Nov 19, 2017

Nov 18, 2017

St Barth Catacup 2017: Day 3

All images Pierrick Contin / St Barths Catacup. Complete gallery & official event web Tracking replay in previous post.

Day 3 with standard sails winning , there you have , why complain on DS, just sail the best you can with what you have if you cannot re cut or upgrade.
Enrique & Keki Figueroa (Infusion / Std Mainsail) won the first race of the day, where another Infusion no DS, led much part of the race while the Argies Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser were showing the way.

Second race of the day was for Franck Cammas & Matthieu Vandame (Cirrus R2/ Oxo DS Mainsail), the French crew secured the overall lead after 5 races with this win. Paschalidis & Trigonis  (Scorpion / 1D DS) finished 9th & 5th today to hold a second overall.  Third place for Demeasmaeker & Galgliani (C2/Goodall DS).

Top ten overall after 5 races, full results at

Rang Points c_1 c_2 c_3 c_4 c_5
1 9 ODP 1Franck CAMMAS, Matthieu VANDAME 3.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 1.0
2 11 RELWENIordanis PASCHALIDIS, Konstantinos TRIGKONIS 1.0 2.0 3.0 9.0 5.0
3 16.00 LES PERLES DE SAINT BARTHPatrick DEMESMAEKER, Olivier GAGLIANI 7.0 1.0 1.0 15.0 7.0
4 17.00 TRADEWIND AVIATIONTodd RICCARDI, Ian LIBERTY 10.0 4.0 5.0 2.0 6.0
5 21.00 OFF COURSE MANAGEMENTEnrique FIGUEROA, Keki FIGUEROA 8.0 5.0 7.0 1.0 9.0
6 21.00 MARLACharles TOMEO, Dalton TEBO 5.0 3.0 10.0 10.0 3.0
7 26.00 DESIGN AFFAIRS OO1Pierre LE CLAINCHE, Antoine JOUBERT 2.0 7.0 13.0 13.0 4.0
8 26.00 EDEN ROCK VILLA RENTALGonzales Smith CRUZ, Heuser MARIANO 6.0 6.0 6.0 11.0 8.0
9 30.00 MAXWELL & COJames BAECKLER, Charles ORION 4.0 10.0 12.0 4.0 18.0
10 33.00 EDEN ROCK ST BARTHGurvan BONTEMPS, Benjamin AMIOT 9.0 9.0 8.0 7.0 10.0

St Barths Catacup 2017: Day 3 Live Tracking

Later Race 5 above

Race 4 below. Official web - Click full screen icon on the Georacing window to expand map.

St Barth Catacup 2017: Day 2

All images Pierrick Contin / St Barth Catacup. Compete gallery at

Light winds conditions for today, two races held with the second after a shore break. Paschalidis & Trigonis had good starts in both but it was the Belgian Top Gun, Patrick Demesmaeker sailing with Olivier Galgiani who dominated the day with 2 bullets. Patrick on his usual Goodall Design C2 , now equipped with a boomless DS mainsail also from Goodall Design.

In the overall rankings Paschalidis & Trigonis (Scorpion/1D DS) lead with 6pt overall, followed by Demesmaeker-Gagliani 9pts and 3rd place for Cammas-Vandame 17pts (Cirrus R2-Oxo DS)
Great mix of equipment in the top 3.

4th overall Tomeo-Debo , 5th Gonzalez Smith-Heuser & 6th for Riccardi-Lilberty. All racing Infusions MKII / std mainsail.

Check last pic , Ecki & Marie Kaphengst Scorpion featuring a DS from Landenberger.

Top ten after 3 races,  full results at

Rang Points c_1 c_2 c_3
1 6 RELWENIordanis PASCHALIDIS, Konstantinos TRIGKONIS 1.0 2.0 3.0
3 17.00 ODP 1Franck CAMMAS, Matthieu VANDAME 3.0 12.0 2.0
4 18.00 MARLACharles TOMEO, Dalton TEBO 5.0 3.0 10.0
5 18.00 EDEN ROCK VILLA RENTALGonzales Smith CRUZ, Heuser MARIANO 6.0 6.0 6.0
8 22.00 DESIGN AFFAIRS OO1Pierre LE CLAINCHE, Antoine JOUBERT 2.0 7.0 13.0
10 26.00 EDEN ROCK ST BARTHGurvan BONTEMPS, Benjamin AMIOT 9.0 9.0 8.0

Nov 17, 2017

St Barth Catacup 2017: Day 2 Live tracking

Race 2 & 3 below Official web - Click full screen icon on the Georacing window to expand map.

