Jan 30, 2009

Formula 16: The Falcon

Brand new design from Vectorworks Sail. Until now they were building and commercializing a Phil Brander´s design, the Blade F16, in the US.
Recently tested at TradeWinds in FL, racing against other F16s and F18s too.

Invariably racing beach cats are converging to a common hull shape: Wave Piercing hulls with added volume, main difference from early wp designs that lacked bow volume and are prone to pitch-poling.
WP designs are reaching a stable and proved evolution point, the Falcon is a good example of that along the Infusion, GelTek MK II and the latest Hobie Wildcat, although this last one has gone a step further with an extremely raked bow, that to my opinion removes too much volume in front.
The perfect double handed WP shape is the evolution of the Capricorn/Blade with these 3 designs mentioned aboved.
We can say the Falcon design is the defacto wave piercing hull now a days.
The Blade was already a refined wp shape, It can´t get better than this.

From the matt McDonald form VW:

The Blade F16 is an awesome ride. Several of the top F18 and I20 drivers who have spent some time on them will attest to their incredible speed potential especially up wind. But, the boat off the wind in a blow, especially gusty conditions, and in short period steep waves can be a handful to handle.Taking some design queues from the highly refined A class boat hull shapes we made some of the following changes to the boat from what we are building with the Blade:

- Moved the rocker forward to smooth out the ride
- Carried the volume lower, especially in the mid and forward hull to help add dynamic lift and help the boat to plane at speed, as well as keep as much volume active as possible.
- Carried the volume forward in the bows to help with pitching resistance.
- Added additional depth to the hull
- Raised the beams to prevent slap
- Blended in the beams to add styling and help stiffen the platform.
- Rounded the gunnels
- Moved the forward beam back
- Moved the rear beam forward to add room for additional tiller arm length to help improve the helm feel.
- Added a foot step at the stern that is at an angle where it can actually be used.
- Narrowed up the transom to help prevent the hulls tripping in short period waves.
- Increased the forward triangle to fit a max size jib
- Lowered the bridal attachments to provide longer legs and less hull stress.
- Revised some of the rigging layout to make it cleaner and easier to adjust.

In addition to the styling and design refinements we have done some extensive laminate and process testing. Our new proprietary hull build process uses a denser and thicker core along with 5 different fabrics weights and styles that produces a larger and stiffer hull at the same weight as the Blades. (This boat weighed in at the same weight as the Blades, when the tooling and components are complete, we will be able to produce this platform at min class weight)

From Formula F16 Forum. More info about the Formula 16 at http://www.formula16.net/


Jan 29, 2009

Most radical stuff I ever saw: Wingsuit base jumping

Nothing to do with cats but... just watch from 1:30...

From "Seven Sunny Days" a Matchstick Production.

Jan 19, 2009


After 4 years of an initial personal project (an amateur F18 hull cad drawing) , a local class formed from scratch, several boats constructed, a 2nd radical 16 feet launched and many people sailing where there were no cats around we'll be launching the final step of the RC evolution (jaja) the RC F18 II, code name by now "The final Merge".

The final evolution of the RC 16 and F18 I developments.
- Full lenght rails
- Flat stern
- Channels
- Reserve volume
- Dagger and rudder modified Eppler foils
- Construction techniques

All proved and approved.
Influenced by all this designs, the Evolution Storyboard:

Jan 17, 2009

New Hobie F18:Wild Cat - Sailing vid

Same video at Hobie Europe: "http://www.hobie-cat.net/img/videos/wildcat_01.wmv"

New Hobie F18:Wild Cat - Bow rails in action

Hobie Wildcat (W...Cat) F18 Bow rails from a Hobie promotional sailing video:

This is how bow spray-rails works... reducing drag and wetted surface.
Compare with this closeup of the RC F18 (2005 design) bow without rails how water goes upside covering the hull:

And again the RC 16 with rails (July 2007 design):

RC 16 Flat Sections, Rails and Channels & LodayWhite Sockwave´s Stern rails:

I thought that the ShockWave would be the 1st to put all this together as they were pioneers in the rail concept, they´ve only used stern rails, also Fischer used only bow rails, removing the two inclined flat sections of the Capricorn with a more flat overall stern, VPLP style.

So here you have the final merge of the latest developments including flat sections, hard chines, stern rails and channels...Yet another F18:
RC F18 II - Jan 2009, to be routed soon:

Wildcat Posts Here

New Hobie F18: 1st sailing Pics

Nice looking boat.
I see Capricorn lines and Infusion volume.
Kudos to Hobie Europe and Martin Fischer for this new F18. The class is clearly the F1 of catamaran racing. Forget Tornado or A-Class, for sure superior boats due to technology, but the real "Cat Circus" is on the F18.

Pics from Hobie Europe.

