Dec 31, 2008

A Class Australians - Overall Results

R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 Rc 5

Sail No. Place Place Place Place Place T Pt Rank
AUS 1 1 1 3 3 1 9 1 Glenn Ashby
AUS 4 3 5 12 1 4 25 2 Steve Brewin
AUS 24 4 6 22 6 2 40 3 A Landenberger
AUS 938 8 7 2 16 12 45 4 James Spithill
AUS 10 11 8 20 4 3 46 5 Brad Collett
AUS 902 20 3 7 12 9 51 6 Scott Anderson
AUS 889 6 13 10 14 11 54 7 Graeme Parker
AUS 832 9 14 24 2 7 56 8 Tom Slingsby
AUS 907 2 33 14 9 6 64 9 Dave McKenzie
ESP 11 5 9 38 5 15 72 10 Manuel Calavia
AUS 908 14 4 35 7 17 77 11 Dave Brewer

Landy always showing he is the best sailmaker and top 10 cat sailor in the World.
Almost clinched F18 title his year at Nigran, and now he is showing good form for this A-Class Worlds 2009 to be held in a few days.

Dave Brewer in good shape after being strucked by lightning !!

Dec 30, 2008

A Class Worlds 2009 - Lightning Start

From Rob Kothe, A Class Worlds Site:

Yesterday’s violent thunderstorm drove the A-Cat Nationals fleet from the water. Victorian sailor Dave Brewer suffered a severe electrical shock and was thrown to the ground when a lightning strike hit the water while he was holding onto the carbon fibre mast of his A-Cat, in the boat park.

Brewer spent the night in John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle. He recovered quickly last evening and was determined to be back on the race course today.

But he was still waiting for hospital medical clearance at 13:00, when racing was scheduled to start on the second day of the A-Cat Pre-Worlds event.

The weather gods were on Brewer's side, with two Postponements ashore, as the winds flicked from north west to south west and then to east.

The 36 year old Lazarus arrived at Belmont Sailing Club with his wife and three children soon after the postponement flag came down, and was greeted by a media scrum.

The family's effort enabled him to rig his boat and get it into the water. Brewer was the last boat to leave the boat park after promising 'he’d come in fast' if there was another thunderstorm.

When the race finally started in a five knot easterly, five times world champion Glenn Ashby was first to the top mark. In an amazing effort on the second rounding, Brewer by now fully charged, was second behind Ashby and ahead of 1984 Tornado Olympic bronze medallist Scott Anderson and another Australian gun, Queensland Brad Collett.

Ashby, who had won the first race in the series before the storm yesterday, again received the gun ahead of Germany’s Bob Baier. Anderson was third, then came Brewer, with Steve Brewin challenging but finishing fifth. Andrew Landerberger was sixth, James Spithill seventh and Tom Slingsby 14th.

Photography by /AUS ©
Above: BOR team star, James Spithill sailing cats to continue his training for an hipotetical Americas Cup match on the DOG 90 feet multihull. We are all still waiting for the New York court to finally resolve this "soap opera" between Larry and Ernie, grow up boys!

M2 Racing

Cat racing is alive besides ISAF leaving us without the Olympics, IShares Cup, F18 local and Worlds Championships, A-Class, Hobie Classes and many more, here you have one exclusive fleet for the swiss boys to play with their carbon tech toys.
- Wave piercing hull (like a escaled up Infusion-Capricorn)
- Rule Box but mostly Ventilo M2 (27 boats)
- 28 feet High Tech
- Carbon construction
- Crew of 4
- Competitive lake racing
- Heli rides ? to race courses?

This is the AM2 Safram Speed Tour in Switzerland:

Dec 29, 2008

Spray Rails: What?? who? where?

Too much talk about the new Hobie f18 "spray rails" as critical innovation, but many are aware that they´ve been around for a while a now. Main function is to redirect spray or wash outs waves that smash the hull when sailing at high speeds, also provides reserve volume depending on deck design.
Now Volvo 70´s also use them, some say they provide or generate additional lift.
Although is the 1st use in an wave piercing design to my knowledge, quite excellent decision as resolves also one of the main issues of the wave piercing design bows... lack of reserve volume.

