Aug 31, 2009

A-Class German Championship 09: Manuel Calavia from Spain 1st

More info of the race and boats used at the German A-Class Open.
Watch out for Spain, with top Tornado Sailors at beijing and now a Top A-Class sailor with Manuel Calavia beating the last Euro Champ, Bob Baier. Gel-Tek Flyer and the new Flyer S with good results. Check links for A-Class designs info.


The Open German Championship 2009 was an awesome event
63 boats, 9 races in three days, winds 18 to 25 knts !
The famous Lake Garda conditions only leaves one question :
Why is there never been a World Championship in Torbole or Riva?

No better conditions possible .
Manuel Calavia (ESP 11) was the impressive winner of the championship .
He had a great battle with European Champion Bob Baier (GER 14). Bob was sailing his Nikita with curved boards, Manuel the Gel-Tek Flyer MK II with straight boards. Manuel sailed really consistent and with 9 points out of 9 races he was the clear winner.

Helmut Stumhofer sailed his brand new Flyer S ( Aicher & Egner) to the third place.
The Flyer S made a good impression with several boats in top places . The design is another step further than the Nikita . Wide transom , far back rig, hard chines,
just as expected after the flyer I and II designs, the Flyer S is bringing something new.
Another remarkable performance was from young talent Thilo Keller (GER45) on 6th spot with his own build an designed rocketship.
Routinier an fresh Italian Champion Paolo Penco finished 4th , sailing an Scheurer G5 with curved boards, followed by heavy air specialist from North Germany, Donald Beike , sailing a A&E flyer mk II.

Tornado Worlds 2009: Day 1

Not much info for this Tornado Worlds, poor indeed.
Bundock-Ashby with two bullets.
I tried to decrypt a page results pic and end with this...

Pos Name R1 R2 Total
1 Bundock-Ashby 1 1 2
2 Zajac-Czajka 3 2 5
3 Brouwer-Wietse 2 4 6
4 Saba-Cendra 5 5 10
5 Herm..meter-Domenik 4 7 11
6 Kalinchev-Dzhienbaev 6 6 12
7 Gaebler-Gaebler 8 9 17
8 Sclavi-Reggio 11 10 21
9 Burvill-Duffield 7 15 22
10 Rustenholtz-Koster 9 13 22

"Full results"

F20 Predator

A replace for the Tornado? The M20 is also pretending that place, and Andy Sheurer has designed the 20HT too. They can get together and form a new Hight Tech Carbon F20 Class...
The F20 Predator is powered by Landenberger sails, it has good overall volume a new variant of wpiercing bow design.

Lenght: 20ft /6.1m
Width: 3.05m
Mast: 10.7m
Main Sail: 22m2
Weight: 160kg

A-Class German Championship 09

No Sailno Name Scores 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
9,0 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 (5) 1
17,0 4 1 2 2 2 3 2 1 (dnf)
3 GER 76 STUMHOFER HELMUTg 41,0 (11) 4 6 10 4 4 3 3 7
4 ITA 3 PENCO PAOLO 43,0 6 5 4 4 5 9 (ocs) 8 2
5 GER 12 BEIKE DONALD 47,0 2 6 (22) 9 3 2 8 4 13
49,0 3 3 5 dnf (14) 7 5 11 11
7 NED 3 HOEKSTRA SJOERD 59,0 12 7 17 3 10 (dnf) 4 2 4
8 GBR 7 FIELD CHRIS 62,0 9 (dnf) 16 5 6 8 6 7 5
66,0 10 (14) 7 8 7 11 7 13 3
10 NED 95 WENTHOLT ROELAND 71,0 5 12 (23) 7 16 5 9 9 8
Full Results

Aug 29, 2009

iSharesCup 2009: Kiel Day 2

Photo: Tierry Martinez Sea&Co - Kiel City Team

Photo: Tierry Martinez Sea&Co - Mitch Booth is back to 'his' VX40 class

Photo: Tierry Martinez Sea&Co

Photo: Tierry Martinez Sea&Co

Photo: Tierry Martinez Sea&Co - Kiel City

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Points
Masirah 3 2 4 1 2 2 1 5 5 1 2 6 5 104
Gitana Extreme-Groupe LCF Rothschild 2 3 2 6 4 9 5 4 2 8 5 4 2 87
Groupama 4 1 6 4 6 3 2 9 1 9 3 2 7 86
Renaissance 5 4 1 3 1 5 DSQ 3 4 3 DNF 1 6 85
LUNA 6 10 5 2 3 8 7 8 3 4 1 8 3 75
iShares 10 5 7 5 5 4 4 2 7 5 DNF 5 8 65
BT 7 9 3 9 7 1 3 1 9 6 DNF 9 4 64
Holmatro 1 7 8 8 9 6 6 7 8 2 DNF 7 1 62
Wirsol - Kiel
6 10 7 8 7 8 6 6 7 4 3 9 50