Jan 13, 2009

Ishares Cup: Cammas-Groupama's team joins fulltime on 2009

image www.isharescup.com
Seems Oracle will have to conform theirselves only with James Spithill at the IsharesCup 2009 (if they participate of course) Cammas we'll be on a "Groupama" VX40 this season:

“I participated in two events in 2007 and 2008 aboard these 40 foot catamarans. They are really lively and very sensitive boats. We’re going to race in France, Germany,Holland, England and Switzerland. Tanguy Cariou will be in charge of putting together the crew and the training when I’m sailing on Groupama 3,” explained Franck. “I’d like to thank Groupama for fuelling our ambitions for the twelfth year in succession. Aside from Fleury Michon with Philippe Poupon, no other shipowner has given so much meaning to the word loyalty. I am very proud and all the more determined to succeed in 2009.”

Fracnck Cammas.

Jan 12, 2009

100ft Cruising Cat: "Biplane" rig

Grainger Raku 100Ft (30mts!)

What about this multi rig? I should ask Tony which are the key benefits...

Jan 9, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: The Untouchable

Sail-World.com -AUS ©

Glenn Ashby has right now a total domination of the A-Class, winning by minutes in some cases, he remains on top at the 2009 Worlds held in Lake Macquire Australia.
He is like Kelly Slater on the Pro Surfing circuit at this moment, the rest of the fleet is playing for 2nd place only.

Wonder what he can do as a skipper in F18 or Tornado, for sure he and Darren are the best T and F18 crew, they just missed Gold for a complete circle of championships.
But going separate ways may not be the best option, and Ashby holding the tiller extension on the A-Class is a nice escape from crewing F18 and Tornado with Darren.

Just wondering what Glenn can do by his own on these classes, but of course he´ll need someone with his or Darren´s experience, and that´s something really hard to find...

Read Glenn Ashby Interview by Rob Kothe on http://www.a-catworlds2009.org.au/

Sail-World.com /AUS ©

At Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club overlooking Lake Macquarie on the final day of the 2009 titles, the newly crowned A-Class Catamaran (A-Cat) World Champion Glenn Ashby was as modest as ever.
Ashby always wanted to sail catamarans. He can remember looking at A-Cats when he was eight years old and wanting to get his hands on one. 'I was going, wow, look at that! I’d love to sail one of those one day! When I was 18 I had the opportunity to get one myself and it went from there. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of sailing something that’s basically an extension of your body. You become part of the boat when you’re sailing (it) because they’re so efficient. I love it; it’s really good fun.
'I enjoy the freedom of sailing on your own. I’ve enjoyed sailing double-handed boats as well, but I think growing up sailing single-handed is where my initial sailing was. It’s like freestyle sailing.' The A-Cats are not made for big offshore conditions as much, but they do handle the big stuff, although it’s more difficult on the gear. The boats are light, stiff and strong and have a lot of water line length for their width.
Sailing in good, flat water with a solid, steady sea breeze on Lake Macquarie is ideal for the A-Cats. According to Ashby, the European sailors are having a fantastic time sailing here, and Ashby himself would love to sail on the Lake again.
'They are all having a ball. It’s a great spot for sailing; if you get into trouble you’re going to wash back onto the shore eventually. 'The fact that there are a few little shifts coming through that you can take advantage of, and the fact that you can tack and jibe regularly on the A-Class in comparison to the bigger multihulls – it really is ideal. 'You’re sailing the boats as fast as they’ll go upwind in the flat water, and downwind too. The infrastructure at the Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club is fantastic, and as far as a venue to hold a major regatta it’s (Lake Macquarie) excellent.'
'I’m planning to come back and learn to sail a Moth in 2011, if I can get here. It is a great spot and I don’t know how I’d go hiking, but it’s one of those great venues for any regatta.'
On the first day of the 2009 A-Cat Worlds, after racing was blown out and the day cancelled by the Committee, Ashby went out windsurfing with fellow Olympians, and local Lake Macquarie sailors, Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outteridge. With some gusts coming through at around 30 knots, Ashby commented 'That wind would have caused carnage on the A-Cats.’
Sailing the A-Cats is fantastic experience for other top Australian sailors. Ashby continued, ‘It’s great for sailors like James Spithill, Slingsby and Outteridge to step across into another class. Talking to all of them they’ve all learnt a huge amount out of sailing the A-Class catamarans, and the skills that they’ve learnt here they’ll take back across to their own disciplines; Nathan in the 49er, Tom in the Laser and James with the bigger multihulls.'
Ashby appreciates the manoeuvrability of the A-Cats and the ability of the sailor to make fast decisions; the boats tack extremely well. 'You can give yourself a few more options tactically than what you may have on a Tornado for example, which costs you a lot more in attack. I think the guys like Tom and Nathan and James are used to doing more tacks, which is why they’re doing really well. You can sail the A-Class very much like a dinghy,' Ashby said.
Slingsby, Outteridge and Spithill have all been talking about doing the A-Class regattas and the Worlds. Ashby hopes that his mates will be around for a long time in the class.
Ashby expressed his admiration for the performances of his fellow sailors, particularly Steve Brewin. 'Steve Brewin has come second overall. He has been one of the most consistent of the A-Class fleet over the last ten years. He’s grown up in a family of sailors and he’s one of Australia’s best catamaran sailors.
'To have someone like Steve in the class for the others to look up to is fantastic. He’s very good with all the European guys; he helped a lot of people out with coming over to Australia and that sort of thing. In return, they do the same thing for him when he goes over there. 'There are some top sailors amongst the Europeans who will provide challenges in 2010. Luc Du Bois (SUI) is certainly on the pace and Bob Baier (GER) who is relatively new to the A-Class, is a world-class hang glider pilot. Manolo (Spain’s Manuel Calavia), continues to impress; he has sailed Tornados and that experience shows.’
In the meantime, Glenn Ashby is the undisputed A-Class Catamaran king. by Rob Kothe

