Jun 29, 2009

Banque Populaire Trimaran in NY

Close up of BP´s ama


Banque Populaire Tri is in New York for her Atalntic Record Attempt.

Julius Baer Trophy 2009: GP Romandie Act II

Photo: Team Foncia - Alain Gautier and Foncia wins again, Alinghi 1 with Bertarelli as helmsman leads the Julius Baer Ranking.
Alinghi is going to reveal their AC multihull soon, we are all expecting a D35 style catamaran to race against BOR trimaran(?)...
Big news to come these next weeks.
Meanshile Bertarelli continue to race the Julius Baer Trophy on D35s-

General Ranking Challenge Julius Baer www.challengejuliusbaer.com

1. SUI 1 Alinghi SUI1 5pts
2. SUI 5 Foncia 6pts
3. SUI 2 Okalys-Corum 6pts
4. SUI 3 Julius Baer 14pts
5. SUI 6 Alinghi SUI6 15pts
6. SUI 9 Smarthome 17pts
7. SUI 7 Zebra 7 FirstCaution 18pts
8. SUI 4 Zen Too 19pts
9. SUI 12 Banque Populaire 21pts
10. SUI 10 Ladycat 27pts
11. SUI 8 Romandie.com 33pts

Jun 25, 2009

F18 Worlds 2009: Charter boat available

For those who are still looking for a charter boat for the Worlds, there´s an AHPC Capricorn available for rent to race at the F18 Worlds in Belgium.
Please contact us for more info.

Jun 24, 2009

Ishares Cup 2009: Mitch replaces Darren on BT

© Thierry Martinez / Sea&Co / BT Team Ellen
From BT Website:
BT Extreme 40 regular driver, Darren Bundock, has been forced to step down for Round 2 of the iShares Cup in Hyères due to torn knee ligaments. Into the breach steps co-creator of the Extreme 40 Class, Mitch Booth, who will take the BT helm for this challenging round over the 3rd to 5th July.

Few have a sailing CV to match…
Twice named Australian Yachtsman of the Year, Mitch is a two-time Olympic medalist, winning Bronze at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and Silver at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996; he has participated in 64 World Championships and crowned World Champion ten times in the Tornado, Hobie and Formula 18 classes. Mitch is also a world record holder – sailing on Club Med and Playstation – as well as entering into the world of the America’s Cup as sailing manager in 1995. But what really excites the BT Extreme 40 team – who don’t have bad sailing CVs themselves (!) – is that Mitch co-created the Extreme 40 Class: “Mitch has been a key member within the initial design and conception of these boats so it will be great to have him in the Class again. He has in-depth knowledge of the reasons behind certain design elements that characterise the Extreme 40 so we feel very fortunate for the chance to ask the thousands of questions we have in our heads about how to get the best out of the boat,” commented Nick.

The origin of the Extreme 40 is the Olympic class catamaran, the Tornado. Mitch teamed up with fellow Tornado sailors Herbert Dercksen and Yves Loday in 2003 and ‘the rest as they say is history’. Yves Loday completed the Extreme 40 design and Dercksen’s company, Tornado Sport, began construction. Mitch and Dercksen jointly campaigned the Extreme 40 in the early days as the class gathered momentum.

For Darren, its time to rest up and head home for some medical treatment: “It’s a blow for the team but Darren’s health and well-being is obviously the biggest concern. Darren is irreplaceable when you consider the learning's we have made together over the past two years but Mitch is the absolute perfect solution to our predicament. We desperately need a good result in Hyères to maintain the chance of a good overall iShares Cup season performance. Mitch is the best guy we could possibly introduce into the unit to maintain our objectives,” concluded Nick.
After the opening round of the iShares Cup in Venice, BT is in 6th place in the overall iShares Cup standings for 2009.

Jun 22, 2009

Design: Wave Piercing Cruiser cat

Pete Melvin wants to apply experience gained with his wave piercing racing beach cats like the Infusion and A-Class models to cruising catamarans.
Although wp hulls are being used quite often in power ferry boats, large Trimarans amas like Groupama 3, Banque Populaire and others (but this ocean going sail multihulls have a traditional main center hull) this is the 1st time to my knowledge this technology is being applied to cruising catamarans.
Without bow reserve volume up this design aims to reduce pitch poling and provide a more pleasant ride, certainly volume distribution may change but you need volume there, in any shape or form you like, but is has to be present.

