May 31, 2008

JP Morgan Asset Management team leads iSharescup

Day 2 of the iShares Cup in Lugano belonged to Shirley Robertson, and her crew on JPMorgan Asset Management. The British skipper, the only female racing in the circuit, took three wins in a row on the second day of racing, and has now won five out of the seven races so far. Robertson has built a comfortable advantage over the other eight boats including America’s Cup teams Alinghi and TEAMORIGIN, 2007 iShares Cup defending champions.

Double Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson's experience clearly showed on a day when she beat the best of the America's Cup and some top Olympic catamaran sailors, but she credited her crew member Chris Main for getting to grips with the conditions of the day, saying: “My tactician has nerves of steel!”

Oman Sail was the surprise, the recently assembled team are currently third behind JP Morgan and Team Origin. Alinghi is now 8th after their capsize and 2 DNS.

Alinghi capsize racing iSharescup!

May 27, 2008

iShares Cup gets 10th entry from Oman

Alinghi and BMWOracle cat fight is good news for catsailing circuits like iShares and its VX 40s.
Having some of the best sailors in the world like Russell Coutts training or Ed Baird racing these powerfull cats attracts spectators, fans and money for those catamaran events like iShares (Ex Volvo Extreme 40).

I think Paul Cayard and Russell are quite happy with the future of their WSL on 70' cats..

This brand new Extreme 40 team is backed by the Sultanate of Oman as part of a larger project to promote the country as a world-class sailing destination. The crew will begin the series made up of international pro sailors, but with an increasing presence of Omani nationals as the campaign progresses.

May 26, 2008

Alinghi VX 40 Onboard with Ed Baird - Hold tight to that tiller extension...

Just look at Ed Baird fighting the rudders! (frame at 1:21secs..)

Alinghi's current racing catamarans: Decision 35

Alinghi and Ernesto Bertarelli are no strangers to the cat world, so EB is not caught off guard with DOG 90x90 Muthull-

In fact they have more experience than BOR. At home EB has a One Design catamaran circuit already stablished based on the Decision 35 design.

Decision 35 Catamaran
Year 2004
Length :10,81
Width : 6,89
Mast: 20m
Weight :1200 kg
Materials :Carbon/Nomex
Construction :Prepreg in moulds

The construction stage by stage

May 25, 2008

Alinghi wins the Open de Rolle - Julius Baer Challenge

Winning the Open de Rolle today puts Alinghi at the top of the Julius Baer Challenge leaderboard with six events left on the Décision 35 race calendar. Conditions were very light on the lake for the two-day event forcing a postponement on Sunday, but nevertheless the wind filled in and the fleet managed to get three races in. 

Alinghi is ahead with rival boats Okalys and Foncia hot on its heels going into ‘Geneva-Rolle-Geneva’ – event three of the series – on 7 June.

Team Okalys with crew spread all over the tramp

Results Open de Rolle:
SUI1 Alinghi 1 (7) 1 6 1 4 - - 13 1
SUI2 Okalys 7 6 3 1 (10) 3 - - 20 4
SUI3 Julius Baer 3 4 4 7 (7) 2 - - 20 5

May 21, 2008

BMWOracle: Boat capsizes in exciting day two racing

During BMW ORACLE Racing’s in-house regatta in their two Extreme 40 catamarans today, one of the boats capsized during an exciting downwind luffing match.
While no one was hurt during the capsize, team CEO/Skipper Russell Coutts (NZL) sustained a minor injury while the crew were attempting to right the boat. His leg was cut, and required nine stitches.

The other crew on board with Coutts were helmsman Franck Cammas (FRA), Jonathan Macbeth (NZL) and Alberto Barovier (ITA). There were no other injuries.

During the retrieval of the catamaran, the mast broke. The boat and mast were towed back to the team base for repairs. The team was race training off Valencia in 17-20 knots of wind.

The King is dead, long live the king... (II)

Last time we analyzed how the Tornado is being left behind as the top notch catamaran class.
The F18 is slowly gaining terrain and becoming THE performance cat class.

Now at the F18 itself we have a change of guard. The old and trusty Hobie Tiger has been outdated by his most fierce competitor in the cat industry, Nacra and their F18 Infusion.
Two different concepts, 10 years apart.
Here you have both cats, 1st the new paradigm, the Infusion, and below the retiring King (not so fast someone could tell... lets check July Words in Spain) , the Tiger.

