Apr 29, 2009

Shockwave F18: Hull closeup

Rob Wilson & Marcus Lynch on F18 Shockwave
There´s still not much info or pics about the Shockwave, Swell-catamarans site don´t even have pics of the boat. This one is from North Sails Europe and it shows a good view of hull sections and shape.

North One Design Europe
Swell Catamarans

Apr 28, 2009

Team Hobie NL at Carnac after 2nd Win

Mischa and Bastiaan arrives at Carnac

Cleaning hull with Harken Hullcoat

Pic: Jasper van Staveren / SailShoot.com

2nd Win for the Wc at home SpringCup. Looking forward for a 2nd win at Eurocat and a close pic of wc foils.

Mischa Heemskerk:
"Eurocats in Carnac, the first big event of the year with 150 Formula 18’s expected to compete.
We started our trip at 04:00 this morning and were happy to have arrived at 16:00. We are brought two boats on our
trailer so our college saillor brings the motorboat for our coach Remco Otten of Teamcontrol. Friday the racing will
start untill than we will be training to learn as much as possible about our new boat. We trained on sauturday and with
every hour on the boat we make progress so we are looking forward to make another 14 hours before racing starts on
Friday. The cool thing is that we will have our Hobiecat teams here to train whith and compare our settings."


Team Holmatro-Magic Marine F18

Photo:John Casey
Must be Caroljin Brouwer´s boat, as John Casey said: "sickest Wildcat"
I'll put those stickers for free on my F18!

John Casey
Worldwide blog
Team Homatro
Team Magic Marine

Tybee 500: Hardcore racing

Are you prepared to sail in +50knots winds, dismasting and fisnish your race??
This is the Tybee 500
May 11 - May 17

Apr 27, 2009

Ishares Cup 2009: Cammas training

Photo: Yvan Zedda
Arguably the most complete multihull skipper in the world right now.
Oracle 90
Groupama 3
F18 Worlds top 3 sailor in 2008
and now VX40 with his own team (last year he was on BOR VX40)

Mischa and the Wildcat pursuing the F18 title

Photo: © Jasper van Staveren/Sailshoot.com
Courtesy www.Clubracer.be

After a close call in Nigran last year racing a Hobie Tiger against Infusions and Capricorns, Mischa is tuning his new machine. This year he will not have any handicap with his boat.
recently beat an Infusions army at home (Ned) , although he already beat those Infusion with a Tiger in last nationals.

So momentum is still there for Mischa with a huge boost coming from his new boat.
He is right now number 1 candidate this year for the F18 World Championship.

Few days for the Eurocat, a good preview of things to come in at the Royal Belgian Sailing Club....

Apr 23, 2009

Alinghi: "We'll race on Multihulls" (!!!)

Both BOR and Alinghi released today statements after the meeting in Geneva.
Alinghi accepted the DoG challenge.
BOR says Alinghi rejected multi challenge option
I guess the Multihull race is finally confirmed.

Statement from BOR-Golden Gate Yatch Club:
..."GGYC’s clear and straight-forward proposals for a fully competitive,
conventional America’s Cup in monohulls were rejected by SNG, who insisted
on a regatta in large multihulls under the Deed of Gift (“DoG”)."...

Full ggyc statement

Statement from Alinghi :
Geneva, Switzerland - (2009-04-23)

At a meeting today in Geneva, the America's Cup defending yacht club, Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), confirmed that it accepts the Golden Gate Yacht Club's (GGYC) challenge for the 33rd America's Cup and informed representatives of the American yacht club that its team, Alinghi, will be ready to race their 90x90ft boat (as stated in the GGYC Notice of Challenge) in 2010.
SNG expressed its willingness for the challenger selection to be open to other teams and has encouraged GGYC to do so by offering them more time for teams to prepare if necessary. It was also stated that the SNG would be flexible and ready to discuss other terms of the 33rd America's Cup such as race format, venue or calendar.

From Alinghi press mail.

Apr 22, 2009

Carolijn training

Photo Pierrick Contin www.pierrickcontin.fr

Photo Pierrick Contin www.pierrickcontin.fr

Tornado Class President, Caroljin Brouwer will race as local in next F18 Worlds at Belguim.
She ´s being sailing F18 for a while now, but ISAF Tornado fiasco is forcing Olympic sailors to focus more on the F18, that is a commercial success and provides Pros with the highest level of competition.