Just a few examples:

Loday-White Spitfire (Dart 16 succesor)

Alinghi´s Decision 35

Racecat 16 - July 2007 - mould

Racecat 16 2008

Team Russia VO70 James Lloyd

Team Russia VO70 James Lloyd

Dec 22, 2008

Hydroptere: 61knots and huge crash with 35-38knots, gusts over 45

C.Levy Hydroptere
l'Hydroptère attained a spectacular speed peak of 61 knots this morning during her first run.
The wind conditions were very strong, with winds established at 35-38 knots and gusts of over 45 knots. The water surface was not as still as in the preceding days, which made sailing difficult and dangerous. The gust that permitted l'Hydroptère to attain this extraordinary speed, unfortunately also caused her to capsize.
"The gust of wind was very violent, l'Hydroptère was in full acceleration at over 61 knots, when she stopped and capsized," tells Alain Thébault briefly as he organizes the towing of the boat with his crew members, all who have come away with only slight injuries.
The trimaran will be towed to Fos sur Mer, as soon as conditions permit.

Dec 20, 2008

1st Argentinean F18 Nat Championship

Buenos Aires: View from the racing course.
All photos Gabriel Palmioli -

Dec 18, 2008

New F18 from Poland: The Exploder

A new F18 from Poland, the Exploder, is sailing for some months now, but just realized about their existence.
A Tornado project was left behind due to ISAF Multihull affaire, and the boatyard focus their efforts on a new F18. Castings, rudders and beams are Tonado direct heritage.
Huge volume and middle feeboard, nice covered front beam and a extrerme rocker at bow are trademarks of the Exploder F18.

Dec 9, 2008

F18: The new Hobie "W...CAT"

The "W...CAT" is the code name for this new Hobie F18:

Dec 8, 2008

F18 Design: Who is Martin Fischer?

Now that the beachcat community is mesmerized by the new Hobie F18, I tried to gather more info regarding her designer beyond being the Capricorn mastermind along with Greg Goodall of AHPC:

"Dr. Martin Fischer, Phd in fluid dynamics. Martin is a renowned expert in the field of high performance multihull design and the optimisation of
appendices. He has been a member of the design team for Groupama-2 and Groupama-3 and he was in charge of the development of the appendices for
the ORMA-60 trimaran Banque Populaire and the maxi trimaran Sodebo. Furthermore he designed the Capricorn, an innovative Formula-18 catamaran
that won the world championship in 2006"

As published by TLB Architecture Navale for Martin´s work on the TLB 40.

New Hobie F18: 1st hull pictures

Deep spray rails that add top bow volume, front beam "protection"... same stuff we described from the renders. Basically is an update of the AHPC Capricorn that was also designed by Martin Fischer.
Some years ago J Valer was the 1st defacto designer of the F18 boats with the Alado, then the Tiger and others, many have took those earlier designs as the perfect F18 shape, and the "Tiger look" was adopted by other constructors.
But now the one boat setting the pace for the 21 century is the wave piercing style of the Cap, a truly pioneer of the new wave of beachcats designs with "reverse bows" profiles and volume distribution.
The Nacra Infusion was a real evolution of the Cap, with quite different volumes setups, but this new Hobie F18 is not that far from Fischer´s design on the Cap. So now Hobie has return favors to all their style boats succesors and has made one of his own, hiring a reknown designer that has worked for the competition.

This is the evolution standard of the F18 cats: Progress and modifications over the latest and most innovative proven new designs that separates what´s old from what´s hot at a given time. Today the Tiger style is "out" although she can still perform like the best, but customer doesn´t care about good old performers, we all want the latest hot stuff on the shelve, and today the new Hobie F18 is the most wanted new "candy ".

Can´t understand though why the new Loday-White F18 didn´t feature their registered trademark "spray rails" leaving that "innovation" to Hobie, cause everyone is talking about those now! good move for Fischer and Hobie Cat.
I must point that these rails are no fancy addition, they have a real and specific