Race 2 below:

Nov 16, 2017

St Barth Catacup 2017: Day 1


All images Pierrick Contin / Michael Gramm / St Barth Catacup. Complete gallery at

Fun race to follow on the Live Tracking. With our friends Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert showing the way almost the entire race, with Paschalidis-Trigonis, Cammas-Vandame playing to catch. The final top ten were immersed on the fight too. But with Pierre & Antoine leading and the speeding Greeks following behind. In the final leg Cammas-Vandame also were contending along, when Danny & Kostas put pedal to the metal literally for a great win on pure speed coming from behind. The Tornado crew is getting the needed F18 flight hours to get to known this new class for them. Much to go in this regatta, still a great start for these to good guys that are a real welcome  addition to our F18 class community.

 Check the video for the wind conditions and course of start and final leg. Either way today was a round the Island race, so the sailors needed to handle every aspect of F18 navigation and handling. 2016 St Barth Catacup champs, Pierre & Antoine demonstrating they can sail any F18 to the front of the fleet, last year with a C2 , this edition with the still fast and reliable Cirrus R1. Hope we can see them racing again together at a Worlds. They already have the Youth WC Title , now is time for the Open one.

DS: Good to see leading Decksweeper Mainsails (1D & Oxo) with a smaller foot as we envisioned as equally efficient planshape. Also 1D Mainsail has full reinforced monofilm panels for a better & clear visibility.
We wrote several times on these two aspects for DS in the F18 and the no need to go a 145cm foot lenght that might complicate handling for crews.  But many without much information or even experience sailing a DS assumed that a foot from beam to beam was the only option.
Now after the Australian F18 regattas with Brewin's own smaller foot and today from St Barth you can now be at ease on the alternative planshapes you have at disposition for your own Deckssweeper F18 sail.

There is a good video from Manu Boulogne showing how you can tack below a 100-110cm foot wihout issues. Will ask for the original to publish next days.

Tracking replay for Race 1 here.

On equipment for the top 3 I have:
1 Paschalidis & Trigonis , Scorpion / 1D Mainsail Boomless
2 Le Clainche & Joubert , Cirrus R1 / Oxo DS Mainsail
3 Cammas & Vandame , Cirrus R2 / Oxo DS Mainsail

Top ten below, full results at

3 FRA 201 ODP 1 YCPR Marseille - France 3,00 CAMMAS Franck VANDAME Matthieu S R VANNES
5 1899 MARLA Etats Unis D'Amerique 5,00 TOMEO Charles TEBO DALTON

St Barth Catacup 2017: Day 1 Live Tracking

Photo: Pierrick Contin / 2017 trainings , featuring Franck Cammas & Matthieu Vandame sailing the new Cirrus R2 with Oxo DS sail. Same conf for Bontemps & Vandame.  Paschalidis & Trigonis with Scorpion & 1D DS mainsail. Arg top crew, 2nd 2016 Worlds & 6th at Denmark, are a bit worried on racing a standard Infusion with standard sails and no sealed tramp as other top boats currently at St Barth.  Today will get info on C2 or other Infusions using DS.

Check below Race 1 Live tracking. Click full screen icon to expand. Official web

Nov 15, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : 24hs Record Broken

Photo: Macif Course au Large /
On the video above press CC  & then settings CC to translate subtitltes from French to English.

Francois Gabart has beaten the 24hs traveled distance while sailing Solo around the World onboard Macif Maxi Trimaran. 851NM & 35.4Knots average speed on a foiler Maxi Tri, sailing Solo...Crazy stuff.

