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Jan 22, 2018

F18, New "Decksweeper" Jib & integrated Snuffer system by Windrush

Photos Windrush/1D & Darren Flanagan.  New snuffer system developed & built by Brett Burvill/Ryan Duffield at Windrush Edge, Marton Balasz from 1D sails also collaborated.
Max Puttnam from NextGen Sailmakers also developed a jib for his Edge.

Now It is legal? Before jumping to conclusions we must read the rules first.
If this "retrieval system" above has the Alu bowsprit attached to the main beam , then there is nothing in the rules that prevent it, after reading F18 Class docs. Specifically point F.5 that can be read below.

As there is no other definition, size or specification on how the the snuffer sock/ring should as far as you don't use carbon, which is not the case here.

Update reminder by Sany Roka I forgot to see /address:
C.10.3 JIB
(a) USE
(1) The sail shall be set on the forestay.
(2) The tack point shall not be fixed below the apex of the bridle wire.

- Windrush / 1D Platform: The info I have is what Brett did was to lower the 4mm cable bridles and will use dyneema to additional support above, like the ones we use currently to secure or get a firmer bowsprit setup.
So regarding bridles the jib setup is not breaking the rules neither if using only a set of steel 4x19 bridles. using two sets of cable bridles it is illegal without a doubt.

- NexGen Sailmaker Edge platform does features two pairs of cable bridles, one 4mm Class legal and other 3mm (the upper one), this initial setup I might say it is  illegal.   Info on the second platform sent by Darren Flanagan: James Clark and Max Puttman - Max is the owner of NextGen Sailmakers, (featured Jib on the second image above)  The snuffer is made by Windrush Yachts WA and is the brain child of Brett Burvill

- Dyneema support lines: For those with doubts about using dyneema, check Darren Flanagan's C2 bowsprit above. The bowsprit is attached to the bridles, and also to the hulls with dyneema/spectra ropes, providing a support system that can also help to support the stay, in fact if you trim that system with enough tension the cable bridles will become slack.
Basically the lateral bowpsrit dyneema support lines together with the vertical dyneema holding the bowsprit and giving the prebend , conforms a system  acting as lower or additional bridles.

Is this new system efficient and worth it? Really don't know, we will find out before (if banned somehow) or after the Australian F18 Nats coming days.

F18 Class Rules excerpt:
(a) The bowsprit shall be on the longitudinal centreline of the boat.
(b) The bowsprit shall be attached to the front beam.
(a) The bowsprit shall be made of aluminium of constant section.
(a) The bowsprit may be fitted with a spinnaker retrieval system. This system shall not be of carbon fibre on boats certified after 1 January 2007.
(1) Attachment points to hulls.
(1) Adjustment fittings.
(2) Wind indicator(s).
(a) The length of the bowsprit shall not exceed the distance from the centre of the front beam to a vertical line touching the most forward part of the hull plus 800 mm, with the bowsprit measured when horizontal.

Jan 21, 2018

Martinique Cataraid 2018: Day 1

Pib by Pierrick Contin / 2017 edition. No photos of the day yet. below press release sent by the org translated from French. Official web : www.martiniquecataraid.com
Martinique Cata Raid 2018, 1st stage: The Robert - La Trinité
Winds of 15 to 18 knots for the this first stage, which was held in perfect conditions. However, passing the peninsula of Caravelle posed problems to some competitors causing several capsizes.

After a great start at the end of the line,  Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE took the lead. At the first mark, at the exit of the Baie du Robert they still led, followed by the Swiss crew Andreas Lutz and Raymond Schlatter, and the double winner of the Cata Raid 2016 and 2017, Emmanuel Boulogne, equipped for this edition by his brother Vincent Boulogne.

After the passage of the point marked by a strong swell, the competitors descended in a long run under spinnaker to Sainte Marie, before returning to La Trinité.

The winners of the day:
Q: You are participating for the first time in Martinique Cata Raid, what do you think of this first stage?
A: Orion and Charles: We came for that, battle, wind, sun, beautiful sailing conditions and concurrency, everything is there!

Q: What made the difference today?
A: Orion and Charles: We had a good start, but after the first mark, we were caught by the Swiss and Boulogne brothers on the open course. We hugged the tip of the Caravelle, then we went very quickly under spinnaker to Sainte Marie, with a road a little more slaughtered, which led us directly on the buoy, a bit in the judgment because without GPS!

