Apr 30, 2010

Eurocat: Day 1

Eurocat at Yacht Club Carnac, 1st day wrap up .
Photo: Bas Paumen

The Wildcats are getting 'Solid' after one year of intense fine tuning.
Mischa's talent remains intact.
Bundy is in a quite comfortable position for a champ with a greater number of races, and with boat and sails unpacked from Australia only 1 day(?) before the championship.
The Nacra team is somehow behind but Styles, de Koning and Larsen are on the top 15.
Shockwave team is currently away from the top.

Good remark from blog follower and Texas F18 sailor Philippe Bettler:
"Great job for Mischa, except he already burnt his silver bullet. Don't know, how many discards they'll have.
C2 in the top for the first day, that is impressive...
...Also note #8 Fred Le Peutrec. He was with Groupama around the world and is coaching Backes/Jarlegan.
F18 really attracts big names!"
Indeed Fred le Petreuc -(Edit: He is sailing the Sail Innovation Capricorn) is an ex French Tornado Sailor and currently member of the Groupama Team. Fred was training past week with Sail Innovation team too.
Where´s Franck Cammas? He is not on the F18 Worlds participants this year, remember he was 2nd at Nigran...

Sail Innovation team Olivier Backes and Arnaud jarlegan are currently 4th, good performance for them too.
And one special remark for Mitch Booth... a good benchmark for calculating how many years you can race at top level if you are talented as he obviously is.

What a great class the F18 is, the "F1" of the entire ISAF classes range, dinghy, mono, maxi or multi. For not hurting anyone´s feeling (read comments on sl below), yes I'm deeply affiliated and involved with this class...

Full results at Eurocat host: Yacht Club Carnac www.yccarnac.com

Eurocat Day 1, C1/F16 Class: Four bullets for Carolijn Brouwer and Liz Wardley and their Viper

Impressive debut for Carolijn and Liz on the Viper, with a complete domination of the C1 fleet (I need some help here on how the Club/French assoc groups this class).
2B Sailing teams showing that they can "walk the talk" with ease...
Crhis Sproat and Georgina Burke also on a Viper currently 3rd
Gill de Bryune and Kathleen Vandenbulcke are 8th on their Falcon F16.
I don´t have more info about other riders.
Full results http://www.yccarnac.com/fra/regates/eurocat/eurocat-2010-resultats-c1-c3-c4.html

P Concurrents Net
P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4

BROUWER Carolijn

3.00 4.00 1

LEAUTE Frederique

9.00 14.00 2


10.00 17.00 4


11.00 17.00 5

THAREAU Philippe

12.00 19.00 7

Eurocat: After one discard Heemskerk-Tentij on a Hobie Wildcat ,1st after 4 races

R Concurrents P Net P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4 Boat

TENTIJ Bastiaan

5 116 3

Hobie Wildcat



7 11 1

Ahpc C2



13 26 5

Hobie Wildcat


BACKES Olivier

14 25 11

Hobie Wildcat



19 40 21
Hobie Wildcat

PETIT Romain

21 32 2

(Hobie Wildcat?



23 36 10

Nacra Infusion



23 134 8

Ahpc Capricorn



25 45 7
Hobie Wildcat


28 45 17

Nacra Infusion


Eurocat 2010: Bundock-Howden on C2 leads 1st day

From 2B Sailing
"Bundock/Howden on the C2 Formula 18 scored 1,3,4,3 and lead the regatta overall after day 1. We are very happy with the downwind speed."

"Good day for the 2B Sailing Team as Carolijn and Liz won all 4 races on the Viper. The C2 won the first race of the F18's by a huge margin."

"...AHPC/2B Sailing as Viper leads 16ft division and C2 leads Formula 18 division."

More info and complete results to come. If you have pics or reports from Carnac send them.

