forgotten how frustrating it is to watch and not sail,'' said Brouwer who with Wouter Samama will make-up a mixed crew to race the upcoming world championships. "It's just made me want to do well at the worlds even more.''

AHPC/2B Sailing C2 Formula 18 crews to compete at the 10th Formula 18 world championships:
- Darren Bundock (AUS) and Will Howden (UK)
- Carolijn Brouwer (BEL) and Wouter Samama (NED)
- Iordanis Paschalides (GRE) and Kostas Trigonis (GRE)
- Steven Brewin (AUS) and Jack Benson (AUS)
- Robbie Daniels (USA) and John Williams (USA)
- Greg Goodal (AUS) and Brett Goodal (AUS)
For further information about the C2 Formula 18 please go to our website www.2Bsailing.eu

Jun 28, 2010

A-Class Worlds 2010: Brewin leads after 2 races

Photo: Cesenatico by dnacat.blogspot.com
Steve Brewin leads, racing the new DNA A-Class. 100 boats registered at Congrega Velisti Cesenatico
Onsite report by Arno Terra from ARC, the DNA builder:
"Stevie scored a pair of 2 today. The first one was in very light winds and that race was won by Glenn. The second one was remarkable, after been gassed by Scott Anderson in the start Stevie was mid thirties after the first mark, at the bottom he was already 8 and after the second round he was third and just catched Bob Baier at the finish. Luc Dubois won that race.
Stevie told me that it was his greatest comeback ever; he was flying downwind.
Glenn was fast in very light winds (just as fast as stevie) but could not match the speed of the curvies downwind over 6 knots of breeze.
Tomorrow another race day with a similar weatherprediction as today. Maybe more general recalls will help us to sail in more breeze.

Full Results
Pos Sail Crew
Tot R1 R2
1 AUS4 Brewin Steven, 4 2 2
2 AUS1 Ashby Glenn, 5 1 4
3 SAI202 Du Bois 6 5 1
4 AUS902 Anderson Scott, 13 7 6
5 ITA 3 Penco Paolo, 15 10 5
6 AUS 13 Benson Jack, 17 4 13
7 AUS 308 Landenberger Andrew, 18 11 7
8 GER 79 Raab Klaus, 20 12 8
9 GER 14 Baier Bob, 21 18 3
10 DEN 1 Paasch Thomas, 21 9 12

Jun 27, 2010

F18 NL: Coast Sailing at Wassenaar

Photo: Marco @NL Nikon Club

Photo: Marco @NL Nikon Club
Great prep regatta for the 2B - C2 (!) team and the Hobie NL Team. 1,3,4 For the brand new C2s- Sent by Marlies Tousain and Robert Frentzen www.kustzeilevenement.nl -

"Great weather, great racing and relaxt atmosphere at the beach
This weekend the yearly Dutch coast sailing event took place at the beautiful beaches of Wassenaar, The Netherlands.
Several top F18 teams decided to go for this event in Wassenaar for their last test before the F18 Worlds next week. Darren Bundock sailing with Cas van Oort took 1st place in front of team Heemskerk & Tentij.

Victory was only decided in the 2 last races sinds Bundock & van Oort took 2 bullets to overtake Heemskerk & Tentij in light to medium airs and a calm sea". C2 Photo by Ruud@NikonCkub

Final Ranking:
1. Bundock & van Oort - C2: 8.0
2. Heemskerk & Tentij - Wildcat: 10.0
3. Daniels & Van Helden - C2: 14.0
4. Goodall & Goodall - C2:19.0
5. Zeekant & Begemann - Wildcat: 21.0
Photo: Robbie Daniels, Van Helden, Van Ort, Bundock, Tentij & Heemskerk

For full rankings & pictures see. www.kustzeilevenement.nl
"The Kustzeilverening Wassenaar (KZVW = Coast sailing association Wassenaar in English) (www.kzvw.nl) is a catamaran sailing and beach club on the on Dutch coast at Wassenaar just north of The Hague.
The “Kustzeilevenement” is a yearly regatta which is organized by a different club on the Dutch coast every year. This year was our turn to organize the event. We wanted good quality racing and a really easy going, relaxed event with a nice beach atmosphere and we succeeded with quite a bit of help from the beautiful weather.
We organized the event with a team from the KZVW. Robert Frentzen is the chairman of the organizing committee and a F18 (Tiger, maybe a Wildcat soon) sailor .