Top 5 Form 18
1 MARTIN Orion, GATE Charles
2 BOULOGNE Emmanuel, BOULOGNE Vincent
3 LUTZ Andréa, SCHLATTER Raymond
6 GILLET Nicolas, POIX Nicolas

Formula 16
1 KIEFFER Bérangère, IVALDI, Franck

 Monday, January 22, stage of La Trinité to the Preacher, departure scheduled at 10h05
To know more www.martiniquecataraid.com

A-Class, Reaching 25knots @Punta del Este 2018

Nice sequence sent by Ian Rodger from Punta del Este. Ian is sailing the Dna F1 vs Mehl on former Brewin's D3.

Punta del Este is a great place to sail. One of the first F18 we made was delivery nearby in Punta Ballena, (Solanas beach). In the future we might held some South American or international event.
Meanwhile the Arg A-Cat crews are going for it reaching 25knots in yesterday's session. Ian on the F1 could maintain pace with the D# when is rather flat, more waves and the Exploders seem to have an edge.
Something DNA has acknowledge from Sopot , as it is vox populi they are working on new foils.

Still the F1s, with foils from 2014 are fast as the latest D3 as seen in sequence above.

Jan 18, 2018

Hong Kong-London Record attempt : Maserati crossed the Starting Line

Photo , maps & text by maserati.soldini.it/
GPS Tracking: maserati.soldini.it/cartography/
Record to beat: Gitana 13 -   41D 21hs 26mins 34secs
"Maserati Multi70 has left today
Hong Kong crossing the starting line positioned between the Tai Long Pai and Nga Ying Pal lights, at the exit of the Tathoong canal, at 10: 43′ 24” UTC (18:43 in China, 11:43 in Italy).

To beat the record Giovanni Soldini and the crew of the trimaran – Guido Broggi, Oliver Herrera Perez, Alex Pella and Sébastien Audigane – have to complete the course and cross the finish line under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge over the Thames before the 1st of March at 8: 9′ 47” UTC.

Complete report at maserati.soldini

GC32: Código Rojo Racing training @Punta del Este

Photo: Código Rojo Racing Team -  The Argentinean GC32 team has been training since November 2017 in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Aside being summer in the Southern Hemi, sailing near home is the only way to gather the team and prepare themselves for the 2018 GC Racing Tour season.  This year will mark their 2nd season on the tour, although in 2017 they only participated in Garda & Palma.

GC32 Racing Tour 2018 Schedule:
23 – 27 May: GC32 Class Championship / Riva del Garda, Italy
26 – 30 June: GC32 Villasimius Cup / Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy
31 July – 4 August: 37 Copa del Rey MAPFRE/ Palma de Mallorca, Spain
12 – 16 September: TBA
10 – 14 October: TBA

More info on the Tour at www.gc32racingtour.com

Jan 17, 2018

MV680: Coastal Rowing Concept

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay, Australia: Notice of Race

Photo: 2018 Worlds web www.sailherveybay.com.au. The  2018 A-Class worlds will be held at Hevey Bay , Australia and hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club.

Sunday 11th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Registration & Welcome Function
Monday 12th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 1
Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 2
Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 3
Thursday 15th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 4
The Pre-Worlds race days may constitute a regatta for the Australian National

Complete Notice or Race below, official web: www.sailherveybay.com.au

International A Class Catamaran World
Championship 2018

11th to 24th November 2018, Hervey Bay, Australia
The Organising Authority will be Sail Hervey Bay Inc. in conjunction with the
International A Division Catamaran Assn (IACA) under the authority of
Australian Sailing (AS).

Hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club located at 427 Charlton Esplanade, Torquay,
Queensland 4655, Australia

[DP] denotes a rule for which the penalty is at the discretion of the Jury. This changes RRS 64.1.

Jan 16, 2018

Nacra 17, 2018 Miami Skiff Midwinter Regatta: Lange & Carranza 1st

Photo: Santi Lange fb. - Pre event for Miami WC 2018. Santi  Lange (aka "Super Nono" or "Grandpa Juice" a la Ginobili..) & Ceci Carranza won over Ben Saxton & Katie Dabson after 8 races. 3rd overall for 2016 Bronze medalist Thomas Zajac now sailing with Barbara Matz.  The complete Rio podium was present, with Waterhouse & Darmanin finishing in 4th place.