A Class Worlds 2009: Final results

Pl Sail No. Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 T
1 AUS 1 Glenn Ashby 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 dns 8
2 AUS 4 Steve Brewin 1 8 5 4 3 6 2 5 dns 26
3 AUS 24 Landenberger 13 7 6 3 10 21 3 2 4 35
4 ESP 11 Manuel Calavia 2 11 11 8 4 5 6 3 7 35
5 GER 14 Bob Baier 17 5 9 27 2 1 11 7 2 37
6 AUS 938 James Spithill 4 9 2 6 16 10 9 4 8 42
7 SUI 202 Luc Du Bois 8 2 7 23 9 4 8 8 5 42
8 AUS 902 Scott Anderson 23 6 3 2 5 9 5 17 15 45
9 AUS 908 Dave Brewer 6 10 4 10 6 3 32 11 9 48
10 AUS 10 Brad Collett 35 4 OCS 9 18 8 4 9 1 53
11 AUS 822 N Outteridge 11 16 10 7 8 13 16 12 11 72
12 DEN 1 Thomas Paasch 9 12 14 13 32 19 13 33 12 92
13 AUS 321 A Williams 24 15 24 11 11 11 14 15 19 96
14 AUS 832 Tom Slingsby 28 3 dnf 22 7 38 7 29 3 99
15 NZL 245 Mike Drummond 18 55 20 18 13 OCS 18 6 6 99
16 AUS 924 Ben Deed 7 23 22 5 37 15 12 23 28 107
17 AUS 13 Jack Benson 14 27 16 33 12 20 15 21 17 115
18 AUS 889 Graeme Parker 15 13 12 14 30 14 26 30 26 120
19 AUS 900 Wayne Mercer 12 20 15 49 15 26 31 24 10 122
20 GBR 007 Chris Field 10 24 8 30 36 32 21 16 18 127

Jan 8, 2009

Gel-tek MK II: Video

Add Spi for a complete fest. But wait, that´s "solo" F16...

A-Class Worlds: Results after 8th race

- Ashby has secured his 6th championship.
- Landy recovers a little late.
- ACup mini match: Spithill right there for the top three still in front of Alinghi´s Du Bois currently 6th.

Click table.

Jan 7, 2009

Gel-Tek Flyer MK II: Glenn's boat

Best looking A-Class in my view, with the right volume, protected front stays fittings and canted boards, equiped with an AsbhySails main she sails good enough to keep Glenn´s racing ryhtm as we are seeing at A-class Worlds being Held in Australia right now (today is lay day)

Flyer´s Equipment (From AshbySails):
  • Gel-Tek Double Kevlar Hulls
  • Clear painted carbon fibre beams
  • Fitted Fiberfoam mast
  • Fitted alloy boom
  • Standard rigging
  • 1×19 trapeze wires and traveler rope
  • Trampoline with rotation marks
  • Carbon foils and stocks
  • Alloy cross bar and extension
  • Mast rotation to the deck
  • Ronstan Fitout and traveller
  • Rear sheeting mainsheet system
  • Ashby Sails 2008 Model Pentex Radial Mainsail including battens and bag.
From US dealer surfcitycatamarans.com:
"Designed in Germany by Peter and Aicher Egnar and is manufactured in Australia by Todd Pickering of Gel-Tek Quality Composites.
Gel-Tek Quality Composites was founded in 2005 by Managing Director Todd Pickering. Todd has 18 years experience in specialized boat building, fiberglass manufacturing and composites construction. Todd was previously employed as the Production Manager and Foreman at Boyer Fiber Craft."