Apr 29, 2010

Archipelago Raid 2010

This great event held in the Stockholm, Åland and Finnish Archipelagos, is a tough 6 days race sailed in incredible scandinavian scenery, it also has a 1st class media coverage, a constant trademark of this Raid. Visit their site for more info about the 2010 Edition. Don´t miss this video, one the best out there, also insteresting how some F18s check bottom for rocks... they must be doing some geological research... harsh race indeed. www.archipelagoraid.com

Apr 28, 2010

2xB= 'A' Team

"A Team" style for 2B Sailing support van...
AHPC new C2 F18 is having her 1st challenging racing debut this Friday at Carnac, good luck to Francis Ferrari (French AHPC dealer) , Darren, Carojlin and the rest of the 'A' Team.
Watch out with the C2, already pointed this out at AUS F18 Nationals, that boat has the killer looks.

Photo: Megan Brewin

SL 16: ISAF Youth Cat

Excellent video from ISAF Youth Worlds from Romain and Valentin Bellet.

When designing the RC 16 I had in mind (besides recreation) an entry level spin class for youths, the RC 16 has same dimensions as Nacra 500 Sport for ie, Hobie has also an updated youth cat, the Hobie Max, that competed with the SL 16 at ISAF trials for selecting an official cat to replace the H16.
The ideal is to have SL 16 fleets in every country, but if not possible there are several alternatives for youths to train.
I once exchange some thoughts with Don Findlay, former legendary F18 Class secretary, about having all these boats under a gral type of Formula rule fleet, at least as a parameter to follow, training in any of these cats can prepare locals to race at ISAF Youth Worlds in the SL.
And I think it is possible to stablish some guides in that matter, and with all these alternatives elevated import costs shouldn´t be an issue.


SL 16Nacra 500 Sport
Hobie MaxRC 16
Widht (beam)2,322,442,502,40

The Dart 16 has a 'X' version with Spi. And the Hobie 16 class for youths also have mandatory Spin equipment. I don´t include it in the list as it was replaced by ISAF as youths multi by the SL 16. All boats mentioned share a similar hull shape and characteristics.
But for sure it can be used too for training and its a class by itself too.

A good example for the need of having alternatives for the SL 16, is that last year in Buzios- Brasil, where the the Hobie 16 is king, ISAF decided to use it as the multi of choice for that Youth Worlds Championship instead of the ISAF preferred SL.
Builders and major classes like the F18 should support youth racing programs to stablish a solid sailor base to support a constant feed to these same classes in years to come.

SL 16
Nacra 500 Sport
Hobie Max
Dart 16X
Hobie 16 Spi

Apr 26, 2010

Glenn Ashby: 'Playing in the Zone'

Glenn Ashby needs no introduction, multiple and current A-Class Champion, several F18 and Tornado Worlds and a Silver medal at Beijin with Darren Bundock, add lately to that list the AC34 where he was the main multihull coach for BMWOracle Racing.

After a break from the Cup he is now preparing his European season, easy going as he sounds, with a relaxed tone, Glenn may swept the competition in both championships. Like a kid playing without concerns, is clear from his mail he has no worries, he is going through an elevated state of mind, a key characteristic of top notch competitors when "Playing in the Zone"...

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the email.

I have been keeping a pretty low profile since getting home from Valencia and have enjoyed some quiet time with family and friends. It has been a pretty full on schedule the past few years and I am happy to have some time doing some slower paced activities.

Having said this. I will be coming to Europe this year to sail the Round Texel with James Spithill as my crew on the WIldcat for Hobie Cat and also competing at the F18 World Championship in Erquy, in the same trim.

Both James and I will also compete in the A-Class World Championships in Cesenatico, Italy on the ASG3 A-Class (designed and built by my company) in between Texel and the F18 Worlds.
So there is still some sailing this year but without the Tornado and X40 circuit it certainly feels like a lot more of a relaxed program.

Later in the season I will have some more sailing but am looking forward to doing some sailboarding later this year in Western Australia and spending some time with my family.

I have been working on my sail designs and have been in the loft sailmaking quite a lot in recent weeks which has been keeping me busy and it has been nice to get back on the tools again after the past year having coached with BMW Oracle.