Good to see Grandpa performing in foiling mode, a real challenge for him and Ceci against experienced cat foiling helms like Zajac & Waterhouse.
Lange-Carranza trained here in Buenos Aires along  Arg youth promises Majdaleni-Bosco, but sadly I have some building cat work pending and couldn't go out with the kids as planned.

Bora Gulari & Helena Scutt back into racing, some good results but two dns & a dnf put them back. This event is preparation for coming major regatta Miami WC to be held January 21-28.

Full results below. Event web data here

Jan 15, 2018

Jules Verne Trophy record attempt: Spindrift II dismasted

Photos: Spindrift Racing. - Spindrift II was on code Green for an imminent start. Bad news for Spindrift II on their wave to start a new Jules Verne Record attempt. The team just reported in their Twitter account about the dismast, gladly seems no injuries for the crews, more info when available.

Spindrift Racing : "FLASH: At 4pm Spindrift dismasted between Pt St Matthieu & Camaret as they were making their way to the TJV start Everyone onboard is safe."

Update II by Spindrift Racing web:  "Yann Guichard, skipper of the Maxi Spindrift 2 says: "The crew is safe and sound. Everything happened so fast. The mast fell to the leeward of the boat. The conditions were not so extreme. It's too early to know exactly what happened. We had to drop the rigging to save the boat and prepare it for towing. Operations are currently underway to recover it.”

Foiling Regatta 2018 @Punta del Este

Jan 14, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix Training footage

Source: SuperFoiler Grand Prix : "Two on the water together and a cheeky foil gybe.
Euroflex crew: Nathan Outteridge, Glenn Ashby, Iain Jensen
The Dark Horse: Phil Robertson Stewart Dodson James Wierzbowski"

Nacra 15: Australian Youth Championships 2018: Day 3

Jan 11, 2018

Nacra 17 quality vid: Rietman-White training in Australia

Excellent clip of Tayla Rietman and Lachlan White filmed by Hartnett Media & Sailing Shack .
Follow Rietman-White campaign at Rietman White Sailing

To support their efforts towards Tokyo 2020:
"If you would like to support us we have joined the Australian Sports Foundation! Any donation, whatever size, will make a difference! Each donation over $2 is tax deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation.
#joinourteam https://asf.org.au/donate/tayla-rietman/

Forward Sailing
OTB Marine

Jan 10, 2018

Sailing the Beagle Channel

C-Class: Rafale II by ETS

Rafale II is the new C-Class cat built by the students at ETS. Check project background first launched in 2015 here.  Below info sent by ETS on the Rafale II
Rafale Catamaran Class-C team
"For the next month, the team will be focused on the Foiling Week that will be held in Miami from the February 15th to 18th. The boat will be tested on water and the team will present its work during the event. The Foiling Week will be the perfect event to gain experience and to represent you in front of the nautical industry of tomorrow and composite players. More updates will come during the event.

Rafale II Cocktail.
It was a great pleasure to receive our partners at the Rafale II Cocktail on December 1st.
During the cocktail, the team exposed its work and was able to explain the design and manufacturing.

Jan 9, 2018

Maserati continues preparations for the Hong Kong - London record

Images by Solidini.it - Maserati , a modified MOD70 continues their record route chase. Now they will attempt the Hong Kong - London record. The team is "... getting ready for the record, we’re finishing painting the sails and assembling the kitchen." More images of the preparations here.  Record data below by maserati.soldini.it
A new record to beat for Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi70 Team: after claiming the records for the United States’ “Gold Route” from New York to San Francisco and the “Tea Clipper Trade Route” between San Francisco and Shanghai, China, the latest record attempt follows the route of the clipper ships that at the end of the 19th Century transported their cargoes of tea from Hong Kong to London via the Cape of Good Hope.

The current record time, set in 2008 by Frenchman Lionel Lemonchois and his eight-man crew aboard the 100-foot catamaran Gitana 13, is 41 days, 21 hours, 26 minutes and 34 seconds.