Excerpt translated from
"...A mythical bar has just fallen: traveling 851* miles from Monday to Tuesday afternoon, François Gabart pressed the throttle onboard MACIF Trimaran to avoid being caught by strong winds at his back, in the process he became the first solo sailor to pass the 800 miles in 24 hours. He smashed his own record, which was achieved on July 3, 2016: 784 miles. Average speed for this 24hs 35.4 knots, or 65.5 km / h!

What does Francois thinks on this reacord: " I'm delighted. Records are made to be beaten, and that's how we progress. The sensations at these speeds are quite extraordinary, the boat is flying, it's a mix of power and lightness. Not a sailor to rest on his laurels, the skipper of the MACIF trimaran immediately adds: "Now, this is not the priority objective, the idea is first to finish this tour around the World ..."

 *: subject to validation of the WSSR

Código Rojo Racing: First GC32 sailing in South America

Photo above: Jesús Renedo / GC32 Racing / Palma 2017.  Photo left, first GC32 sailing in South American waters. Past week The GC32 has received an official and international status by World Sailing . Having a team from Argentina has surely helped the Class to achieve such formality. The new Class web is

Código Rojo Racing Team is the first South American GC32 team participating in the GC32 Racing Tour in Europe. Formed by Arg F18 sailors Federico Ferioli & Lucas Gonzalez Smith , this new team participated of two event in the 2017 season: Garda & Copa del Rey.
For the 2018 schedule the team decided to bring the GC32 to South American waters, specifically to Punta del Este, Uruguay , a common sailing & vacation destination for Argentine sailors.

The goal is to get as many hours onboard as possible in a series of ongoing training sessions, that will continue towards January 2018.

Below a QA in Spanish with Lucas Gonzalez Smith , mainsail trimmer and boat captain
Código Rojo GC32 Racing Team.
1er Entrenamiento en Sudamérica: Punta del Este, Noviembre 2017

Código Rojo GC32 Racing Team es el primer GC32 que navega en aguas de Sudamérica.
El equipo Argentino decidió realizar su pre temporada para el Circuito GC32 Racing Tour Europeo 2018 en Punta del Este, marcando un hito para la Clase GC32 , la cual ha sido reconocida recientemente como clase internacional por World Sailing. Más información sobre el status oficial de la Clase GC32 disponible en

Comentarios de Lucas Gonzalez Smith sobre los recientes entrenamientos realizados en Uruguay:

A solo unos días de haber terminado el primer entrenamiento en Punta del Este, primera vez que un GC32 navega en Sudamérica: ¿Como ves la evolución del equipo y expectativas a futuro?
Lucas Gonzalez Smith: Nos encontramos en la curva de crecimiento, todos los días tenemos avances significativos. El equipo esta ensamblado y creciendo a pasos agigantados. Estoy muy contento de cómo está desarrollándose todo.

- ¿Desde cuándo y hasta que fecha seguirán con los entrenamientos en Punta del Este?
Este fue el primero de tres entrenamientos que tenemos planteados: del 1 al 5 de Noviembre pasado. Del 3 al 18 de Enero tenemos programado el segundo entrenamiento y el tercero, depende mucho de

Nov 14, 2017

VOR Inshore Foiler Proposal by Schickler-Tagliapietra

Renders & Text sent by Schickler-Tagliapietra / I remember asking Paul Larsen on the future of sailing and told me how he he was literally flying over the water, not in the terms we see today with modern foilers but literally flying with only mms of Vestas Rocket foils. Check that interview here.

Below comments by Doug Schickler on  the ST VOR Foiler
"The ST Foiler project was originated back in mid 2015, with some our of the box thinking. we asked ourselves: “forsee the evolution of foiling sailing multihull design will have a parallel track to aircraft design?” & “what can be learned from the evolution of powered hydrofoil boats?”  As a partnership between a naval architect and an aerospace engineer, it was a fruitful thought experiment. We knew that a containerized short course racing machine which could exploit the full potential of hydrodynamics to foil early and often, would be attractive. Both the economics and safety of existing and proposed cat designs left room for improvement.