I think Caroljin is training on Laser again to be able to particpate in London, that really s... going from Tornado to Laser again.... meanwhile she is sailing the new Hobie Wildcat preparing for next Worlds.

Hobie Wildcat 1st Win

Debut and 1s win for the Wildcat at Holland. Mischa now with his new boat showing at 1st opportunity that the Wildcat "at least" performs 1 on 1 with the Infusion. The Worlds will be the final showcase. The Nacra team was well represented too with close racing between the top trio: 9, 11, 13 points respectively.
Full results

Rank Nat HelmName CrewName Boat
1 NED Mischa Heemskerk Bastiaan Tentij hobie wildcat
2 NED Sascha Larsen Christa van Helden nacra infusion
3 NED Willem Geijssen Marja van Helden nacra infusion
4 NED Coen de Koning Thijs Visser nacra infusion
5 NED Coert van Dam Marius van Dam nacra infusion
6 GBR Grant Piggott Andrew Sinclair nacra infusion
7 NED Andrew McPherson Herbert Derksen nacra infusion
8 GBR Will Sunnucks Simon Farre nacra infusion
9 BEL Thierry Bosser Alain Gramme capricorn F18
10 NED Gerard Loos Pieter van Ruitenburg hobie Tiger
11 NED Jorgen Kerstens Arie van der Plas jr cirrus b1
12 NED Marcel Diks Frank de Waard nacra infusion
13 ITA Alessandro Vercio Johannes Albert Romkes capricorn F18
14 NED Thomas Groen Ad Noordzij capricorn F18
15 NED Alex Noordstrand Jan Mets Wiersma nacra infusion
16 NED Mathijn Elhors Peter Schouten hobie Tiger
17 NED Jos Lausberg Sander van der Kleij hobie Tiger
18 NED Hans Breur Roel Everaars capricorn F18
19 NED Elke Delnooz Mark Gering hobie Tiger
20 NED Kathelijn de Bruyne Diana Bogaards hobie Tiger

Eurocat 2009

F18 Racing debut of the Hobie Wildcat on a major Championship, as Misha just won the 1st one for Hobie past week.
The Loday-White Shockwave already won in her debut and in a UK classifier, but this is the 1st big challenge.
A good preview of next Worlds at Belguim.

30 April to 3 May 2009


Apr 20, 2009

Formula 16 on the Rise

The Viper F16 from AHPC is the selected boat for the Alter Cup 2009.
Greg's move towards the F16 has benefit the class with more exposure.
So good news and promotion for the F16 class in the US.

Alter Cup http://championships.ussailing.org/Adult/USMHChampionship.htm
Viper http://www.ahpc.com.au
F16 Class http://www.formula16.net

Apr 19, 2009

Hydroptere: New foiler design

On Wednesday during a press conference organized in Lausanne, on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), which is the scientific adviser of the project, Alain Thébault and a part of his team unveiled the drawings of l’Hydroptère.ch.
This new lab boat, whose building has already started in Brittany, will be a trial platform on a reduced scale for the future Hydroptère maxi.
From www.Hydroptere.ch

Major design analysis is that they are going from a Tri platform to a cat one.
With two main hulls supporting the foils and two hydrofoil style rudders.
Stability should be main issue here, and now the designers are seeking for a more stable platform with 4 working foils instead of 3 as the current Hydroptere has.
Interesting point is the central commanding pod, current boat has skipper seats on each amas arm.
Although 1st scaled prototype will have SYZ foiler style deck conf.

Apr 16, 2009

AC 33-Alinghi : "Ok guys, lets get back to our cats..."

Photo: @Carlo Borlenghi/Alinghi
Alinghi launched its recently modified Décision 35 today from the Alinghi boatyard in Villeneuve, Switzerland, by helicopter.
Alinghi Press.

As we wrote a year ago, Alinghi has more experience on cats than Oracle, now with the NY court ruling against them, Alinghi is almost forced to race the DoG in Multihulls, but there´s no info about their 90 feet? Tri being constructed in Villeneuve right now.

For them is bussiness as usual with their D35 and Juluis Baer annual trophy

Apr 15, 2009

What about the Infusion?

After almost one year of becoming F18 "world champ", a title that eluded Nacra for years in the class, Hobie has reacted quickly enough to put an end on a possible Infusion consecutive titles to match the Tiger´s run years ago.