Giovanni Soldini aims to attempt the record breaking run in January 2018 aboard the Maserati Multi70 trimaran along with four expert ocean racing sailors : Sébastien Audigane (FRA), Guido Broggi (ITA), Oliver Herrera (ESP) and Alex Pella (ESP).

13,000 miles, 24,000 kilometres non-stop: this is an uncommonly long route for a 70-foot multihull such as Maserati Multi70. To minimise the risk of damage, instead of sailing in foiling mode the boat will be set up in MOD configuration – although the work to develop the boat’s foiling dagger boards continues with the support of the eminent high-performance yacht designer, Guillaume Verdier.

After undergoing a series of sea trials in Hawaii, Maserati Multi70 will set off at the end of November for Okinawa, Japan. After a final transfer to Hong Kong, Soldini and his crew will be on standby to depart on the record attempt the beginning of January 2018.

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 halts code Green & returns to Port

Spindrift 2 was ready for an imminent departure to break the Jules Verne Trophy. Francis Joyon & IDEC are the current record holders.  Photo & source Spindrift Racing www.spindrift-racing.com/news:
SPINDRIFT RACING RETURNS TO PORT "Yann Guichard has made the decision to return to Brest following analysis of this evening's weather files. The weather window, which mobilized Yann Guichard and his eleven crew to leave Brest at 1800h did not materialized as expected.

“The weather window has deteriorated. This evening’s files give us an unacceptable time to the Equator and the Cape of Good Hope, it is too much of a risk for a window that was far from ideal in the first place. We have made the decision to return immediately to Brest as there is potentially a more favourable window from the evening of the 12th and we will watch carefully how it evolves. We should arrive back in Brest at about 0100h on Tuesday."

The team remains fully committed to achieving their goal of the Jules Verne Trophy but must now wait a few days before going back to sea

Jan 8, 2018

New 53' Cruiser Cat by Minuet-Calabrese / Sistemas Marinos

A-Class 2018 Europeans @Warnemunde: Entries limited to 100

Start photo: German Nats 2017 at Garda by Martina Orsini. 2nd pic, Europeans 2018 venue. - IACA has defined the slots per National Association for the 2018 Europeans. Attendance will be limited to 100 entries this time.
The Europeans 2018 will be held at Warnemunde, Germany , July 7-14 .

Check IACA's web for more details: a-cat.org
Allocations by Country below are based on members by National Association.
On devels we might see new stuff from DNA & Scheurer.

Warnemunde Europeans 2018 official web : a-cat.eu/
Registrations will be made through your local NA.

Euro 2018 / Warnemünde / German/ Contingent allocation per country:

Petrucci Design S9: New OD Class Rules defined

Photo: Martina Orsini / The Foiling Week.
The S9 designed & built by Michele Petrucci has now its own One Design Class. Although the platform was launched as a recreational foiler, Michele plus some owners started racing in Italy last seasons, mainly at the Foiling Week.
Seeking to formalize S9 OD racing a new Class has been formed.
The official racing rig will be include the new jib upgrade.
Vincenzo Sorrentino will lead the Class as President and some races already scheduled for 2018:

Cesenatico Vele di Pasqua 31-2 April , Colico Como lake 2-3 June Foiling week Garda lake Pescara south Italy 28-29 September Bracciano lake with A cat fleet

Official S9 & Class web www.s9catamaran.com
Fb: here

S9 Class Rules pdf available here & embedded below.

Jan 7, 2018

Nacra 17: Gulari-Scutt back on track

Photo: US Sailing Team / Will Ricketson. After Bora's accident last year , it is quite nice to see him keeping the Olympic campaign alive with Helena Scutt and charging as he promised just after he was injured.

His foiling experience was an asset for the new Nacra 17 MKII Class, Bora & Helena started early to  push the limits with some smooth foiling gybes and we were expecting upwind flight devels fom them too.
With both flying again we hope for them to continue pursuing more performance gains, which will result in raising the overall level of the new Olympic foiling Multi.

Bora also continues to speed up to 30knots on his Moth. Check a 360 onboard video at Gulari-Scutt Team fb.