At the moment I don’t really have any long term sailing plans as such as we are looking to build a new house which is taking up some time!

Regards Glenn


Catsailing Youth: French Style

Romain Bellet and Valentin Bellet - ISAF Worlds 2009

Romain Bellet and Valentin Bellet - ISAF Worlds 2009
Romain and Valentin Bellet were 2nd at the 2009 ISAF Youth Worlds in Buzios, Brazil.
they are also the 2009 SL 16 Worlds Champs, the official ISAF youth Catamaran.

When I wrote about Taylor Reiss last week and the need for spi cats for youths, some told me that it wasn´t necessary to start with a 16 spin cat.
But then again you look at the French sailing schools, where kids start riding the SL 16s, or Hobie 16 with Spi, and then you wonder how is possible to give these kids any less, they don´t need a first step, they need to start sailing full equiped so they can train and prepare themselves for the F18/Tornado/F16 fleets, and of course the A-Class, where kite experience won´t hurt.

Taylor and these french teens are the future of catsailing, Romain and Valentin are now starting to sail an F18... hope to see them in coming F18 Worlds battling with the Pros.

Apr 25, 2010

Australian 'Task Force' for the F18 Worlds

The Aussies are coming! So you'd better watch out at next F18 Worlds at Erquy. Bundock-Brewin on the at the Sidney Opera House C2 Photo Andrea Francolini.
In Argentina, now that sailors are getting interested in cat racing and for the 1st time we have a strong local class, people are starting to know more about the cat world, and when for ie they ask who is Darren Bundock, I told them one thing they can surely relate in a second: "Well he is currently the Maradona of cat racing"
If Darren is 'Maradona', then Glenn is 'Messi', Brewin is 'Rooney', Booth is 'Pele' and so on!! ...And they are all Australians, although Mitch will be riding under the Spanish flag with the support of Bernardo Benitez and the spanish fleet. He also won a silver medal for AUS in the Tornado class with Andrew Landenberger, and of course he had race for NED in Beijing too.

Some of the Australian F18 talent for Erquy
- Darren Bundock - C2
- Glenn Ashby - Hobie Wildcat(?)
- James Spithill - crew for Ashby
- Steve Brewin - C2
- Greg Goodall - C2
- Andrew Landenberger - Edge
- Brett Burvill - Edge
- Andrew Mc Pherson - Infusion

Right now it has been confirmed that James Spithill will be racing with Glenn Ashby at the Worlds, James will be crewing. I wrote Glenn to know which boat he will be riding but for sure is going to be a Wildcat, as he used for training the guys at USA 17.

Glenn, James, Brewin and Landy will be also participating at the A-Class Worlds in Cesenatico, Italy and all of them will rush to Erquy after the last A-class regatta and maybe grab a 2nd Worlds for Australia in a row!

Europe has a talent list of their own, but 'Down Under' sailors are on a mission to regain the current most prestigious crown of the catsailing racing scene.

Thank God (and Olivier Bovyn / Pierre Barraud too..) for the F18, that with other classes like the A-Cat, Hobie 16, F16, Tornado , are maintaining the beachcat Flag up for the next generation of Olympic sailors.


F18: Windrush Edge European Tour

Photo: Andrea Francolini - The Edge at Aus F18 Nationals
By Brett Burvill from Windrush Yachts

Hi Martin, this year we are travelling to Europe to do the TornadoEuropeans and the Worlds along with the other 3 F18 regatta's.
We are going to sail the Edge at Texel and F18 Worlds, also we hope to race at the Travemunde regatta after the T Worlds.

We've had very little time on the water with the EGDE and we were very busy working in the workshop with many projects ranging from revolutionary wind turbines to 7000hp Drag racing cars. (!?!)

After our return from the Aus National F18 titles where we surprised even ourselves with the competitiveness of the boat, we have lent it to other crews that have been sailing other F18s and they have asked us for trade ins already.
Ryan and I were busy preparing for the Tornado Nationals in March. But Ryan was unable to get the time out of work at the last minute so I asked Josh Fugill, my production manager at Windrush, to pull the strings on the front of the Tornado for me.
We were able to defend the title I won last year with Ryan even though our combined crew weight was big (175kg) .