But don´t count off your Infusion yet, a strong european team that was assembled to obtain the title in Nigran is still there, I don´t have info yet if Franck Cammas is going to participate this time, at least nothing in his calendar event for 2009 for the F18, he was 2nd on a Nacra and really close to take line honours.

This cat still has many lives, the Pete Melvin design has lots of competitive years left, remember it was Hobie that had to build a new boat due to Infusion sales and success, as Nacra has done with the Infusion itself to stop Hobie´s World Championships and match Capricorn´s performance.

This big league fight is the core engine of the F18 evolution, (although innovation always comes from custom builders like AHPC, Swell or Boulogne first, they have more margin to experiment) Now that Nacra and Hobie had played their cards, they are gonna stick with them for some years to come... until a new custom innovation from the sidelines emerges...

Crews always define who´s best, but this year the F1(8) "constructors championship" will be really interesting with this 4 main players:
- AHPC Capricorn
- Nacra Infusion
- Loday-White ShockWave
- Hobie Wildcat

Don´t miss the 2009 F18 Worlds at Belgium, we are going to see the most competitive F18 Worlds ever held.

Apr 14, 2009

More Hobie Wildcat Pictures...

John Casey is training in Holland with the Wildcats for the Tybee 500 with Misha´s Bulthaup boats, also John will be sailing on a Wildcat in next F18 Worlds in Belgium. Below JC training to be a crew with Carrie Howe, his Tybee skipper.

Misha checking his new toy, last year he almost manage to get the title with old and faitfull Tiger,
but now he will be sailing without handicap with the top notch F18 of the moment.

Thanks to John Casey for the pics! also http://www.sailshoot.com
Check John´s blog http://www.johncaseyworldwide.com/
He will be blogging Tybee and the Worlds for sure.

Apr 12, 2009

Masters 09: From Argentina with Pride

Angel Cabrera wins 2009 Masters.

Vamos gordo carajo!

Apr 10, 2009

AsterWind 18 - Pivoting platform and curved foils?

Not a 2009 development but still the only beachcat to my knowledge to have this mobile tramp/rig platform...


Apr 9, 2009

Hobie iCat Sailing vid

Why this cat is not build under the A-Class rules?
This would imply high tech carbon, but they are already offering as a "carbon" equiped racing cat...

Although It looks like an A-Class she doesn´t fit the box rule.
Mitch Booth sailing the iCat....

Apr 6, 2009

Mitch Booth training on the Hobie Wildcat

Besides they are jumping waves through, the Wildcat seems to have a bow up attitude or semi planning stance, look previous pics and current Spi one below...

From Diana Bogaards (Photos Pierrick Contin):

Team Zwitserleven Booth/Nieuwenhuis (NED) had the chance to test sail the new Hobie Wild Cat in preparation for the 2009 season. The Wild Cat is nearing completion after a long winter development program and is expected to debut in Carnac, France during the Eurocat regatta at the end of April. The new Hobie is a state of the art F18, created to race at the highest level in the ever-expanding Formula 18 class. Booth and Nieuwenhuis will contest Eurocat, Zwitserleven Race Week (including the Round Texel Race), Duc D'Albe and Formula 18 World Championships in Belgium.

Mitch Booth and Pim Nieuwenhuis were excited about the performance of the new machine and looking forward to the race season to kick off. Nieuwenhuis commented on returning to the beach: 'This boat feels great to sail and very responsive in the gusty conditions we had today." Booth added: "The helm on this boat is a dream and feels like you are gliding on ice. We have put the Wild Cat through some tough testing conditions and she has come out with full marks.'

The Wild Cat, designed by Hobie Cat Europe in conjunction with Martin Fischer (AUS), is along similar lines to the other current F18's with its wave piecing shape and reverse bow stem giving it a very distinctive look. The hulls are the most visible update for the new Hobie, but when looking closely every component has been developed to the latest and highest quality. The extreme high aspect centerboards and the super slick wing mast section just all add to the whole package of a great race boat, which is built by Hobie Cat Europe in Toulon/France.

The Hobie class has been involved with the Formula 18 since its beginning in the early 90's and with the Tiger class won 6 World titles. Now with the new Wild Cat, Hobie hopes to continue their record in what has become the most competitive beach cat class in the world today.