This year we included for the first time for this event Laser class races, and youth class races on Hobie Dragoons, seven very enthusiastic participant, really fun to watch. The event was sailed on Saturday and Sunday, with a great Nacra sponsored barbeque on Saturday evening. Altogether we had 78 boats on the water in different classes."

Fleet Photo: Marco from Nikon Club

At the beach - www.kustzeilevenement.nl

WCat Photo by Ruud@NikonCkub

Tornado: German Grand Prix, final day

Press release, Lindau, 27th June 2010
German Tornado Grand Prix:
Hemmeter/Halbing are the winners
8 races in perfect conditions on Lake Constance

Veit Hemmeter and Dominik Halbing are the best German Tornado sailors! The two young sailors form Lindau, the host town for the "German Tornado Grand Prix" (at the same time the German Open), got four bullets in 8 races, sailed in light conditions on the Lake Constance. Three times they crossed the finish line as second team. Only ten points were written on the scoreboard – twelve points less than the Austrian sailors on place two, Michael Schoenleitner and Philipp Rakuschan (UYC Attersee, 22 points). To place three Markus Augstburger (the German Tornado chairman) and Frank Rübel (Munich, 30 points) were sailing. 23 crews from Germany and Austria were competing.

“We had very fair races on the first days. It was great”, resumed race officer Alexander Fundele. On Sunday, the last competition day, he tried again to start a race. But just in time with the start gun the wind dropped down – and it was over. Due to a time limit he had to finish the event. The day before also the wind was too shifty for a Grand Prix race, but in the evening he started the “Speedsailing contest” – see below. The first two days under a blue sky a light and steady breeze from West was blowing with up to 13 knots, mostly only near Lindau Island.

Winner Veit Hemmeter enjoyed the regatta and the success, his first title in the Tornado class. “We had perfect conditions”, he was delighted about weather and wind on “his” lake. Last year Hemmeter/Halbing were sailing to Bronce at the German Open in Hamburg. Winner 2009 was Roland Gaebler. This time he had to settle with place five (next to Sebastian Moser und Thomas Posch from Schluchsee at place 4). “They both have shown perfect races with a brilliant knowledge of this lake”, he said with respect for the winners. The chairman of the International Tornado Association is expecting a comeback of the Tornado or another multihull for the Olympics. “We have seen a strong young generation here in Lindau. They are ready to sail for Gold!”
For the Lindau SC the Grand Prix was a premiere too. The 121 years old club managed the first regatta for the Tornado class, initiated and organized by Veit Hemmeter and his team. „We had fun with uncomplicated and thankful sailors, it was a great succes“, said Christine Holz, chairwoman of the LSC.

„Speedsailing“ as a successful trial
First time in the framework of a regular Tornado regatta „Speedsailing“ was organized. From start to a buoy and back – with simple rules, in front of spectators on shore. Only ten minutes for one races with six competitors. Two groups, two qualifying races and than one final race with the best teams. „It was amazing“, enjoyed Roland Gaebler, who had written the concept and was the winner too. „We tacked with genaker – and so we get ahead of two other competitors”, he said. The course was abeam to the wind and the buoy only 50 meters in distance to the clubhouse. Nico Mittelmeier was the onshore commentator – and spectators were excited. “There was a Mexican wave, we could it see from the lake”, Gaebler was enthused. “That’s, what we want to make. Sailing for spectators!”

Final results
23 crew, 2 nations, 8 races, 1 discard
1. Veit Hemmeter / Dominik Halbing (Lindauer SC/Bayerischer YC), 10 points
2. Michael Schoenleitner / Philipp Rakuschan (UYC Attersee/SCA), 22 points
3. Markus Augstburger / Frank Ruebel (WCL München), 30 points
4. Sebastian Moser / Thomas Posch (SV Schluchsee/SCCh), 39 points
5. Roland und Nahid Gaebler (NRV Hamburg), 40 points
6. Manfred Schoenleitner / Georg Hirsch-Stronsdorf (UYC Attersee), 42 points

Pictures, videos and more information: www.gtgrandprix.de

Picture of medallist, c by B. Huegelmann/GTGP:
from right side Markus Augstburger and Frank Ruebel (3. place), Veit Hemmeter and Dominik Halbing (winners) and Michael Schoenleitner and Philipp Rakuschan (2.)

World Cup: 3 to go...