Since the end of the Tornado titles we had only a few weeks to get things ready to send to Europe for the summer there.
Our container is now on the way and although we had hoped to have a few other EDGE's in there for sale we have not had the time to get it all together.

The original idea was to build a few Edge's to start the project and continue an ongoing development as the big builders also do, we had faith on the boat and now it is already a success.

Now we are currently developing a new mast, we started with an ahpc wing mast recomended by Andrew Landenberger that has been a really good help supplying excellent sails and giving advice on the set up, but now we have designed a new one, we've done a lot of computer generated stress analysis of the sections to come up with a mast that we believe will give us an edge in aero and sail performance for the same weight.

We hope Landy will be able to sail one of our boats. There is an overlap of the A Class worlds and the F18 worlds but several competitors are doing both so we have our fingers crossed that he will find a way to make it happen, he is such a great sailor and I have known him since the Moth sailing days back in the mid-late 80's.

You don’t get to the Olympics and earn medals being slow, so we are looking forward for him to race an EDGE with us in Erquy.

We have designed new beams also, end caps etc and are doing a complete new rudder system to replace the 1st set that we have been using so far.

We are using this trip to have a full test on the water against Europe's best boats and riders, also to get a better feel for the F18s as I come from the Tornado Class.

Brett Burvill
Windrush Yachts

Eurocat 2010 : One week to go

Eurocat 2010 - Photo Ingrid Abery

From April 30 to May 2nd the first major international event for the F18 will take place at Yacht Club Carnac.
Last year we had Wildcat, Shockwave and Exploder debuts, but Hugh Styles and his Nacra Infusion were the overall race course winners.

This year we'll have another 1st timer: The New AHPC C2, that will warm its engines for next Worlds.
Francis Ferrari (french AHPC dealer) and Darren Bundock among others european based C2 riders will test the new design against the best F18 teams.

Eurocat has become a warm up for the annual F18 Worlds for all builders, and the first big regatta of the season, then you'll have Round Texel before Erquy too.

It will be an interesting championship, as now the Wildcat and Shokcwave are quite stablished and both have more than one year of development, the C2 already showed his potential at the Australian F18 Championship and a long ditance race in Europe with Francis Ferrari nailing a 1st race, 1st win for AHPC.
Also the Sail Innovation team will be having their 2nd major challenge after a brilliant win at the 1st Ned F18 regatta.

Nacra Boskalis team including current 2x Wchamp Coen de Koning will be waiting to show who is the boss at the best and most competitve sailing class, the Formula 18.

How many ISAF classes gather 200 boats for a Worlds? Hellow ISAF MNAs? Do you copy?

Apr 23, 2010

F18 Argentina: YCA Autumn Championship Final day.

Photo: Winners Lucas Gonzalez Smith and Juan Faustìn (helmsman)
At YCA Autumn winner's request, Juan Faustìn, here you have the final results (already published on monday in the new "Results" along with NED and UK ones, plus some pics).
This same post was published on our local class site that I maintain too.
The championship consisted on 2 weekends and it was our biggest championship to date.
Controversy was present too, regarding some protests as the class is getting more competitive each race, but I will leave those details out.

Great win for Juan and Lucas, with 5 bullets in 9 races. Second were Miguel Saubidet (one of the best monohull skippers in Argentina and current F18 Argentine Champ) and Mariano Heuser (Nacra dealer in Arg).

The local caps made their debut with a good first championship and a bullet for Ian in the first race, proving that making a local competitive F18 is possible.
The fleet is preparing itself for the nexts Worlds, 5 Argentinean crews will be present, making a strong number for a new F18 nation. USA is sending 5 crews too for ie.

The goal is to improve the best result yet obtained by Cruz and Ian with a 50th in the Gold Fleet last year. And I think it will be possible to achieve.