Take a look at the volume distribution and of course bow design

Between those two we have a real revolution icon for the F18, the Capricorn from Australia High Performance Catamarans (AHPC). Not having the same resources as Nacra in Europe and USA the Capricorn is less publicized but this pioneer of wave piercing hull (in the F18 world) , is still holding on, and for sure is the predecessor of the Infusion... Morelli&Melvin for sure studied this design while drawing the Infusion...

May 18, 2008

Tybee 500

I rather be surfing.... Crunch wave at Daytona beach Tybee500 finish.

May 17, 2008

Alinghi TV

iShares Cup training - Alinghi dominates

alinghi.comWhite and Black Day in Valencia16 May 2008It was a White and Black day in Valencia today as the two Alinghi Extreme 40s dominated training during the prologue training to the iShares Cup.

Training on the Extreme 40 Alinghi White in Valencia during iShares Cup training session, May 2008.Sabine Albers

Five races were laid and five races were won by Alinghi White, with Alinghi Black taking the second spot each time and the Dutch boat Holmatro in third place in all bar one race.Each course took the boats three times around the top mark, similiar to the longer courses that will be set in the iShares Cup series and the conditions were perfect for Extreme 40 sailing."It really is different to have 5 boats on the line, and all around the course, than it is with our two in-house," commented Alinghi White skipper Ed Baird, who will be taking his Extreme 40 on the road this summer for the iShares Cup. "It's really great to be in the middle of people who know how to do this and have done it for years, and to see what they think, how they react and get around the course.

Our team had a good day and I put a lot of that responsibility on to the guys in front of me on the boat. It is incredible how important the teamwork is when the boats go this fast and the thought process has be this quick."

Desing: VX 40 Catamaran

The VX 40 (see header photo) is the new star of the sailing world.
Although the boat and class had some exposure with the Volvo Extreme 40 circuit, the boat´s biggest success has been the adoption as a training vessel for BMWOracle Racing and Alinghi.

Essentially a scaled beach cat concept, a huge Tornado with Yves Lode style lines that resembles his Dart F18 and Spitfire boats, built by Tornado guru Goran Marstrom and manage by Tornado Sport company owned by Herbert Deckesen and Mitch Booth.
Photographer: Gilles Martin-Raget

Some data from the builder:

Aircraft and Formula 1 production technology
The boat is produced in an Autoclave from Carbon Fiber and Nomex core. This technology is normally reserved for aircraft construction or F1 car racing with limited use in yacht mast construction. Basically the Autoclave is a pressurised oven that allows a much greater vacuum on the laminate and then baked at 120 deg c produces the ultimate high strength light weight structure.
The Volvo Extreme 40 will be the largest boat ever built in Autoclave and will set the new standard in mid size multihull construction.
Boat SpecLength (LOA): 40ft (12.19m)
Beam: 26ft (7.92m)
Displacement: 1250kg
Mast height: 62ft (18.89m)
Mainsail: 75msq (upwind and downwind sailing)
Jib: 25msq (upwind sailing)
Gennaker: 78msq (downwind sailing)
Top speed: 40 knots
Boat Designers, Builders and Suppliers:
Designer: Yves Loday, in collaboration with Mitch Booth and Herbert Dercksen
Builders: TornadoSport

Suppliers: North Sails, Holmatro, Harken, Maffioli, Marstrom , Heol composites

For us the VX40 represents the chance to show the "slow guys" what sailing is all about... speed and fun.
Welcome to the multihull revolution.... I mean everyone´s invited, ISAF just didn't´t open the invitation though...

May 16, 2008

Tornado - The King is dead, long live the King

With the final confirmation of the boat types for 2012 (not the final classes) , the Tornado ends and era of domination.

The T is still the best performance cat out there, but if you can´t get more than 6 Ts in a US Championship, there´s something wrong with the class.
Is impossible to have MNA´s to vote in favor of a Multihull event when the class in their home countries does not exist.

So besides ISAF declaring itself a monohull organization the multihull community and specially the ITA has to take responsability too.
If ISAF doesn´t like us, having an elite of 40 guys sailing the Olympic cat will not help at all.
So now the recently created IMC International Multihull Council must work to reisntate the multihull for 2016. And even though the T remains untouched, we need a more popular boat.

We need an F18, or the F18 class itself, but we all know that´s a dream as ISAF requires monotype onedesign boats (read at least with same hull design)
The F18 is most popular performance cat class, continous growth and exiting competition with several T stars participating in each Worlds.