The concept was developed internally in this way and eventually discussed in the Yacht Racing Forum in Malta. The core ideas: canard arrangement, no movement of crew and use of flapped T foils.

Each idea had implications, with their pros & cons. Some of the finest minds at the heart of multihull racing could see the potential. But it was still just a concept. When VOR went looking for proposals for their inshore racer , we knew it was time to go for it.

The concept was fleshed out with additional design hours, VPP work, styling, ergonomics, and flight stability simulations. Ideas were rejected, rethought or if they could not be topped, folded into the project. The result is exciting and coherent in its design choices.

We received rave reviews from VOR, but their fight against the calendar prevented the continuation to a build program".

Link to the PDF presentation: here
Vote on Foiling Week Award 2017:

Presentation slides. Click for hd & slideshow:

Nov 13, 2017

Transat Jacques Vabre 2017: Sodebo Ultim 1st & breaks Cammas record

Photos: Vincent Curuchet / Jean Marie-Liot / AleA  / Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 - Yan Riou / Benoit Stichebault  / Gitana SA.
- Sodebo web :
- Gitana official web:

Adittional platform / Foils images:
- Sodebo re launch and its foils (follow Launay link) here

- Gitana launch showing their foil setups: here

Transat Jacques Vabre 2017: Sodebo Ultim wins & break Cammas RecordSodebo Ultim sailed by Thomas Coville & Jean Luc-Nelias finished the Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 Edition in first place ahead of  Edmond de Rothschild / Gitana full foiler Trimaran.

Record Data from Transat Jacques Vabre web:
- 7 days 22 hours 7 minutes, 27 seconds
- 4,742NM
- Average speed 24.94 knots.

Previous record: 10 days 0 hours 38 mins 43 seconds set by Franck Cammas & Steve Ravussin on Groupama 2 in the 60ft multihull class in 2007

Aside navigation and tactics, two different design concepts were matched. Sodebo Ultim is a 17yrs old Trimaran which was updated and re launched back in May 2, 2017.  The info I had today is that they fit some modified C Foils lent from Oracle Trimaran (I wrote they looked 'special' foils as couldn't get why that shape with current devels.) which were altered to feature a foiling tip. This mod and T rudders were done by Martin Fischer. I contacted him but on the move right now, more details when he is available.

In contrast to Sodebo "tinkering" mods, Edmond de Rothschild Gitana featured a full foiler conf development, her standout feature is a main central hull T Foil.  A conf already used by Maserati in their races against a standard MOD70 Phaedo 3.

This time the central T foil again showed no advantage in the end, Maserati and now Gitana reported some issues with their systems, but the reality shows this new Trimaran conf is yet to be proven fully.

Below best wrapup of the race I could find is from Thomas Coville & Sebastien Josse themselves, excerpt from Transat Jacques Vabre official web
Thomas Coville, skipper of Sodebo Ultim’ (Ultime)
“Leaving Le Havre, we said that it would be a mano a mano. From the first night, we saw that it was going to be super close. We saw them pass by us in the same wind, I can tell you that Maxi Edmond de Rothschild overtaking you upwind in 40 knots is beautiful. In front of Guernsey, they impressed us because their way of sailing said: “we are here.” We were a little behind in this phase. After the downwind descent after the front, a very nice front by the way, we felt there was something weird. They rolled the gennaker away in the night and shifted. So, we shifted to the west too and passed them. We thought maybe they wanted to play it safe. We didn’t know. But we gave everything until this morning. Last night, 100 miles from the finish, we felt they were throwing in the towel. It's a very enjoyable moment. It's a great win because it shows that we know how to do something other than records, we know how to win races. It's a great story, we didn’t leave much in tank. The condition of the boat at the moment after the crossing we made is the result of a huge job. All the teams have evolved beautifully. What they did in two months on the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild to get the boat to Bahia - it clearly means that it is a boat which has got more to say.”