Photo: ole.com.ar / ''Apache' power: Arg 3-Mex 1

Jun 25, 2010

Tornado: German Grand Prix

German Tornado Grand Prix / Press release Lindau, 25th June 2010
23. - 27. June 2010, Lake Constance, Lindau. www.gtgrandprix.de
Summerwinds on Lake Constance for the German Tornado Grand Prix
A dream for the German Tornado sailors: After a long period of coldness and rain the summer was coming back to the Lake Constance. It couldn’t be better: Light winds from West (up to 13 knots) made 8 races possible on the first two days. More than half of the planned 13 races are now sailed at Lindau Sailor’s Club (LSC).
Veit Hemmeter und Dominik Halbing (LSC) are leading with 10 points. Second are Michael Schoenleitner and Philipp Rakuschaen (Austria, UYC Attersee) with 22 points, third place is for Markus Augstburger and Frank Rübel (Munich, 30 pts).

The Grand Prix is a duel of the both teams Michael Schoenleitner and Philipp Rakuschaen (Austria, UYC Attersee) and the local heroes Veit Hemmeter und Dominik Halbing (LSC). Both teams got two bullets on the first day. Hemmeter was leading by three points after four races.
On day 2 competitors enjoyed again sun and wind in front of the Lindau island. Winners of day 1 were alternating on the finish line. First race was won by Schoenleitner, next by Hemmeter. Third race saw again Hemmeter crossing the line first – but he had a premature start and was disqualified. “We are sure: this was no premature start!”, he said and made a protest to get a redress. The jury voted for Hemmeter – and gave the first place back to Hemmeter/Halbing.
The fourth race of the day was a surprise: Markus Augstburger and Frank Rübel (Munich) got the bullet, followed by – Hemmeter/Halbing.

Current Leaders Hemmeter/Dominil
“This wasn’t our day. We are to heavy for this wind”, argued Roland Gaebler, Bronce medallist of Sydney 2000. And corrected at once: “I’m to heavy, not my wife!” In his mind a multihull is on a good way for an olympic comeback. “We have a good young generation”, he said with a view to the young sailors in Germany and Austria. Gaebler is first time sailing in Lindau. “It’s a paradise here!” he feels well at Lake Constance.

The Grand Prix goes on: 13 races are planned. The missing five races will be sailed on Saturday and Sunday.
24 boats racing.

Platz Segel-Nr. Steuermann Vorschoter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pte
1 GER-5 Veit Hemmeter Halbing Dominil 1 1 (3) 2 2 1 1 2 10
2 AUT-372 Michael Schönleitner Rakuschaen Phillipp 8 5 1 1 1 (14) 2 4 22
3 GER-8 Markus Augstburger Rübel Frank 7 3 5 (DNF) 7 4 3 1 30
4 GER-1084 Sebastian Moser Posch Thomas 2 9 7 6 4 (12) 6 5 39
5 GER-1 Roland Gäbler Gäbler Nahid (11) 4 4 5 5 6 5 11 40
6 AUT-377 Manfred Schönleitner Georg Hirsch-Stronsdorf 4 6 6 8 3 5 10 (12) 42
7 GER-102 Christina Loweg Loweg Florian 3 2 2 3 6 2 (DNF) DNS 44
8 GER-69 Dieter Maurer Syring Fabian (12) 7 8 4 9 11 8 3 50
9 AUT-3 Dietmar Salzmann Salzmann Bischof 6 11 9 7 10 7 (13) 9 59
10 GER-1024 Günter Mörtl Eidenmann Gisela 9 (14) 14 12 11 8 4 7 65
11 AUT-349 Jens Blum Lenz Norbert 10 10 10 13 (15) 9 7 6 65
12 GER-2 Markus Betz Holzschuh Stephanie (13) 8 12 9 8 13 9 10 69
13 GER-12 Christian Blum Gührs Markus 17 12 15 11 13 (19) 11 8 87
14 AUT-354 Heinz Böhler Pinggera Markus 14 15 13 10 14 (16) 14 16 96
15 GER-211 Jürgen Jentsch Jentsch Sarah (20) 17 16 18 12 10 16 14 103