Last T World in New Zealand got together 40 Ts, to have a fair comparison due to the location, we can say that last F18 World in Australia joined 80 boats.
Now with the F18 Worlds in Spain in July the organization already has 160 particpants confirmed! There you have your performance and popular multihull of choice.

F18s can provide same show, close T performance and of course more people involved.
The problem is ISAF would probably choose only one brand, so which one will be the next Olympic Multihull ?? The Tiger? Infusion? mmmmm

Next we´ll analyze top F18 boats...

May 13, 2008

Multihulls from Down&Under

We already mentioned VPLP as one of the best multis designers, they are big leagues.
But what about more down to earth projects than Hydroptere or an Americas Cup 90x90 monster?

Several designers out there are well known in the multihull and sailboat community. But of them all my favorite is Tony Grainger from Australia.
Stylish lines above all and several options from cruising to racing projects covering 26 to 60 feet range, including Trimarans.

Most stylish cruising and sport cats ou there. Here you have Tony´s trademark cockpit side window and hull lines in a concept style drawing:

When you see these lines in a cat, you are looking at a Grainger Design.
More on Grainger review soon...

Tybee 500 Race in FL

Marleys White finishing at Jupiter Beach

What are these guys doing with that finish line so close to shore????
Good receipe for braking this guy's 4 foils...

Long distance race annualy held in Florida more on:

Reader's view about Cahn's order

It seems to me that the Judge's ruling can be interpreted to give the following options:

1) Race in Valencia. But to comply with the AC deed, this must be by no later than the end of October

2) Race by March. But to comply with the AC deed, this must occur in the southern hemisphere.

Alinghi can take their pick of one or the other but not both to race in Valencia and by as late as March 2009.

I think this is true. Although several BOR fans are crying out loud, JC has give us a "Salomonian decision": 'If you guys really want to race , in Valencia and end with this litigation asap, you have your choice to close this in October..' (Date BOR was expecting)

The only thing is why JC thinks going South reduce Alinghi´s advantage gained with new time frame...
I can´t wait to see those 90x90 multis match racing... anywhere but asap!

May 12, 2008

BMWOracle's view ...

Judge orders date and venue for America’s Cup match
Valencia, Spain, 12 May 2008: Today the New York State Supreme Court issued an order that the next America’s Cup match should take place in March next year, ten months from now, and that the Defender should disclose the venue six months prior to that.
"We are pleased that the Court has advanced the process and required the Defender to confirm the venue," Golden Gate Yacht Club spokesman Tom Ehman said.
"We will now be considering the order to determine our next steps."

Alinghi's view of Cahn´s decision


Justice Cahn rules in favour of Alinghi for a 2009 America’s Cup Match
Justice Cahn from the New York Supreme Court today ruled in favour of the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) – represented by Alinghi, Defender of the America’s Cup – ordering the Deed of Gift Match brought by the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) to be raced in 2009.

Lucien Masmejan, lead counsel for the SNG, comments: “We are pleased that Justice Cahn has issued this order and recognised within his decision that it was the actions of the GGYC that brought the America’s Cup to court and that depriving SNG of the 10-month notice period mandated by the Deed of Gift would be inequitable.

“This 10-month notice period should commence when there is a final decision regarding the propriety of the GGYC challenge and fully taking into account the Northern Hemisphere window as indicated in the Deed of Gift. This means that the Match cannot take place before May 2009.

“Several issues still remain unresolved. Among these, the GGYC certificate is critical, as it is unclear and contradictory. Since GGYC refuses to provide us with the information required in the Deed of Gift, we are forced to continue with the legal procedures that GGYC started by bringing the America’s Cup to court."

AC 33 - Ten months from now

Justice Cahn ruled today.
Alinghi has 10 months from now to build their DOG boat.
So the Swiss team must be really satisfied with this outcome.

Not that much for BOR and GGYC. Hope BOR doesn´t appeal, although some contradictions are found regarding venues and dates.

More later...

Who is VPLP???

VPLP. Marc Van Peteghem - Vincent Lauriot Prevost
We are going to see a lot of these guys...
Their highest exposure was achieved these days when BMWOracle Racing officialy presented them as key designers for their DOG match multihull.
Vincent Lauriot Prevost, Marc Van Peteghem, Russell Coutts, Mike Drummond, Michel Kermarec Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget
To have a preview of VPLP, I can tell you that some months ago while I was researching for the newest cat designs I always ended my searchs with this 4 letters at the designer´s page.
Two of the most beautiful mid size cats (judging from my design taste) are Light SpeedBoats cat and the SIG 45. Along with some designs I´ve seen from Sebastien Magnen nothing comes close to a racing-cruising midsize cat. Although Seb cat have more futuristics lines.

