Nov 30, 2009

The Cuba Run

A Cultural Exchange Event

November 12 - 15, 2010

Location: Key West, Florida to Cuba and back! Event Website

The boats: Catamarans from 18 feet through 22 feet long and max.12 feet wide, with spinnakers will be allowed to enter this race. Event rules and an official Event Notice will be ready by the time this event receives official State Department clearance.


Day 1. Depart Key West at 10 AM … this will be an ON THE WATER start with one end of the start line being the White Road Pier and the other end will be the committee boat. This leg is approx. 95 nautical miles to the Hemingway Marina.

Cuban Customs and Immigrations will be cleared at the Marina … all sailors will be assisted with this formality by members of the Yacht Club.

Check into the Hotel Old Man and the Sea then return to the Yacht Club at 9 PM for a Welcome drink and Banquette dinner. A live band will play Cuban dance tunes for those that still have some energy left!

Day 2. of the event will consist of a sailing seminar held at the Hemingway Yacht Club, Cuba and a Regatta held in Open Ocean just out front of the Hemingway Marina, Cuba.

This is the basis for the event and the Cultural Exchange part of the Regatta. The Sailing Seminar will be a chalkboard discussion of the finer points of Catamaran sailing in open water over long distances. The Cuban Catamaran Regatta will consist of a min of 4 races and will in itself be a stand alone event … Cuban Youth sailors will be encouraged to participate.

Day 3. This will be a rest day and tours of Havana are planed … this will give the sailors a chance to experience the true Cuba, it’s people, food and music.

All sailors have FREE TIME this evening …

Day 4. Will be the return long distance sail from Cuba to Key West … The start line for this leg will be from the entrance marker of the Marina to the Committee boat The open ocean section will be approx. 95 miles with Customs and Immigration being cleared in Key West (Exact details to be worked out.)

Nov 29, 2009

Patagonia Argentina: Life´s Good

Check List: House in front the Ocean, your Cherokee and most important your brand new RC Cruiser ready for your next Raid.

Setting up the two brand new RC Cruisers - To the side RC #2 (Cruiser Dic 2006) RC #4 (F18) hulls

Pablo Querol and Matías Soriano, both owners of two brand new RCs at Playa Unión, Rawson, Chubut, Argentina (near Puerto Madryn)

Besides the F18 project I also had the possibility to know a lot of interesting characters, not only racers, but hardcore guys like Pablo who asked us in mid 2006 after seeing our prototype F18 sailing, to build a Cruiser for some Raids in the Patagonian coast.
We ended selling him the #2 boat of the project, our best boat till now, fully equiped and a perfect tank for storm riding (heavy hulls, 3mt wide, 8mts Mast, Roller Furler for main and Jib etc) . After three years of sailing her, Pablo decided to upgrade for a lighter and more powerfull Cruiser (9mts mast, lighter hulls)
He decided to Cat cruising after several years of making Windsurfing raids in 40knots breezes along the same coast with his friend Felipe Tomassi, who partnered the Guru of beachcat Raiding , Beto Pandiani, in their 4 month trip from Puerto Month, Chile to Ilha Bela, Brazil through Cape Horn. That raid was made in Hobies 21, and then Pandiani made a North raid in an Eagle 20...
The philosophy of Pandiani for a lighter Cruiser is to speed up between storms with the Eagle, and with the H21 you can have a slower ride but more margin for tough conditions.

Now with a ligther Cruiser, Pablo and Matías should also arrive earlier to destination in low winds but they must reef earlier too!!
They already made several raids in Puerto Madryn, and now they also are going to sail in Bahía Bustamante, 200 kms from Madryn, where Matías has a special place in his family lands in front the Ocean. Check thess photos and contact him for a 1st Class Patagonian Experience
More Bahía Bustamante (aka Paradise) Photos HERE
If you travel South, don´t forget to visit Matías at this incredible place, you can also catsail there now...!

Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina.

Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina.

Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina.

Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina.

Bahía Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina.


Photos: Guido Trombetta/Alinghi

Nov 25, 2009

Extreme 40 Series Asia: Hong Kong

Photos: Marco Hong /OC Events

Nov 24, 2009

Extreme 40 Series Asia

Photos Gilles Chiorri/OC Events

Post Tornado Era:
Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher on their new scaled up T, with Macca and Gerd Haberműller they compete with the Red Bull VX40 team.
Some others top notch T sailors are considering a Star and 49er campaign...

Capricorn 1st Timer

Photo: Matías Capizzano
Yesterday I finally had the chance to sail the only Cap (the 1st local built is almost ready..) available at Buenos Aires and I must say at South America? Brett can correct me on that one.
14 knots plus, short steep waves, classical Rio de la Plata conditions for the Sudeste wind (South East).
First impression leaving shore was how firm and rigid the platform is, also as I used to ride V shape designs like my F18 or the H16, the 'slap' of the 'fat bottom' after passing some intial waves at low speed was something new.

Then the response with gusts was pure accelaration, and after double trapeze the boat was a pleasure to ride upwind, I was crewing for Cruz and we were matching some Infusions.
We started back some good meters and after some sync with her and my helmsman we managed to caught them, it was full dominance speeding up or pointing for us and the Cap.
So I felt really good as I´m not sailing that much as we are building and delivering some boats, and the other crews are training almost every day for the Nationals in december.