Arg Crews for the Worlds are:
1-Miguel Saubidet-Mariano Heuser
2-Juan Faustín-Lucas Gonzalez Smith
3-Cruz Gonzalez Smith-Mario Segers(to be confirmed)
4-Ian Rodger-Juan Martín Benitez
5-Sergio Mel-Julio Saubidet

P Timonel Tripulantes R 1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 T
1 Faustin Bros Juan Gonzalez S Lucas (3-) 1- 1 1 1 3 3 (6) 1 11
2 Saubidet Miguel Heuser Mariano (4- 4- 4 2 2 1 1 2 (5) 16
3 Gonzalez S Cruz Segers Mario 2 2- 3 (4) 3 2 2 (4) 3 17
4 Krevisky Agustin Blando Esteban (6) 3- 2 3 (6) 5 4 1 2 20
5 Mehl Sergio Saubidet Julio (9) 6- 5 5 4 6 (dns 3 4 33
6 Alsogaray Julio Heuser Javier 5 5- 6 (8) (7) 4 6 5 6 37
7 Rodger Ian Benitez Juan M 1- (7) 7 7 5 7 5- (8) 7 39
8 Berberian Gabriel Culotta Leonardo 7 8- 8 6 (dns (dns dns 7 8 56
9 Poclava Javier Osuna Gustavo (dns) 10- 10 9 (dns 8 7- 10 9 63
10 Raffo Pedro Has Emilio 8- 9- 9 10 (dns (dns dns 9 10 67
-- Gozzi Juan C. Vanzulli Martin (dns) (dns) dns dns dns dns dns dns dns 84

2010 Extreme Sailing Series Europe

Photo: By OnEditin/ OC Events
2010 Venues Confirmed for Europe Series
-Sète, France 27-30 May
-Cowes, United Kingdom 31 July–5 August
-KIEL.SAILING CITY, Germany 26 -29 August
-Trapani, Italy 23-26 September
-Almería, Spain 9-12 October
In Catsailing Facebook check Capsizes video from previous series as is not available in Youtube and couldn´t download it.

Apr 22, 2010

19th Hobie 16 Worlds: Weihai, China

19th Hobie World Championships Introduction
Photos of Pre-event held in 2009

HOBIE16 World Championships is a world-class famous sailing competition which is organised by Hobie Class Association. The competition was approved by the International Sailing Federation. The first HOBIE16 World Championships was held in Hawaii, USA , in 1976.Thereafter, once every two years, Hobie16 World Championships have been successfully held 18 times.
Under the strong support of General Administration of Sport of China and the China Yacht Association and the active bid of Shandong and Weihai governments, the 19th Hobie16 World Championships which was applied on the city named Weihai has been successfully approved by International Sailing Federation Association. Therefore, the 19th Hobie16 World Championships will be held, on August 15th-30th, 2010, in Weihai, China.

Weihai, China

Apr 21, 2010

Tornado Class: One-Design sails key facts


A vote was held for members of the International Tornado Class Association to implement
the Ullman Sails Italy One Design.

The one Design tender had the following criteria:
Sails must fit the current class rules
100% one design (one file, one cloth)
Guaranteed Pricing
Cloth availability for the entire quadrennial
Consistent Quality
Distribution to the ITA Membership
Proven Performance

The process that followed was that 10 valid tenders were received and shortlisted to 3 and
presented to the ITA Committee. Whilst the final 3 were all very good proposals and could
service the class well the Ullman Sails Italy tender was voted unanimously as the favorable

The proposal is as follows:
Ullman Sails Italy manufacture/service/support and distribute Tornado One Design sails.
Mainsail: file "PLR4" (Cascais World Champion). This file has been used as well with a wide
range of crew to gain major results.

Jib: File "TOD37929”. This is the shape of the most produced jib in the last three years
(Echavarri-Qindao “Olympic Gold”). The panel layout has been slightly upgraded for ideal
window visibility keeping the aim of durability.