Wave piercing beachcats always lacked volume in front until the Infusion came to scene and this Pete Melvin design is now the top performer in the F18 class which sails under 21m2 spi and I´m haven´t heard any report about the Infusion suffering from pitch pole "illness" like some other wp F18s, quite contrary the Infusion seems to nail the right shape and volume distribution for the perfect F18.

Cruising catamarans needs also reserve volume, as they are large boat aimed to pleasure and safety sailing. So I would like to see some saling footage in the future of this design.
Remember wave piercing bows are not rake profiles, there´s a cross section distribution that is quite describable as a Tiger-Tornado bow "upside-down".

For more info check:

Jun 20, 2009

Round the Island Race: Oman´s VX40 take line honours over Aqua helmed by Russell Coutts

Photo: OnEdition
Flavia Bateson - 16:19 Saturday 20 Jun 2009

Oman Sail Masirah has led the fleet back to Cowes in the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race as well as taking line honours in the Extreme 40 class. It was a nail-biting finish, with a provisional 29 seconds separating the Omani boat from Russell Coutts helming Team Aqua. Pete Cumming, skipper of Oman Sail Masirah said:

"We were behind Team Aqua right up to Yarmouth but once round The Needles it was true champagne sailing. At St Catherine's we out-gybed Team Aqua and extended our lead to 22 minutes at Bembridge. We thought we might be able to cruise back to Cowes but then the wind started to go light. Once in the Solent it was even lighter and it shut down completely. We could see Team Aqua and Team Origin (Ben Ainslie) trying to short tack out of the tide. We decided to stick in the middle. It was a case of holding your nerve and covering Team Aqua. It's always good to have a close race but to go from a 22 minute lead down to a 29 second win, that's really something."

The winning team comprised Olympic 49er silver medallist Chris Draper on helm, Pete Cumming trimmer with Mark Bulkeley, Olympic Tornado sailor on mainsheet. David "Freddie" Carr and Khamis al Anbouri shared the bow.

Jun 18, 2009

Exploder F18 : The Polish Rocket

Photos: Paula Kopylowicz
Besides performing quite well in her debut at Carnac and Texel Round with a 7th and 11th in the raids against the top notch of the F18, now the Exploder has been dressed accordingly with some cool graphics!

Texel Short Tracks Portfolio

Some close-ups photos from Jasper Van Staveren Sailshoot.com

Jun 16, 2009

LodayWhite Shockwave F18

Photo: Gauthier Delannoy

Photo: Gauthier Delannoy

Photo: Gauthier Delannoy

Photo: Gauthier Delannoy

Photo: Gauthier Delannoy
All this great aereal pics are from Gauthier Delannoy at the French Formula 18 Nationals
Riders: Francoise Morvan and Mathieu Vandame

As many are hearing about the Shockwave after Rob Wilson and Marcus Lynch won the Texel, here you have more photos.
The concept is huge volume, Infusion style, but with even more height at front beam.
Should be a smooth, dry and easy ride.
North Sails has developed a good set of sails too, as results in Carnac, Dutch Open and Texel tell.
And of course Rob and Marcus are doing a great job racing her.
They are the underdog for next Worlds.

For more info check Swell Catamarans site:

Jun 14, 2009

Round Texel 2009

Photo: www.clairematches.com Rob Wilson/Marcus Lynch and their Shockwave Winners Round Texel

Photo: www.clairematches.com Will Sunucks M20 1st Elapsed

Photo: www.clairematches.com 1st Big win for Loday White Shockwave Rob and Marcus
Winnner Zwitserleven Week, Open I: Coen de Koning/Visser Infusion F18
Round Texel Line Honours: William Sunnucks/ Simon Farren M20 wide
Round Texel Overall Winners: Rob Wilson / Marcus Lynch Shockwave F18

So confirming preliminar results, UK teams Wilson-Lynch and Sunnuck-Farren take home the biggest ones of the Texel 2009. F18 2008 World Champion, Coen de Koning was crowned Champion of the Zwitserleven Week (F18 Mixed course racing against M20s and others)

Photos RoundTexel.com & Claire Matches www.clairematches.com
Text From Roundtexel.com

On Saturday 13 June, Team Boskalis De Koning/Visser won the Zwitserleven Sailing Week 2009 (overall Zwitserleven Open Dutch Championship). The duo managed to be in the lead of the fleet under variable circumstances, both during the sometimes windy Texel Dutch Open and the tactical Round Texel. The overall win of the Zwitserleven Round Texel goes to the British F18 team Wilson/Lynch in their new F18 Shockwave. Their compatriots William Sunnucks and Simon Farren received a warm welcome when they arrived at the sunny beach, after they were the first to cross the finish in their extra wide M20.

