Jan 29, 2010

USA 17 Photos by Gilles Martin Raget

All pics Gilles Martin Raget (maybe I have 100 pics from him published here along the header one)

Friday , 29, January 2010, 11 PM Buenos Aires Time.
I just returned from sailing with full moon, we launched the F18 at 5pm with light north winds that were dcreasing, but we were waiting for the "virazon" (a spanish term for thermal winds that arise after 6pm aprox in summer in a drastic direction and speed change. Which is the english word for that specific event, if any??)
and at 7pm started blowing 12knots and all flat from east-south east, with 35° Celsius , and some 30°! for water temperature, with rising moon in the river and the sun going down west. Incredible view, just like these two images from Gilles at the same time.
One of my best cat sailing rides ever!

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