Jun 24, 2010

A-Class Worlds 2010: Event Program

Photo: Eva Fagnoli www.evarte.it / Vele di Pasqua at Cesanatico
CESENATICO 26th June – 3rd July 2010
(The Organising Authority reserves the right to modify the schedule according to
revailing weather conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances)
27th June 9.00 am to 4.00 pm: COMPETITORS REGISTRATION
27th June 9.00 am to 7.00 pm: BOATS MEASUREMENT
28th June 2.00 pm : RACES 1 WARNING SIGNAL – RACE 2
29th June 2.00 pm : RACES 3 – 4
30th June 2.00 pm : RACES 5 – 6
CESENATICO 9.30 am- CESENA to CESENATICO 12.00 am friends and family Tour 4.00 pm. Lunch in Cesena € 15.00.
1st July 2.00 pm: RACES 7 – 8

2nd July
2.00 pm: RACE 9
2nd July 6.30 pm: WORDLS PRIZES GIVING
2nd July 12.00 pm: LA NOTTE ROSA (THE PINK NIGHT)

Jun 23, 2010

Texel Dutch Open: Jasper Van Staveren's photos (II)

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Viper

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Ashby Spithill in trim

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com -

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Bundock/Samama vs Heemskerk/Tentij

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Paumen/de Ruiter surfing

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Paumen/de Ruiter Flying

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com -

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Spithill and Ashby with their Wildcat

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com -

Photo: Jasper Van Staveren- Sailshoot.com - Booth vs Ashby vs Heemskerk at the top mark
All photos by Jasper Van Staveren www.sailshoot.com

C-Class: 'Little Americas Cup' 2010

UK Team Invictus
Little AC will take place at New York Yacht Club in Newport,RI August 22-28
Sailing Anarchy will be covering the event, right now the competitors are sharing some technical data and pics at SA Multihull Forum

Teams from Canada, UK and USA will race for the high tech winged C-Class trophy.
Last edition took place in 2007 with a Canadian Alpha win over USA Cogito 5-0.
The Canadian team has also provided valuable info and some rides to the BMWOracle racing team before the last AC Cup.
Event website www.nyyc.org/CCLASS

Canadian team boats traning in Toronto- They have now 3 C-Class...

Jun 22, 2010

World Cup: 4 to go...

Photo: AP / Arg 2 - Gre 0

F18 Italy: Racing at Garda

Regatta held at Circolo Vela Arco, won by Raphael Sicouri and Lamberto Cesari.
Pierre Sicouri left not only his hard work for the Italian F18 class, as part of his legacy he also has his son racing at top level, for sure Pierre is smiling up there.
Full results here

No Nome Punti 1 2 3 4 5
4,0 1 (9) 1 1 1
7,0 (3) 1 2 2 2
20,0 6 2 6 (7) 6
40,0 (dnf) 12 7 13 8
40,0 12 8 (13) 9 11
41,0 7 10 10 (dnf) 14

A-Class Wolds 2010: June 26-July 3

Photo Megan Brewin: Ashby at NSW A-Class Championship
June 26-July 3 is too close to the F18 Worlds as many A-Class sailors are going to participate in Erquy too.
How hard is to coordinate a few days apart from each event for next editions????
Left Australian-New Zealand container at Cesanatico-
Congrega Velisti Cesanatico already organized 'Vele di Pasqua' event where the A-Class Euro fleet had a good prep regatta Bob Baier was 1st.
You can read a full insight and Worlds preview interview published days ago with Bob made by Rainer Bohrer here
Glenn Ashby will be defending his title, James Spithill is supposed to participate as he also will be racing with Glenn the F18 Worlds.
Steve Brewin has this same schedule (will race a C2 at Erquy) and he will be sailing the new DNA (as published by them) , Landy will only race A-Class Worlds.
Manuel Calavia from Spain and Bob Baier (aka 'The German Ace' as he is also a Hang gliding champ) are serious contenderd too.
The class is having lots of developments with curved daggers, but Ashby was riding straight ones, lets see which will be the final tendency after this Worlds at Cesanatico , maybe the 100% of the fleet will adopt them definitely providing a platform for future flying A-Class designs.
Guru designer, Martin Fischer , already told us about his view on the future of beachcat racing: Flying boats... maybe we might have a preview next week (?)

In the Int A-Class website was reported that a South American championship was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Argentine boats... no A-Class in Argentina right now, so it was more like a Brazilian championship, the class there is going strong, they don´t have F18 yet as we don´t have A-Class.

With the F18 class experience I had here and with current local F18 fleet status, I think is there´s no need to build a local boat as I did before to promote the a new cat class, but someone will have to import one to show the rest this state of the Art racing class. I still want to build a new F18 before that too, but be sure that we will have an A fleet in the future.

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