Some pics of the fleet racing - Dutch Open

Photo: www.clairematches.com Hoisting the spi, notice the low position of the spi clam, allowing him to remaing seated or on his knees, gaining balance. I tried that clam position and it is really comfortable.

Photo: www.clairematches.com

All Boskalis Team pic, the Infusions dominated fleet racing at the Dutch Open.
With 1st, 2nd and 4th, 3rd place for Wilson-Lynch Shockwave rounding an excellent week for the LodayWhite new baby. 1st Wildcat was Mitch Booth on 5th place.
Next big race for the F18s: 2009 Worlds in Belguim . Hope they end dialing the Wildcat to have even closer racing than Carnac.

Photos: www.clairematches.com Mourniac Wildcat style
Full results

Boldor 2009: Lack of winds force a 24hs race in Geneve

Ventilo M1 - 35 feet. - D35 Foncia wins after almost 20 hours of "sailing" as wind was "unavailable" at lake Geneva.
New Ventilo 35 Banque Gonet was 16th. But we missed the opportunity to see the real potential of the new Ventilo that was built to race and win against the D35s, next year we'll have also SYZ Foiler (we hope for) So not much to analyze, too poor conditions, and the longest Boldor ever. Alinghi 1 was 8th. First M2 in 6th place.


Pos Time R Sail Boat Helmsman Class
1 19:33:26 905 SUI 5 Foncia Gautier M1
2 19:34:34 909 SUI 9 Smart Home Michel M1
3 19:36:54 902 SUI 2 Okalys Grange M1
4 19:38:43 903 SUI 3 Julius Baer Cardis M1
5 19:46:29 1312 SUI 12 Banque Populaire BIDEGORRY M1
6 19:47:43 81 SUI 33 GSMN genolier DURR M2
7 19:53:44 796 SUI 20 Teamwork David M2
8 20:34:15 901 SUI 1 Alinghi 1 Bertarelli M1
9 20:34:33 927 SUI 7 Team Parmigiani Geiser/Vionnet M2

Jun 13, 2009

Round Texel 2009 - preliminar Results

Elapsed Time: 1st William Sunnuck - Farren M20

Corrected Time: Rob Wilson - Marcus Lynch F18 Loday-White Shockwave!

1st big victory for the Loday-White Shockwave F18, congrats to Rob, Marcus and the entire Swell Catamarans team

Also to the Thames Raiders team of Will Sunnucks, blue ribbon again, here they will receive some award! as in Carnac they left empty hands at the raid. Tight elapsed race against last year etime winner Xander Pols and his M20 with curved foils (adapted for 2009 Round)

Full Live results

Jun 12, 2009

Round Texel 2009 preview

Photo: Emmanuel Rey / Round Texel
Above:Sander de Boer crewing for "F18 rookie girl" (but 470 World Champ and Olympic sailor), Marcelien de Koning, they will be racing the F18 Worlds in a Tiger. Sander is CEO at Hobie NL.

Photo: Emmanuel Rey / Round Texel
Bundy and Ashby dialing the Wildcat for the Texel Round and for the Worlds.


Here comes Hugh.
Mr Styles is my bet along Mischa Heemskerk for the 2009 F18 World Championship.

Some pics of the Texel Dutch Open, course racing previous the Round Texel 2009 at Catland ...
I mean Holland
Photos: Rounde Texel and
- Emmanuel Rey: declicphotos (at) skynet.be
- Claire Matches: www.clairematches.com

Texel Dutch Open Results

William Sunnucks leading a mixed fleet with his M20
Followed by the Infusion fleet lead by Hugh Styles- 1st Wildcat is Mitch Booth at 4th
Mischa 15th
Check great videos and more images at Round Texel Site
Full Results