Slicing easy through waves and a 'planing' sensation were some aspects I could compare with a traditional hull like the Tiger or the RC.
But I already knew the Cap was a rocket upwind, I wanted to test it downwind in those specific conditions and the boat passed the test, with even more planing feeling and some good margin , although we sunk the bow hard three times in tough conditions due to waves shape (where I was catapulted hard to the bow! the three of them) we didn´t pitch pole and the boat showed a good recovery.. after I recovered from my smashed ribs... jaja but I was not using boots so that was key in those sudden stops falls.
Also some waves were slapping rear beam, but that feature is already modified for the local version, a key feature here as these short waves are something special.
Just one thing: I was barefoot, but that strap line almost cut my feet in two in those catapults!! A change for the new boat for sure.

So it may sound strange to many, but I never get tired of repeating that we didn´t have any F18 here before, so to me is a 1st time on a Wave Piercer F18. Now I have to sail the Infusion too, and next year I will launch my 2nd F18, a wave piercer of course.

Congrats to AHPC for such a fine machine that set the trend for current top notch F18s.
1st Class ride.
I'm sure the factory new F18 will be even better!

Pierrick Contin Pics from ST Barth

Pierrick was the official photographer at last F18 Worlds, he is always present at main (or cool) F18 events, providing 1st class photography.

Nov 22, 2009

CataCup St Barth 2009 Final day

All Photos Pierrick Contin

Full Results HERE
Rgs Concurrents P Ret P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 Club / Pays
1 HEEMSKERK Mischa ZANEN Eduard 7 7 2 2.00 1 1.00 4 4.00 HOLLANDE
2 FIGUEROA Enrique APONTE Victor 10 10 6 6.00 2 2.00 2 2.00 PORTO RICO
3 BOURGNON Yvan LE CHAPELIER Emmanuel 12 12 4 4.00 5 5.00 3 3.00 Y C TOULON C M V ST BRIEUC
4 HOWE Carrie CASEY John 13.00 13.00 5 5.00 3 3.00 5 5.00 ETATS UNIS D'AM
5 BOULOGNE Emmanuel KERVYN Tanguy 15.00 15.00 7 7.00 7 7.00 1 1.00 G G V L S C V DU TOUQUET
6 DEMESMAEKER Patrick GAGLIANI Olivier 20.00 20.00 1 1.00 4 4.00 15 15.00 BELGIQUE
7 BEAUVARLET Vincent HOCK Bruno 23.00 23.00 8 8.00 9 9.00 6 6.00 C N ST BARTHELEMY C N ST BARTHELEMY
8 CHAMPANHAC Benoit SALE Yves 28.00 28.00 11 11.00 8 8.00 9 9.00 Y C ST LUNAIRE E V CHERBOURG
9 GAUCHIN Christophe BOULOGNE Vincent 29.00 29.00 9 9.00 13 13.00 7 7.00 C V DU TOUQUET C V DU TOUQUET
10 PAUMEN Bas VEENMAN Jorden 36.00 36.00 12 12.00 12 12.00 12 12.00 HOLLANDE

Nov 21, 2009

St Barth CataCup 2009

One of the best catsailing pics ever. Photo: Pierrick Contin

Sailing Pros have a "tough" life... right JC ;) ?

Mischa as crew

Carrie Howe and John Casey
All Photos: Pierrick Contin


So for riding this beast, the crew train on F18s Ashby, some Hobie Wildcats ordered by Glenn...

Photo Gilles Martin-Raget
"The BOR 90 was not sailing on Monday, but several of the guys on the sailing team went out on the bay for a training session on the F18s." from Oracle Blog

BOR90 Full equiped

Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

Squid Pics from SA AC Forums

Nov 19, 2009

South Bless

Yesterday we had the typical strong Southeast winds and late storm here in Buenos Aires, this is THE wind to go windsurfing, kiting and catsailing full speed, and with it a new catsailor was born. My second child came with the Southeast as the 1st one did, good sign for the future! So I already have a complete Crew!
To celebrate here you have some local video of an Infusion leaving her fast tracks on "Rio de la Plata" waters..

Nov 17, 2009

F16 Global Challenge: Greg Goodall interview by Robi/wildergfx

Thoughts on weight limit from the builder of the heaviest (but World Champ design right now) F16 on the market... more F16 GC inerviews by Robi at

F16 Global Challenge: John Casey´s report

Photo Robi-Wildergfx -
"For some reason, when I think of the name Global Challenge, I picture a race where the loser’s heads are lanced on top of broken spars while the winner and race committee dance on a hand carved stone altar surrounded by a hot magma moat.

In the real world, last week wasn’t so hardcore, but heads did roll. There were plenty of broken/fallen masts and wipeouts in the breezy conditions of Gulfport, Florida. It was one of those regattas where we sometimes had to completely stop concentrating on sailing and watch the show. Dalton and I took turns saying, “Dude, look over there. They’re eating it huge right now!” Followed by, “Oh Damn!” If we were close enough we asked if they were okay as we smoked by. Eric Witte and Tripp Burd had a couple good sticks. One was upwind when they were leading. We were all overstood to the top mark when they put on a stunning pitchpole display. In another race, they somehow ended up with both bows pointing to the sky after a wipeout." ... Full article at