Oct 24, 2008

F18: The New Formula 18 from Loday-White

2009 season in Europe and USA is going to bring us some new toys.
New F18 from Hobie and one already sailing: The Loday-White brand new F18.

Builders of the now "ancient" Dart Hawk and more modern SpitFire, the talented pair are now providing an alternative to the Infusion and Capricorn.
Square shapes, lots of volume and stern rails, but no bow ones like the Spitfire or the new Hobie.
Rails are trend now, just look at VOR boats bows...

But Swell catamarans are pioneers on this subject with their Dart 16 and Spitfire designs.
Another cat that has full hull lenght rails our own RC 16 (more later)

Oct 22, 2008

F18: The New Formula 18 from Hobie

Some months ago we've reviewed the best and latest F18 desings on the market.
The Nacra Infusion was the newest and most advanced F18 to date, now is like 3 years old design though.
The number one cat company (Hobie) had took notice of the change of guard from Tiger to Infusions and Capricorns.
Gathering some of the best talents out there Hobie has developed a new F18, a wave piercing with bow rails included!

This is the new Hobie Formula F18 front view/bow.
Clearly a wave priercing vertical volume distribution and slim bow.

Next: Loday White F18

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