Aug 26, 2009

Tornado Worlds 2009

One special Torando Worlds, as after 30 years the big T is out of the Olympic program. Being the fastest production beachcat, I think we'll still see good competition on Ts.
Although the F18 will relay the torch forward as the main player (on numbers and popularity) on the high performance circuit. I´m really out of words for the Tornado, already wrote some stuff posts ago. So besided being out, the playfield is still there, and the Tornado sailors would care less what isaf thinks, they will fly as always on their Ts and leave the logs for the Olympics regattas...
Tornado Class World Championships,
28th August – 4th September 2009


Photo: Jasper Van Staveren -
Your traditional H16 extreme pitch pole.
Check John Casey´s blog for full sequence

Hobie Laser...

Photo: Matias Capizzano
Top Laser sailor, Julio Alsogaray from Argentina, wearing the right jacket at the 'right' place, Laser Worlds in Nova Scotia, he is currently 5th. Possible caption: "I sail this log cause I have to, but I like cats better!"
Juio has been sailing F18 at home, also Tom Slingby had a good performance at last A-Class Worlds in Australia, a new trend coming?

UK F18 Nationals

Edited Report from Hugh Styles, no pics of the championship available--- Carnac Photo: Ingrid Abery
Nacra Infusion - Boskalis Team Styles and Van West win 2009 Formula 18 Nationals
Parkstone Yacht Club hosted the 2009 F18 nationals over th ree da ys th is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a great variety of sailing conditions and some excellent race management.
For the 2009 UK National Formula 18 class Champions Hugh Styles and Ferdinand Van West the event was another major championships win for them in their already successful 2009 season, which has included, winning Eurocat regatta in France, the Texel Dutch Open and 3rd at the F18 worlds.

This weekends event was sailed in Poole bay, and the fleet were treated to a whole hoast of conditions, with a very windy Friday through to a light and fickle wind in the last race today.
There was a good turn out of boats for the regatta 27 boats which included 2 entries from Ireland. Racing in Poole bay provided some good tactical sailing with a south to south south west wind for the Saturday and Sunday, but with some big pressure differences across the race track, and a lot of tide there were a great deal of shifts to take and opportunities to maek gains on the race track.

Saturday dawned with much less wind and a race to catch up from Fridays missed last race.
Sunday and around 9 knots for the start of race 7 and after a shifty first beat Styles emerged as the leader at the first mark and worked away on each leg to have a commanding win by the finish.
Styles wins thel UK F18 National championships with a race to spare. Race 9 was a lighter wind affair and without Styles, who used the last race as discard, it was John Payne who showed the fleet home with Grant Piggott chasing hard in second and third Toby Orpin.
Top 10 positions:

Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName R1
1st 1204 Hugh Styles Ferdinand Van West 3 1 3 2 2 1 1 1 (DNS) 14
2nd 1193 Grant Piggott Andrew Sinclair 2 5 5 4 4 2 6 (8) 2 30
3rd 887 Stuart Gummer Ellen Forshaw (RTD) 2 6 5 7 4 4 2 4 34
4th 1234 David White Jon Sweet (8) 8 1 1 6 8 3 3 7 37
5th 10 John Payne Mathew Hunt 13 ( RTD) 2 3 3 3 13 4 1 42
6th 47 Jon Worthington Seb Greber 2 RDG ( OCS) 7 6 8 6 2 7 5 43
7th 0 Toby Orpin Lewis Crawford 4 ( DNF) 8 7 1 10 5 6 3 44
8th 7 Adam Piggott Guy Fillmore 1 3 9 11 5 5 8 9 (12) 51
9th 3 Simon Northrop Robyn Ford 7 ( DNF) 10 8 12 7 9 5 9 67
10th 120 Tim Neal Bob Fry (14) 4 14 9 10 9 7 11 6 70

Aug 25, 2009

Italian F18 Championships photos

Nice down style trim 'a la' Bundock-Ashby

The Wildcat sits on her tale at good downwind speeds and start 'planing' , check other Wildcat pics at the blog for a similar stance
Vittorio Bissario and Cesari Lamberto, Italian F18 Champions 2009
I couldn´t find more pics on the official campionship website, so here you have some really good pics from them and the Hobie Wildcat flying

Italian F18 Championships: Video and "new" gadget

Bimare X4 with an old Shark cat style spray rail.
I was thinking of some kind of "wing" for the hulls too, I will post a sketch later.