Multihulls and the Olympics

The Olympic catamaran question still remains open. Booth: "While we are waiting for a clear decision, the F18 circuit offers the best form of multihull racing to maintain the sailing skills at the highest level. There are lots of keen young sailors itching to have a go at Olympic racing on a multihull and hoping for its inclusion back into the 2012 games." As for Booth and Nieuwenhuis, there is still a burning desire to compete at the Olympics and they are ready to tackle the challenge of a new campaign for the London games.




SYZ foiler catamaran 1st Flight

Photo: Loris Von Siebenthal

Photo: Loris Von Siebenthal
The SYZ & CO hydrofoil catamaran has taken off !
Genève, 3 April 2009 – After two years of development and hard work, the SYZ & CO
hydrofoil catamaran took off yesterday for its maiden flight in a northerly breeze
averaging 13 knots on the slightly choppy waters of Lake Léman and has
demonstrated its striking manner the validity of its concept. The next weeks will
be devoted to tuning up in order to be ready for the main races of the season.
Photo: Loris Von Siebenthal

Apr 5, 2009

Shockwave F18 warming up

Too much talk about the Wildcat right now, justified though, but we'll have a 2nd brand new F18 at Belguim Worlds this year. The Loday/White Shockwave.
Watch out for them, hope they can get a good team of boats so we can verify the performance of the (till now) 'underground' F18.
My prediction is that the Shockwave will surprise many at the Worlds.

UK Worlds qualifying results at Datchet Cat Open:
1st Rob Wilson & Ed Barney (Shockwave/ North Sails)
2nd Hugh Styles & Greg Windle (Nacra/ Performance Sails)
3rd Sam Newton & Ben Newton (Tiger/ North Sails)

North Sails UK
Position Helm Crew Sail # R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Net Total
1st Rob Wilson Edward Barney 002 3 2 9 1 1 1 17 8
2nd Hugh Styles Greg Windle 1111 1 1 2 4 16 2 26 10
3rd Sam Newton Ben Newton 462 13 6 7 2 3 7 38 25
4th James Power Gillian Power 016 19 9 5 3 4 5 45 26
5th Simon Northrop Robyn Ford 15 6 11 3 11 8 4 43 32
6th William Sunnucks Simon Farren 747 2 8 13 8 15 3 49 34
7th Grant Piggott A Sinclair 876 15 4 12 6 7 6 50 35
8th Jonathan Worthington Seb Greber 47 4 12 6 9 5 19 55 36
9th Chris Field Oli Egan 11 5 10 1 14 13 9 52 38
10th Stuart Gummer Ellen Forshaw 9 9 15 4 5 12 11 56 41
11th David White Jon Sweet 794 16 7 14 10 2 10 59 43
12th Tim Neal Bob Fry 120 7 3 17 15 10 8 60 43
13th Dave Bartlett Mark Robinson 4 8 13 15 7 6 14 63 48
14th John Payne Mathew Hunt 844 11 16 11 13 8 12 71 55
15th Adam Piggott Luke Butler 7 10 5 8 19 19 19 80 61
16th John Tuckwell Tom Walker 1551 12 17 16 12 11 13 81 64
17th James Oleary Tom Oleary 539 14 18 19 16 14 15 96 77
18th Nathaniel Ward N Scheldecker 215 19 14 10 19 19 19 100 81



Apr 2, 2009

Alinghi accepted decision and will race BOR

Great news from Alinghi! We´ve already had enough court and paper work, lets sail those multihulls!

Valencia, Spain - (2009-04-02)

Statement from the Société Nautique de Genève, Defender of the 33rd America's Cup, regarding the New York Court of Appeals decision today:

“It has consistently been our view that the America's Cup should be fought on the water. Today through the American courts the Golden Gate Yacht Club has won the right to challenge the Société Nautique de Genève. We will now discuss the terms for the regatta with them and will prepare our defence of the 33rd America's Cup.”

Confirmed: Next Americas Cup on Multihull!

So for the 1st time, 2 multihulls will compete for the most ancient and prestigious sailing trohpy.
Just when ISAF leaves us without catamarans in the Olympics, the other pinnacle of the sport will use them as top notch sailing racing machines.

NYC Unanimous Decision (6-0):

"...Taken as a whole, we conclude that the settlor intended to link the annual regatta
requirement to the other eligibility requirements in that the
challenging yacht club has in the past and will continue in the
future "having" an annual regatta on the sea. Any other
interpretation would render the annual regatta requirement a

Crystal clear conclusion.

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