Sébastien Josse, skipper of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Ultime)
“You always have a knot in your stomach on a big trimaran. The exit from the Bay of Biscay wasn’t the most clement and we had our share of daily surprises. We had small problems with the foils that prevented us from flying. It handicapped us a bit, but it was great to sail in close contact, it's very stimulating. It was on the last part of the course that we could have shown the difference, we could have gone very quickly. Finishing a few hours behind, is bit annoying, but we got the boat to Salvador de Bahia in one piece and that's what we wanted.”
Read full report at Transat Jacques Vabre web

Nov 12, 2017

Transat Jacques Vabre 2017: Sodebo Ultim extends lead towards Bahía

Short video by Sodebo Ultim, but great to see onboard footage. Sodebo has some special J/L foils along T rudders, vs a full foiling conf by Gitana / Edmond de Rotshschild. Will draw platforms during the week. This edition will tell much to designers on the most efficient foiler conf for trimarans and how worth is to push the limits on an already super effcient Sailing machine.

Coville & Nelias keep extending their lead , now 42NM ahead of Josse / Rouxel. Live Tracking at

A-Class Europeans 2018 @Warnemunde: July 7-14th

info sent by Martin Bach / German A-Class Assoc. Photo above: Official  web for the 2018 Europeans to held at Warnemunde, Germany. That header looks nice, a shot I took from Mischa at Punta Ala 2015.
2019 Worlds will be held in Australia, thus the usual European is held in between as the Class did after Takapuna 2014 Worlds, Bordeaux 2014 Euros & 2015 Worlds in Italy

Euroepans 2018 Schedule
Saturday July 7th  Registration & Measurement
Sunday July 8th Registration & Measurement / Practice Race / Open Ceremony
Monday July 9th  Races 1 & 2
Tuesday July 10th Races 3 & 4
Wednesday July 11th Races 5 & 6
Thursday July  12th Races 7 & 8
Friday July 13th Race 9
Saturday July 14th  Reserve Day / Prize Ceremony

- Notice of Race
- Accomodation
- Fb page

Nov 11, 2017

Transat Jacques Vabre 2017: Sodebo Ultim leads Edmond de Rothschild

Tracking clip I made from the official Transat Jacques Vabre web . Sodebo Ultim sailed by Thomas Coville & Jean Luc Nelias  is leading over Edmond de Rothschild Tri foiler with its central T dagger. Maybe too much drag in the end as shown by Maserati vs the standard floating MOD70 Phaedo 3?
Navigation plays much in these Atlantic crossings too as shown above.

Sodebo Ultim was re launched as a foiler earlier this year , but we couldn't identify a central T dagger as Edmond de Rothschild /  Gitana is featuring.

To compare perf check video top left rankings with speed data. View clip in full screen & 1080HD.

Official Transat Jacques Vabre web :

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : Day 7

Day 7 for Francois Gabart on board Macif Tri. After trailing past days a bit behind Thomas Coville previous record, Gabart is now 12NM ahead maintaining good rhythm through the Brazilian coast.

Numbers so far:
- Max speed 38,7Knts
- Average Speed 25,6knts
- Traveled Distance 4392NM

Check complete live data at


Below a great collage video pcituring life onboard a Solo voyage around the World.

Official web

Nov 10, 2017

Volvo Super 40 Design Proposal

Press Release sent by Gonzalo Redondo/ D3 Applied Technologies. More info at fb/d3appliedtechnologies .

What a Weapon. From the functional & Performance to the pure design aspect. Take a close look to the renders & brochure below. A multi discipline design team was gathered to target the best performance possible along the Volvo look & feel.

In terms of foil design this VS40 concept has a 3pt Foil system with L rudders. The  TNZ original conf has derived now in hard Ls main foils which are controlled by hydraulic rake systems as seen in the last Americas Cup AC50s at Bermuda.

Deck Sweeper Soft sail adds versatility and better logistics. Hope to see this weapon racing the Inshore Volvo Ocean race stops in the future.

This is only one of the proposals made to Volvo which apparently has made it to the next step. below details of the people behind the project.

Is this the future boat of Volvo Ocean Race inshore racing?

"We are very pleased to share with you the VS40, our Volvo Multihull Inshore Racing proposal, a performance orientated 40 foot foiling catamaran with Volvo inspired Scandinavian aesthetics that can be folded into a single container. The unique ease of pack up and assembly driven by the tender document results in a boat that is well suited to an expansion as a class complementary to the Volvo Ocean Race.