Aug 24, 2009

Italian F18 Championships
Team Bissaro/Cesari won on a Hobie WildCat the Italian F18 Championships, in Lake Garda, ahead of 43 F18 sailors. Looking at the scores they totally dominated the regatta with a 3rd as worst results and 5 bullets. Second Raphael Sicouri, son of Pierre Sicouri father of the Italian F18 who passed away some months ago, with Lorenzo Riches on Capricorn and third Gianni Fantasia/Edward Canepa on Capricorn.
Top Ten of 43 F18s:

No Nome Pts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
13 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 3 (dnf (dnf
19 2 2 (ocs 1 2 (9) 5 1 4 2
26 7 3 1 2 3 2 (dnf (dnf 3 5
29 (5) 5 3 5 36 3 2 2 5 (dnf
51 (9) 7 4 (9) 7 7 9 6 7 4
52 (dnf (dnf 6 8 4 4 17 5 2 6
62 10 8 11 15 (dnf (dnf 7 4 6 1
80 6 10 7 (14) 11 (12) 11 12 12 11
100 (dnf 12 8 19 13 (21) 12 9 15 22

Full Results
Italian F18 Class

The 8.5m Class

Bob Fisher´s "Dirty Deeds" , one of the stylish cats ever seen

Grainger´s "IceBox" , designed specially for the 8.5m Class, check that "jockey" chair...
8.5mts lenght and a Box Rule for medium sized multihulls, this class has a good framework to grow World wide, born in New Zealand is a good step from beachcats, but not that expensive as bigger sportcruisers cats or VX-Formula 40 beasts.

The Concept: Originally based around the dimensions of the Malcolm Tennant designed Great Barrier Express the rule was developed to encourage the designing, building and racing of relatively affordable boats of a similar performance. The Open 8.5 Multihull Rule is a simple ‘box’ rule: as long as your boat fits within a box measuring 8.5 metres length over all x 6.5 metres max beam x 12.6 metres air-draft height (measured from the waterline to the top of the mast) then almost anything goes. To encourage robustness and the ability to compete in coastal races and possibly cruise there is a minimum weight and headroom requirement and boats need to be able to obtain a Cat 3 safety certificate.

Aug 23, 2009

Team Thule Winners of the Archipelago Raid 09

All photos: Thierry Martinez Sea&Co
"Swedish Team Thule with helmsman Martin Strandberg and crew Johan Örtendahl was first to cross the finishing line at Lidingö, Stockholm today at 14.22, becoming winners of the Archipelago Raid 2009. They kept a good lead all the way to the finish and managed to catch up with their main rivals in the overall standings. French Team Citus Proust/Motteau where close to their goal of being the first crew to repeat victory to win two Archipelago Raid competitions in a row. They have also had a tough competitor in British Team Audio Network Sunnucks/Farren, third overall that only lost their chances yesterday after some technical problems."

Aug 21, 2009

Flyer F18: Ahead of its time??

What happened to this design? Checking some design pics on my pc I found this of the german Flyer F18, pretty actual design, looking backwards now:
Modern look Wave piercer , High aspect ratio rudders and daggers
a nice set of Landys...
Ahead of its time for sure, an earlier exponent of the wave piercing concept on the F18 class with elevated rear beam and encapsulated frot one.
Andrew Landenberger used this boat at 2004 Worlds, he was 5th. That year was the Capricorn debut also and Greg finished 6th behind the Flyer, but both designs followed a different path.
After some research it seems that the Flyer lacked overall volume, all other features were right on the spot, you can take that design now just add the right volume, Infusion style, and you'll have a winner.
I´d like to see a new Flyer F18, their A-Class have evolved with more volume, the Ashby Flyer and the last Flyer S are good examples...