Spinnaker: file "TKOD37914" is an upgraded version of the one used by Echavarri in Qindao
“Olympic Gold”. Exit and leech roach were upgraded in order to give a more stable exit and
longer life.

Sailcloth - For the mainsail and the jib is agreed to be Contender Apen09-2mil in clear/white.
Sailcloth - For the spinnaker we would go for Nylon Contender Superkote80/Superkote75,
basic colours. Special colours on request according to availability.
Battens will be one design supplied by Fibrefoam. One Standard set + additional supplied
top 4 heavier battens.

Ullman sails have supplied the following information:
Product quality is granted to be the same high standards that were used through the last
years of Tornado production.
Sails will be produced in bulk and stocked.
Sail numbers will be stick by owners.
The loft will grant continuous availability
the loft will grant service to delivery/collect/support sails and assist the sailors at major

Sail Pricing
Excluded Tax
20% Ita
Tornado OD mainsail, no battens € 1.150,00 € 1.380,00
Tornado OD Jib € 550,00 € 660,00
Tornado OD Spinnaker € 750,00 € 900,00
Existing sails will be grandfathered.

From the first Race of the Tornado Worldchampionship 2012 all Tornado Teams must use
One Design Sails at future Olympic- and Pre-Olympic Games Regatta, World- and
Continental Championships, ISAF Sailing World Cup Series Events, National/International
Olympic Qualification Regattas.
Ullman sails will also supports a one-design sail to suit the Grandfathered Aluminum mast
for club sailors.

No advantage for Professionals who have their own sail designs. All sailors have the same
sail material to win races.
No expensive sail develop programs for Olympic sailors.
No more extreme sails designs for light or heavy wind locations.
No more surprises we had with Code Zero sails at the China Olympics.
Better quality of Sails, longer lasting sailcloth.
Proven all round Sail Designs (from World- and Olympic Champions), which are made for
medium weight teams.
Price reduction
Knowledge transfer between the sailors of all levels. The top-secrets are over, able to supply
a standard tuning guide on the website.

Sails development locked for 4 year, Tornado performance supremacy at risk
No longer be the continual improvement with new technology.
Second hand sail market effected initially
Potentially effect extreme range of crew weight

UK F18: TT Series at Minnis Bays report

The UK F18 is full of talent, remember that in last Worlds they took 2nd (Rob Wilson) and 3rd places ( Hugh Styles)
Will Sunnucks, winner of the 2009 Texel round on his modified M20 reports weekend results published at the
Results page on monday
Glad to know the Shockwaves are spreading and doing well.
Sent By William Sunnucks
18 Travellers Trophy Minnis Bay Sailing Club – 17th/18th April 2010

Light sea breezes and a warm welcome greeted the 16 strong F18 fleet on Saturday morning. Minnis Bay Sailing Club is on the North Kent coast, and the breeze was starting at around 11am from the North and veering steadily to the East. Key to the racing was the strong flood tide, which favoured those who could get in to the shallower water on the right hand side of the beat. Even in the fast F18 catamarans, under laying the windward mark and tacking in the tide was painful.

Three long races on Saturday saw strong performances from the Nacra Infusions of Grant Piggott from Weston SC and David White from Thorpe Bay. By the end of the third race there was a full double trapezing breeze and sunshine – great sailing.

On Sunday the winds were lighter, and the Brightlingsea built Shockwaves came to the fore, taking the first three places in race 4. Local experts Simon Northrop and Robyn Ford won both races, but they couldn’t do enough to catch Saturday’s leaders. Grant Piggott and Andrew Sinclair won on the tie break.
Many thanks to Minnis Bay for laying on a great event.