Jan 5, 2018

F18 DS main sail handling vid by 'Flat Out Sailing' Team

Take a lap. #goodalldesign #yourworldoftravel #decksweeper
Posted by Flat Out Sailing
Video by Australian  Flat Out Sailing Team. F18 Australians Nats will be held January 23-27 2018. Super competitive fleet expected and plenty Decksweeper mainsails from Goodall, Brewin , 1D and others.

For those who haven't sailed a DS yet and wonder on the handling , check nice video above to show how  tacks & gybes are achieved with a DS mainsail. Platform  Goodall C2/DS.

Jan 3, 2018

Short Film by ROAM: "Lines to Hawaii"

LINES TO HAWAII from ROAM Media on Vimeo.

In the past we said  sailing needs more short films like those produced by the Surfing community. Many more aspect to reflect and film. For ie , surfing is just a small piece of this Short, thus the great opportunities our sport brings to get more quality pieces like this one above by ROAM Media.

Cruising cat is a Morrelli & Melvin designed Gunboat 48, impressive how that 48 cruises from Tahiti to Hawaii.

Short film also available in facebook. Direct ROAM Fb link here.

Jan 2, 2018

A-Class Australian Nats 2018: Glenn Ashby 1st

Video courtesy of Jenni Dickson - Photos by Gavin Rietman / Forward WIP Australia. Check their fb page for addtional videos from the week.

Final three races held today at Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club. Glenn Ashby got his skills back at the end of the regatta to win the event with 3 more consecutive bullets. Brewin had a great performance with 5 first places for him, and only the last day he got a 5th & 7th that put out his chances for the title . Need to confirm today's winds conditions.

Third place for Stephen Brayshaw , who finished 1pt ahead Nathan Outteridge. 4th overall for David Brewer & 5th for Brad Collet. Top 4 Exploder D3 , Brad on Dna F1.

The Australian fleet gathered 50 boats on the start line, showing the good health of the Class locally and the success of having both foiling & floating fleets racing together. Pity indeed the lack of photos for such massive event.

Top ten results below, complete results here

Place Bow No Sail No Skipper Sers Score R12 R11 R10 R9 R8 R7 R6 R5 R4 R3 R2 R1
1 1 AUS111 Glen Ashby 16 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 [3.0] 2
2 4 AUS4 Steve Brewin 25 2 [7. 5 2 1 3 1 1 6 2 1 1
3 25 AUS25 Stephen Brayshaw 48 3 4 2 4 5 6 10 3 3 [ocs] 5 3
4 11 AUS11 Nathan Outteridge 49 5 2 7 3 3 2 7 5 7 [18.0 4 4
5 21 AUS1035 David Brewer 65 4 8 3 7 10 7 4 4 5 [10.0 6 7
6 10 AUS10 Brad Collett 66.3 7 7.3V 8 6 8 5 3 6 1 [21.0 9 6
7 47 NZL270 Dave Shaw 82 9 14 [14.] 8 6 8 8 9 9 4 2 5
8 41 AUS41 Matt Homan 90 [13] 12 11 9 7 9 5 12 4 6 7 8
9 14 AUS14 Adam Beattie 105 6 6 4 5 4 4 6 7 8 3 ocs [dnf
10 50 AUS1050 Stuart Scott 125 8 5 12 12 14 12 14 10 11 16 11 [22]

Jan 1, 2018

New 30' Performance Cruiser: Grainger 920

A-Class Australian Nats 2018: Day 4 Results

Photo from Day 1 by Wangi Amateur Sailing Club. - Another three more races held today in perfect conditions as reported by Gavin Rietman/Forward WIP Australia. Check later FW Aus Fb page to watch another nice video at the gate.

No official or other images available.

Glenn Ashby is getting in shape again after his Americas Cup dedicated sailing. Today 1,2 & 1 for him to grab the lead from Steve Brewin who sadly scored an ocs on the last race of the day, his other two scores were 3 & 1. Steve is 3pts behind but also has 5 bullets out of 9 races.  Discarding  a6th today would have leave him in the lead. 

Another sailor who is getting his A-Cat skills back is Nathan Outteridge: 2, 3 & 2 for climbing to 3rd overall. Brayshaw discarded his ocs and now sits 4th overall. All top four riders with Exploder D3. Brad Collet in 5th place is first Dna F1 of the fleet.

Top ten results below, complete scoreboard here

fb video