If you talk big leagues then VPLP has designed "The Hydroptere", several ORMA 60 Trimarans and lately the 70 foot cats Russell Coutts and Paul Cayard will be skipping at the 2009 World Sailing League:

WSL 70 foot cat/Tri by VPLP.

More on VPLP coming soon...

iShares Cup 2008 - David & Golliath

The BT VX 40 (skipper Nick Moloney) going drag racing with BT Open 60 team and Ellen's Mc Arthur F18 .

Full speed for the F18, look at Ellen´s tracks!

iShares Cup 2008

Two Extreme 40 teams have been revealing their new looks for the 2008 iShares Cup, with new boats hitting the water and new branding unveiled for the first time.British America's Cup challengers TEAMORIGIN have launched their Extreme 40 for the first time. Sailing on the Solent on the South Coast of England, the TEAMORIGIN crew had no need to hold back onboard their catamaran — brothers Rob and Peter Greenhalgh won last year's iShares Cup circuit overall, and soon had their new patriotic blue and red Extreme 40 flying her hulls.

British America's Cup challengers TEAMORIGIN unveil their Extreme 40 Ian Roman/TeamOrigin

May 11, 2008

Multihulls and ISAF, now what?

After the ISAF closed last door, the multihull community will continue lobbying, and now directly with the IOC.
There´s a case that could be base for a firm argument for multis: canoeing once were left behind by rowing so Canoe and kayaks ask IOC to be included as a separate sport.

The recently created "Inernational Multihull Council" will lead the way.
A battle was lost, but the fight continues...

ISAF has confirmed itself as a "Monohull only" federation, no question about that now.

May 10, 2008

The multihull is gone from 2012.

*From Andy Rice Blog´s

Multihull sailors will be disappointed that after a tense meeting of ISAF Council in Qingdao today, there is no change from the decision made in Estoril last November. There was a glimmer of hope after the first vote, when a majority of the 38 Council voting members opted to reject the initial proposal by the Executive Committee. To remind you, the proposal was:

“That Council reaffirm their decision on the 2012 Olympic Events made in November2007 by a simple majority vote.”

Of the 38 votes, 17 voted in favour, 1 abstained, and 20 voted to reject this decision to reaffirm the Estoril decision. So, on to the next stage.
2012 Olympic Events
Amendment to the Constitution
A submission from the Executive Committee

“Should Council vote not to reaffirm the decision, two separate votes will then follow:
1. Should the selected events for the Men be changed – A majority of two thirdswill be required to effect any change as per Regulation 16.1.3 (a).
2. Should the selected events for the Women be changed – A majority of twothirds will be required to effect any change as per Regulation 16.1.3 (a).”

On the Men’s Events, a majority of 21 voted in favour of change compared with 17 against change. However, the mandate for change required another 5 votes in favour to achieve the two thirds majority. That didn’t happen, so the multihull is gone from 2012.

On the Women’s Events, just 16 voted in favour compared with 21 against and 1 abstention. So not even a majority in favour of change. Not much demand for a women’s skiff according to this vote, while women’s match racing looks set for inclusion in Weymouth.

Not what SailJuice wanted to see, but what’s done is done. There is no coming back from this decision. The multihull community must now focus on reinstatement for 2016.

May 9, 2008

ISAF on Multihull fait

ISAF Will decide at Mid Year meetig in Qingdao to re open or not November decision on 10 boat types for London 2012.
Hope they'll make the right decision...

Grand Prix Chopard - Alinghi 2nd

Okalys won the Grand Prix Chopard 2008-05-05
After three days of races, Okalys won the Grand Prix Chopard.
Here is the final ranking :
1) Okalys
2) Alinghi
3) Foncia
4) Cadence
5) Ladycat
6) Zen Too
7) Smarthome
8) Zebra 7
9) Julius Baer

more info

May 7, 2008

2008 F18 Worlds

To be sailed in Nigran, Galicia,Spain, from 5 to 11 July 2008.
Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby will defend their 2007 title? Current Tornado World Champs are busy training for Beijing...

149 Entries to date.

May 6, 2008

Alinghi training sessions with their own 41' cat

George Johns/Alinghi

BMW Oracle Racing is building the DOG 90x90 Trimaran (?)

BOR Spokeman Tom Ehman showed the world how BOR is building Larry's own cat...

May 5, 2008

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