1st Grant Piggott and Andrew Sinclair (Nacra) Weston YC
2nd David White and Jon Sweet (Nacra) Thorpe Bay YC
3rd William Sunnucks and Will Crossley (Shockwave) Brightlingsea SC
4th Simon Northrop and Robyn Ford (Shockwave)
5th Luke Yeates and Matt Humphries (Hobie Wildcat) Weston SC
6th Stuart Gummer and Ryan Crawford (Shockwave) Royal Victoria YC
Full results

Tornado Class: One-Design sails approved

Press Release
The International Tornado Association (ITA) has responded to the global downturn and the need to attract sailing's Generation Next to the class by allowing the best, not just the best funded, to race these ultra-fast sailing machines.

And while it's not often in life the cost of anything goes down, this is exactly what will happen in the world of Tornado sailing.

One of the biggest changes to the sport since the introduction of spinnakers and the double trapeze in 2001 following the Sydney Olympics, the Tornado class has voted to put a ceiling on costs with the introduction of one-design sails in the interest of creating a fairer playing field.

"These are exciting times for the Tornado and for sailing," said ITA President and former World Champion and Olympic medalist Roland Gaebler from Germany.

"We feel that the Tornado has always been one of the leaders in sailing in terms of promotion, sponsorship and of course, excitement, and we believe this decision again shows we are not only capable of moving with the times, but responding to the times.

"We feel sailing needs to be pro-active, not just reactive.
Full press release Here

Apr 20, 2010

Pete Melvin: The Guru and his 15 year old apprentice

Pete Melvin is on of the current multihull Guru designers, he is also one of the best beachcat racers around with some titles including an A-Class Worlds.
He was responsible for the now stablished Nacra Infusion, a 2x F18 world champ design that forced every other builder to renew theirs.

If I'm correct the Infusion is the oldest current F18 design of those new generation of post Capricorn wave piercers (Hobie Wildcat, AHPC C2, Loday-White Shockwave and Windrush Edge are all younger designs)
Pete is sailing with his son James, another 15 years old catsailing promise along with Taylor Reiss.
Together they´ve had an excellent performance is the 2009 F18 North Americans, and now they´ve qualified together for the next Alter Cup edition.
Below an insteresting excerpt on racing technique published in Nacrasailing.com

"James sailed Sabots in the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club sailing program and has access to many interesting sailboats, but only sails multihulls now. When asked why, James says definitively, “Because they are fast.”

Pete attributes their performance to a number of things, most notably his emphasis on keeping the boat powered up at all times in light winds, and their experimental foils.

“I like to fly the hull at a constant angle of heel and keep the forward speed and apparent wind speed up. A lot of multihull sailors make the mistake of pinching up in a puff but then not steering back down quickly enough as the wind drops back off. In light winds they end up sailing too high and dropping the hull back down into the water. It takes a lot of energy to build speed again. Anticipation and staying ahead of the changes in wind speed and direction are the keys. We keep the bow down and the boat going fast. I make constant rudder adjustments,” said Pete.

The F18 box rule allows for experimentation, and Pete and James have been testing high-aspect ratio daggerboards for the Nacra Infusion F18. Reasons Pete, “The heavier teams use the bigger boards because they require more lateral resistance. We’re light and don’t need as much area. When we pull our long narrow boards up in heavier air, the area that remains in the water still has a high aspect ratio compared to what the heavier teams have. We are experimenting with different shapes so we can optimize the new daggerboards we are designing for the Nacra Infusion F18.”
Pete and James clearly have a good time sailing together. Says Pete, “We’ll be sailing together for a while because James is growing like a weed.”


Perfect combo

I Couldn´t help the 'tears' after seeing this ad at a fbck profile!

I had two Land Rovers, one as a teenager when my father bought a LandRover Santana ( that he sold!! when I was living in Mexico for cents... ) and a Disco V8 Automatic that I bought while abroad.

I almost made the trip back to Argentina driving through the Americas in 2004, but at the end I sold it before coming back.

And as it should be made, and a Navy Captain father in law dictated, once in Buenos Aires I bought my home and a... ca tamaran! ...who need cars?
The 'Skipper' wasn´t that thrilled with my priorities...uuuuuh

I had available an A Class Mercedes that I bought 50/50 with my father while working in Andersen until 2000 that he offered me, but I rejected. So I was left without a car , but with a home and the fundamental item for us all, a catamaran, a 2001 Hobie 16.
Then trying to import a Tiger, I ended with the F18 project...