1 M20
86 (10) 3.0 2.0 6.0 1.0 9.0 2.0 23
1 F18 Styles, H 101 5.0 1.0 1.0 12.0 7.0 1.0 (ocs) 27
3 F18 Koning, C
101 2.0 4.0 (15) 10.0 8.0 12.0 1.0 37
4 F18 Macpherson 101 8.0 2.0 14.0 (14.5) 13.0 7.0 9.0 53
5 F18 Booth, M 101 9.0 19.0 17.0 8.0 ( bfd) 2.0 3.0 58
6 F18 Sach,
101 20.0 12.0 8.0 (21) 2.0 6.0 11.0 59
7 F18 Clainche
101 17.5 7.0 (22) 9.0 5.0 16.0 5.0 59
8 F18 Vaireaux,
101 12.0 5.0 7.0 22.0 ( dnc
11.0 10.0 67
9t Expldr Krizek,
96 13.0 10.0 11.0 1.0 12.0 (28) 24.0 71
10 F18 Mourniac
101 6.0 11.0 5.0 18.0 (bfd) 13.0 18.0 71

Jun 11, 2009

New F18 from Mattia

It seems spray rails are here to stay.
Check this brand new F18 from Mattia Italy.
Marco Radman will be racing at Belguim with one, so we'll have 4 new F18s making a Worlds debut at the RBSC: Loday-White Shockwave
, Exploder, Hobie Wildcat and the new Mattia F18
New Mattia F18

Designers: Enrico Contreas, Giorgio Provinciali, Roberto Prever.

By the Italian shipyard Mattia Italia a new F18. The project is the result of a thorough fluid dynamics analysis. The new hulls are characterized by Spray Rails and new balance between the volumes.

New Mattia F18 had the baptism in the last WE to Dervio. The crew remained very much impressed by the potential expressed by the new boat. Fast and very good maneuverability.

For more info www.mattiaitalia.it

Jun 7, 2009

Julius Baer Trophy 2009: Geneva-Rolle Sprint

Photo credit: Schmid Chris / EYEMAGE MEDIA

Alinghi teams continue to train hard for AC 33 match race in multihulls against BOR. We are all waiting to see their 90 monster cat? ... From Alinghi press:

--"Alinghi SUI1, helmed by Ernesto Bertarelli and Alinghi SUI6, helmed by Murray Jones fought their way onto the podium today in what were survival conditions on Lake Geneva. Gusts of up to 25knots made the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva race a two hour 23 minute sprint with Okalys-Corum, helmed by Loick Peyron, missing out on the record by just four minutes.

Pierre-Yves Jorand, mainsail trimmer on SUI1, gave some insight on a thrilling race: “Today there were two fights on the water: the first against the elements that were particularly crazy for a part of the race and the second between the Alinghi boats SUI1 and SUI6 and Okalys-Corum and Foncia respectively. It was an extraordinary day!” --"

www.alinghi.com www.challengejuliusbaer.com

A-Class European Championship Final Results

Bob Baier is crowned 2009 European A-Ckass champion over Steve Brewin for one point!
Landy and Mitch got a good recover and press hard and end 5 and 6th respectively.
Although Baier and Brewin had a good margin already before last regattas.
Organization only managed to run 7 regattas of the 9 programmed and only one discard was available.

Pos Hellsnman r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 Tot
1 Bob Baier [8] 2 1 1 5 1 4 14
2 Steven Brewin 3 1 2 [bfd 4 4 1 15
3 Sascha Wallmer 1 3 5 6 2 7 [8] 24
4 Chris Field 18 15 [22] 3 9 6 7 58
5 Andrew Landenberger 38 7 9 [bfd 6 2 3 65
6 Mitch Booth 19 6 6 [bfd 26 3 6 66
7 Roberto Casadei 10 [27] 8 14 3 15 16 66
8 VincenzoSorrentino 13 12 4 [20] 7 16 19 71
9 Georg Reutter 6 4 19 15 1 35 [dnf] 80
10 Helmut Stumhofer 36 13 3 9 [dsq 11 11 83

Full Results

Jun 5, 2009

A-Class European Championship Days 4-5

The great Mitch arguing with the rc boat on the BFD
I don´t want to be on those judges shoes... facing Booth, Brewin and Landy among others on the bfd. Check video

No regattas completed yesterday.
Today they only completed the 5th regatta. Bob Baier still in front, but with discards Steve Brewin is close to the top 2 (he has an 86th with a BFD)-