James Spithill on the MK II - Andrea Francolini ©

Ashby taking care of his babies...

US: www.surfcitycatamarans.com
AUS: www.ashbysails.com

Jan 6, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: Standings 6th Race

Skipper Sail No R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 T P Rank
Glenn Ashby AUS 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 6 1
Stefve Brewin AUS 4 1 8 5 4 3 6 19 2
Scott Anderson AUS 902 23 6 3 2 5 9 25 3
Dave Brewer AUS 908 6 10 4 10 6 3 29 4
Luc du Bois SUI 202 8 2 7 23 9 4 30 5
Manuel Calavia ESP 11 2 11 11 8 4 5 30 5
James Spithill AUS 938 4 9 2 6 16 10 31 7
Bob Baier GER 14 17 5 9 27 2 1 34 8
Andrew Landenberger AUS 24 13 7 6 3 10 21 39 9
Nathan Outerridge AUS 822 11 16 10 7 8 13 49 10
Thomas Paasch DEN 1 9 12 14 13 32 19 67 11
Graeme Parker AUS 889 15 13 12 14 30 14 68 12
Ben Deed AUS 924 7 23 22 5 37 15 72 13
Andrew Williams AUS 321 24 15 24 11 11 11 72 13
Brad Collet AUS 10 35 4 ocs 9 18 8 74 15
Murray Philpott NZL 1 16 14 18 20 17 25 85 16
Wayne Mercer AUS 900 12 20 15 49 15 26 88 17
Jack Benson AUS 13 14 27 16 33 12 20 89 18
Pieter J Dwarshuis NED 28 33 29 21 24 14 7 95 19
Tom Slingby AUS 832 28 3 dnf 22 7 38 98 20

Ashby dominates with 4 bullets , a 2nd and a 3rd.
The 6th World Title is on his way...

Andrea Francolini ©

Jan 5, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: Standings after 3 Races

Sail Race

Bow No Skipper Sail No R1 R2 R3 Ov Pos
1 Glenn Ashby AUS 1 2 1 1 4 1
53 James Spithill AUS 938 3 9 2 14 2
89 Luc Du Bois SUI 202 7 2 7 16 3
10 Dave Brewer AUS 908 5 10 4 19 4
35 Andrew Landenberger AUS 24 12 7 6 25 5
70 Bob Baier GER 14 16 5 9 30 6
2 Scott Anderson AUS 902 22 6 3 31 7
64 Thomas Paasch DEN 1 8 12 13 33 8
45 Nathan Outteridge AUS 822 10 16 10 36 9
47 Graeme Parker AUS 889 14 13 11 38 10
67 Chris Field GBR 7 9 24 8 41 11
42 Wayne Mercer AUS 900 11 20 14 45 12
83 Murray Philpott NZL 1 15 14 16 45 12
18 Ben Deed AUS 924 6 23 19 48 14
5 Jack Benson AUS 13 13 27 15 55 15

Jan 4, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: 1st day cancelled due to high winds

Sail-World.com -AUS ©
NO races on the 1st day of the A-Class Wolrds. 22knots Class limit rule denied denied starts as winds was blowing +25knots

Glenn Ashby:
'The more experienced guys could handle it no problems, but survival on the first day might have been a bit tricky. I think there were a lot of guys keen to sail, including myself, but at the end of the day I’m happy that most of the fleet has come back in one piece,’ he said.

Jan 3, 2009

A Class Worlds 2009: Laser boy on fire

2008 Laser World champ , Tom Slingby is getting good with two hulls it seems, beating experienced cat sailors at the Australian ACat Champ and now at he previous Worlds race, having himself little experience in top cat racing or even catasailing??

Tom claimed 2008 Laser Worlds in Australia just before the Olympics, he sure likes speed sailing as his best performance in Laser are done with high winds, in Quingdao Tom was lost in the calm and he ended with a poor final perfomance. Now he is redeeming himself of that calm weather at China.

The other major Laser contender at the Laser Worlds was Julio Alsogaray from Argentina, he finished second to Tom in Australia and he was short of winning an Olympic medal, he started with a bullet but he failed just before the medal race.

Julio already sailed F18 in Argentina, and he wants to have his own after the exprience, but now with Tom´s performance maybe we'll tell him that his main opponent is doing well at the A-Class Worlds and he should match Tom´s ability with cats!

Monohull top sailors are being attracted to multihull racing.... mmm watch out ISAF, in the future maybe all racing at the Olympics will be done in 10 different classes of MULTIHULLS...

Jan 2, 2009

Grainger Concept

For sure THE support boat to have on your 50ft cruising cat.
Not quite catsailing but I wrote some months ago that Tony Grainger definitely has a special gift regarding style lines and concepts...