Archipelago Raid: Swedes lead the fleet

Photo: Thierry Martinez Sea&Co"Swedish Team Thule Strandberg/Örtendahl is increasing their lead doing 18 knots of boat speed in the strong southerly breeze. The wind has picked up since the start this morning and is averaging on 20 knots. Some boats have capsized due to the fairly rough conditions. Among them Team Audi Lewander/Thorslund and Team Blue Humphreys/Crawford that spent some time recuperating afterwards but then came back in the race. Team Mc Donald Huysman and team w4 also went on the nose. The fleet is now reduced with another two boats and 21 boats are now in the race. Conditions are again fantastic, good breeze, sunny and clear – what else could you ask for?"

Aug 20, 2009

Aug 19, 2009

Archipelago Raid: Strong winds halt sailing to Findland

Photos Thierry Martinez Sea&Co - New marketing move from Audi...I really don´t know how that main ended there..Above: Cold weather and some balls to sail in this tough 'Viking' Raid.
Parcial results, Eric Proust-Romain Motteau leading followed by the Raid 'Specialists' William Sunnucks and Simon Farren, 26 teams 'raiding'.

Team Score
Citus (Eric Proust/Romain Motteau) 107.5
Audio Network ( William Sunnucks/Simon Farren) 107
THULE (Martin Strandberg/Johan Örtendahl) 106.5
Team Garmin (John Bäck/Gustav Morin) 96.5
Hållsten-Torlen(Martin Hållsten/Kalle Torlen) 95
McDonalds - Huysman (Demesmaeker/ Pr 91
... 26 Teams!

Archipelago Raid Video

HQ Video of the 'Viking' Raid in the Scandinavian Islands. Nice footage of checkpoints procedures and smooth sailing on the F18s

Multihull Worlds Championships

UK Multhull Racing Association ask ISAF to provide a plan B, straight forward letter from Nick.
Dear petitioner
You may have seen the bad news in the press that last week the IOC decided not to grant sailing an 11th medal for the 2012 Olympic Games. This means that there will be no catamaran in the 2012 Olympic Games.
The ISAF press release can be found at
Despite this result we would like to thank you for your support over the last couple of years.
Following this bad news UKCRA have sent the following open letter to Goran Peterson at ISAF:

Mr. Goran Petersson
International Sailing Federation
Ariadne House
Town Quay
SO14 2AQ
United Kingdom
19th August 2009

Dear Mr. Petersson,
Thank you for lobbying the IOC for an 11th medal, so as to include multihulls in the 2012 Regatta at Weymouth. It is sad to read that your efforts have been turned down. The IOC said that the key positive factors for additional events included whether the changes would increase universality, gender equity and youth appeal, and in general add value to the Games, which an Open Multihull event would certainly do.
While there is a chance that this may change in 2016, that is seven years away - far longer than the horizons of both athletes and commerce. Therefore there is a clear need for some alternative pinnacle to our branch of the sport.
Your press release makes no mention of any contingency plan. If you have one, we ask you to publish it. If you do not have one, we ask you to take the lead by instructing your Multihull Commission to prepare plans for a World Multihull Championship in time for submissions to be made for your Annual Conference in November.
ISAF claims for itself the exclusive right to stage World Championships. With rights come responsibilities. We therefore ask you to exercise that responsibility, as you do for other branches of sailing, such as Match Racing and Team Racing.
Such an alternative platform for the sport’s best sailors to demonstrate their prowess and to show the world at large the wonderful spectacle that is multihull racing would have the full support of multihull sailors worldwide.
It should be an event with official ISAF backing that aims to approach the importance of the Olympics and therefore receive financial support from National Authorities. It should be separate from the championships of individual classes, organised at private initiative.
That would go some way to redress the perceived imbalance that is seen by thousands of passionate multihull sailors. Furthermore it would encourage young talent to remain faithful to multihull sailing so that, when multihulls return to the Olympic stage, the basis for an Olympics that truly represents the pinnacle of multihull sailing is already in place.
Yours truly

Nick Dewhirst

BOR90 - Sky High

Gilles Martin-Raget / BMWOracleracing

Gilles Martin-Raget / BMWOracleracing

All photos Gilles Martin-Raget / BMWOracle Racing

Archipelago Raid: Route change

Photos: Thierry Martinez Sea&CO  - 2009-08-19 10:20 
Due to weather conditions it's unfortunately not possible for the fleet to go North to Nago tonight. Too strong northerly winds are expected during the afternoon. They will go to Mariehamn instead. ...

Aug 18, 2009

Hobie Netherlands Championships

All pics: Jasper Van Staveren -
Some goods pics of the championship and of that really nice guy and Pro sailor, John Casey
Due to the quantity of Wildcats in NL they managed to make a one design fleet qualification for them.