Full Results

Hobie NL - Wildcat Armada

Photo: John Casey
Hobie Holland is preparing their team Wildcats for next Worlds.
Here you have a good shot from John Casey as he prepares to receive his fully equiped and plotted latest F18 racing machine.
Check JC site for more


Jun 4, 2009

A-Class European Championship Day 2

Bob Baier wins 3rd and 4th and grabs overall lead.
Protests pending. Brewin, Booth and Landy with BFD

pos Flag
Hellsman R1 R2 R3 R4 Tot
1 GER 14 Bob Baier 8 2 1 1 12
2 SUI 218 Sascha Wallmer 1 3 5 6 15
3 AUS 902 Scott Anderson 7 10 10 8 35
4 GER 56 Georg Reutter 6 4 19 15 44
5 ITA 16 Michele Petrucci 4 20 17 5 46
6 SWE 22 Johnsson Pontus 17 11 7 11 46
7 ITA 78 Vincenzo Sorrentino 13 12 4 20 49
8 GBR 7 Chris Field 18 15 22 3 58
9 ITA 4 Teo Di Battista 9 17 20 12 58
10 ITA 12 Roberto Casadei 10 27 8 14 59

Full results
Event Website http://www.ycrhd.com/a-cat-em/

Jun 3, 2009

Raid Bleu 2009

All photos courtesy of Pierrick Contin
Check his site for more www.pierrickcontin.com

ang N° de voile
Concurrent Ecart sur 05h35'20''
1 FRA 88 ERUSSARD Victorien
2 FRA 004 BONTEMPS Gurvan
3 FRA 8 LAMOTTE Benjamin
AMIOT Benjamin
4 FRA 9715 VILLION Julien
6 FRA 910 MATHIEU Jean-Luc
GAUTIER Benjamin
7 FRA 3576 DELAITRE Alexis
8 FRA 171 GIRAULT Bruni
PALY Serge
9 FRA 5555 GUITARD Gilles
10 FRA 1968 GRESSET Martin
RIVOALEN Guillaume
11 AUS 10 THAREAU Philippe
12 FRA 303 LEVIONNOIS Vincent
13 FRA 125 LAPASSET Jerome
14 FRA 162 GUERY Jacques
HOUSSAIS Jean-Pierre
15 FRA 3553 BONNABESSE Anaïs
CARDIET Françoise
16 FRA 511 LEMESLIF Ronan
MACE Nicolas
16 ex FRA 35 MEURY Paul-André
VARRIN Endelvy

Fast Cat Race 2009 Results

M20 Rob Wilson and Marcus Lynch with Loday-White Shockwave wins FCR 2009 over Will Sunnucks-Simon Farrel M20 on corrected time.
The M20 real time was 4:14:31 and the Shockwave F18 time 4:51:42

1 F18 Shockwave Rob Wilson Marcus Lynch 1005 04:51:42 04:50:15
2 M20 Vampire Will Sunnucks Simon Farrel 836 04:14:31 05:04:27
3 F18 Infusion Grant Piggott Andrew Sinclair 1005 05:08:45 05:07:13
4 Tornado A young Rob Butterfield 935 04:47:24 05:07:23
5 F18 Shockwave Simon Northrop Robyn Ford 1005 05:09:53 05:08:20
6 Spitfire Alex Farr M Newbold 1043 05:27:14 05:13:45
7 Tornado Pete Jary Tim Roden 935 04:54:11 05:14:38
8 F18 H Wildcat Lukes yates Matt Humphyes 1005 05:22:02 05:20:26
9 F18 Nacra Coert Van Dam M Van Dam 1005 05:22:11 05:20:35
10 F18 Capicorn Stuart Gummer Chris Sproat 1005 05:24:16 05:22:39
11 F18 Nacra Adam Piggott Mike Windle 1005 05:39:22 05:37:41
12 F18 Capicorn Tim Neal Bob Fry 1005 05:40:02 05:38:20
13 F18 H Tiger Oli Northrop Jeremy Carter 1005 05:46:31 05:44:48
14 Spitfire Richard Golden Edward Hooper 1036 06:19:40 06:06:28
15 F18 H Tiger Ben Stubbs Robert Shaw 1005 06:09:20 06:07:30
16 F18 Nacra Steve Reeves Ian Parker 1005 06:12:57 06:11:06
17 Hurricane Richard Breese Patrick Okelly 1007 06:24:10 06:21:30

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