An opportunity was seen to group together a number of people who had become connected through a variety of projects in the past. The timing of the project worked out well, coming at the end of the America’s Cup, and at an interesting time in the big picture development of foiling racing boats.

Our design group consists of Gonzalo Redondo and his d3 Applied Technologies team, Adam May, Luc du Bois, Marc Menec from IS3D Engineering, Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt from Mannerfelt Design Team, Giovanni Belgrano from Pure Design & Engineering and Bob Graham.

While awaiting the decision on the timing of the next Volvo Ocean Race, work as a group continues on other exciting foiling projects."

More info at fb/d3appliedtechnologies

Below excerpts from their official brochure. Click images for HD & Slideshow. Full PDF available here

Nov 7, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : Day 3

Day 3 : Francois Gabart is running 91NM ahead of Thomas Coville previous record. So much to go but always good to be ahead.
Follow Gabarts journey  &  live data at
Cartographie at

For the Jules Verne Trophy, Spindrift 2 crew is now on standby.
What an immense activity the Atlantic is seeing right now, with the Jacques Vabre, the Volvo, Gabart himself , and  the Minitransat:

At the same time Banque Populaire IX is getting her first flights.

Down here some busy schedule with a couple of projects on the desk, installing some spi hardware & selftack for a client, also this weekend we have some nice A-Cat regattas and the F18 Arg Nats will be held Nov 24.  Biggest A-Cat one will be held Dec 02.  Preparing an F18 DS recut from a standard sail, and targeting to cut the A14 for new foils too.  Thus the low rate of updates you'll see this week.

Nov 6, 2017

Banque Populaire IX first flight

Maxi Banque Populaire IX - Première navigation - 3nov2017
[Maxi Banque Populaire IX]
Première sortie et premier vol à plus de 35 noeuds pour le Maxi Banque Populaire IX ! La fierté et le bonheur de naviguer sur ce géant des mers se lisaient sur les visages d'Armel et du Team Banque Populaire #PassionVoile
Posted by Voile Banque Populaire on lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017

Video & vid still above : First head out & flight for Banque Populaire IX foiling Maxi Tri reaching 35knots and showing the central T foil in action. Source &

BP IX Maxi Foiling Trimaran : Images of the official launch past week

F16 Grand Prix de L'Armistice 2017: Thomas & Eric Proust 1st

Image by Philippe Dervieux / - 
Thomas Proust is one of those kids like Henry Demesmaeker and other plenty talented catsailor youths.  He currently helms for his father, Eric Proust, owner of Proust Sailing. We hope to see more in the future of this talented French sailor racing F16, F18 , As and why not  a Maxi foiling Trimaran like his fellow countrymen Coville, Gabart, Josse and many others.

Both have been racing in the F16, and also some rides in the Essentiel. We'll make a dedicated post on Thomas next days.
Below final Day report sent by Thomas Proust:
48th Grand Prix of the Armistice , 2017.
We had a total of 6 races in very different wind conditions. The first day was a good warm-up because we had not sailed in F16 since the European Championship (July). The second day of races was easier because we could score all bullets. Congratulations to the competitors and the Sailing Club of Bordeaux for this top organization! Now we look ahead for new adventures. #proustsailing #grouperhinos #harken #lirosropes #kinenveux 

Top 5 below, complete results at

Rgs Ident Concurrents P Ret P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4 c.5 c.6
1 FRA 17 PROUST Thomas  PROUST Eric  6 9 2 3 1.0 1 1 1
2  FRA   1 CRON Clement  ROUXEL Arthur  9 11 1 2 2 2 2 2.0
3 FRA 322 CHEVRIER Matteo  COSSE Gaspard  17 27 5 1 3 3 10 5
4 FRA 1650 MENOU Thomas  LE MENN Maxime  19 24 3 4 5 4 4 4
5 FRA 21 BRISSON Gael  BRISSON Sandrine  23 39 6 RET 4 5 5 3

fb video