But in Mexico I had my dream car for two years, I was sailing a H16 then, now I have some F18s, but I´d like my Land Rover back for the perfect car-cat combo !

Why get a car when you can get a Land Rover? ... F18 at your choice!

Apr 19, 2010

F16: Viper Blast

From Red Gear Racing
15 year old Taylor Reiss and 17 year old Matthew Whitehead had a great performance against a highly competitive F16 fleet for the US F16 Nationals, ending 2nd only after their coach Robbie Daniel and John Williams.
The F16 will replace the Hobie 16 fleet in the future for sure.
These two kids will reign supreme and you old 'obselete' people on your 30s and 40s (I'm right there) better start making some space for the new catsailing generation.

From optis to the F16, non stop, that´s how should be done from now on!

Patagonian Scene

Picture taken this weekend at Club >Nautico Rada Tilly, on the Argentine patagonia.
Rada Tilly is an excellent place for kite and Land Sailing, and in 2008 they organized a FISLY World Championship.

The Club is working hard to promote sailing in a place where in a standard day you have 20knots as a starting wind speed. But these guys are not taken aback due to harsh weather, and sometimes mild days like this makes a good opporunity for the Opti kids to get out, and start preparing their skills for the next step... Laser? noo An RC 16 is waiting for them as the next sailing school level. Right steping the 16 mast for the club on last december. note: (those sprail rails were made in July 2007)

These coast are really tricky due to offshore harsh winds and gusts, the same coasts are being raid by two RC Cruisers at Puerto Madryn, 400 hundred kms north of Rada tilly.

So in your next trip to Patagonia you can also visit our coast besides going to the west Andes, for some high winds experience on cats, landyachts or kites...

Landyacthing Worlds at Rada Tilly, Chubut, Argentina

The Wild Cat new life by Sail Innovation

Photo: Alex Udin

Photo: Alex Udin

Photo: Alex Udin  - One of the most radical F18 designs to date: extreme raked bow, spray rails and super thin daggers, the Wildcat designed by multihull guru Martin Fischer is having its 2nd chance and a great exposure with Sail Innovation team pushing forward with a huge bet on her design.

Although it almost clinched the World Title with Mischa Heemskerk on its 1st Worlds debut, the WCat suffered some minor launch issues, now fully solved as the SI Team has chosen her above several proved and top rated F18s.

At NL F18 Class event in Muiderzand , Olivier Backes and Arnaud Jarlegan riding a Wcat with SI sails had a strong win over current 2x world champ, Coen de Koning and the entire dutch fleet.

Focus on training and development always pays.

Beyond future results, the "Sail Innovation Project" is already a success-

HelmName CrewName Class
KE1 R2 R3 R4 Nett

Olivier Backes Arnoud Jarlegan hobie wildcat
(5.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 3.0

Coen de Koning Thijs Visser nacra infusion
1.0 (2.0) 2.0 2.0 5.0

Oscar Zeekant Karel Begeman hobie wildcat
3.0 (10.0) 4.0 4.0 11.0

Reindert v d Meulen Carina Knol capricorn f18
2.0 6.0 8.0 ( BFD) 16.0

Matthieu Souben Mathieu VDame Shockwave
(8.0) 4.0 6.0 6.0 16.0

Jorg Gosche Hannes Pegel hobie wildcat
(DNF) 7.0 11.0 3.0 21.0

Elke Delnooz Mark Gering hobie wildcat
10.0 11.0 (14.0) 5.0 26.0

Eric Cok Fokko Veegens hunter f18
7.0 15.0 10.0 ( BFD) 32.0

Willem Geijssen Jim Hoogerhout nacra infusion
15.0 (25.0) 9.0 9.0 33.0

Benjamin Lamotte Benjamin Amiot hobie wildcat
12.0 9.0 (21.0) 13.0 34.0

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