BOR90-USA Tri Flying video

Archipelago Raid 1st leg Started

Photos: Thierry Martinez Sea&Co - The crossing of Ålands Sea has started! - The start of leg 2 went underway at 08.45 this morning. The fleet has started their crossing of Ålands Sea towards Ekerö from head quarter 1 at Arsläjan on Arholma. With a westerly breeze of 4 knots the teams got a light wind start. The wind will turn east during the day and therefore the fleet is headed directly towards Ekerö to sail the northerly route around Åland island towards Finland. A happy crew on board Team Audio Network British Sunnucks/Farren won leg 1.
Raid Website

Alinghi 5 at Genoa


First saltwater sail for Alinghi 5 The America’s Cup Defender sailed its giant catamaran, Alinghi 5, for the first time in the Mediterranean.Nice detail photo of hull deck, although at first glance I though it was a "tiny" bow, but it has pretty good volume for an eventual medium rough weather race.
But as mentioned they wanted a calm weather venue and they designed accordingly.
Firts BOR90 amas were not designed for RAK or similar flat water low winds location.

Aug 17, 2009

German Tornado Open 2009

Photos: NRV
Local crew takes the German Tornado Open
Roland Gäbler and Nahid Gäbler 2nd consecutive win with a good ten point lead.
Full Results

Aug 16, 2009

Tornado and Olympics: "Faster, Higher, Stronger" ?

The Olympic Motto adopted by Pierre de Coubertain for the modern Olympics games is crystal clear, "Faster, higher, stronger"( "Citius, Altius, Fortius") and it has been the drive behind the games for more than a hundreds years now.

Although some MNAs representing their sailing federations at ISAF vote councils still don´t get it....

This simple but nevertheless strong and motivating phrase gives a clear guide to all Olympic sportsman , officials, delegates and executives responsible for organizing the event that is the pinnacle of high performance activity in all included disciplines.

How come the fastest sailors and the ones more challenged in their ability to demonstrate sailing skills are left behind? How come the fastest boat of them all is not allowed to participate?
Multihull sailors don´t ask much, you had 10 medals, just reserve one spot to the highest performer.

This isaf fiasco was not a simple vote where the Tornado lost straight foward.
After two round of votes, there was a change on procedures, managed with obscures arrangements that finally end with the 'T' out of the list.
That´s why it hurts even more, no class can reclaim a permanent spot, that is clear, and there are several others wanting to be part of the games.
The Tornado class was not being that popular either, although it was the pinnacle of the sport, we have to recognize that there were not many fleets, and forming new ones with +50,000usd craft was not an easy task.
And for sure that was a factor that made some mnas to finally vote against the T.
But it wasn´t a fair and square vote either, that´s the key point.

So now the multihull community needs to join and plan ahead a solid strategy for 2016.
Which boat is not that important right now, we need to continue working within our local classes and we need to organize bigger Worlds every year.
The Formula 18 and their members are doing an amazing job, 180 boats at last Worlds, and next year we'll have 200 hundreds for sure at the 10th anniverasary of the class.
The Hobie and Nacra classes also should focus on their championships as they are a key part of the multihull racing worldwide.
The Tornado class will have tough days to come, so the heads of the multihull classes should get togehter and re think was should be done from now.
We have a more clear agenda, we are out, and that´s also an opportunity to do things better.

As wishfull thinking I would like to have F18, Tornado , Hobie and Nacra Worlds at Weymouth to stablish a strong position on our intention to get back where we belong.
Besides that, specifics approachs should be discussed to have a unified front to lobby and negotiate a comeback for 2016.
Multihull racing is stronger than ever with the F18, VX40s, A-Class, a growing F16, the Texel, Tybee and brand classes, now we also have the Americas Cup, so we still have a good inertia flowing.

Please remember the Olympic Motto : "FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER", although some choose not to follow what is the very first reason to have an Olympic game. Cause we all know the olympic Creed too: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."
We are ecouraged to "fight well", and that means direclty in sports activities and in administrative ones, as they are key to organize fair events.
So for what we are encouraged to "take part and fight well" ?? to be the fastest, highest and the strongest.

The Olympic creed was denied to multihull sailors after a not so 'good fight' on votes procedures, and the Olympic motto was not even considered, cause we all know who represents best the meaning of that great phrase within the saling world....

See you on 2016. Meanwhile Sail Fast, Sail High and Sail Stronger.