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May 5, 2017

Petrucci Design S1: RYA Cat Challenge

The guys at Outlaw Sailing in the UK are the sailors behind the S1 concept built by Michele Petrucci. They identified a niche of the market where a single handed with Main and Spi will serve an specific sailor target. For a new boat these days is rather a special choice using straight boards and rudders, I would have fitted a set of removable winglets at least to stabilize downwind rides on the S1 fat planning transom. On costs this setup can be a good alternative to sail simple and no worries. The 16'  daggerless recreational cat I build is nice to sail it solo too.

Update: Just got S1 price from Michele, its indeed a special target, I will get a report from him & Outlaw the S1 soon.

Outlaw joined with the Royal Yachting Association and they gather Daniel Henderson (Skiff Musto) & Rhos Hawes (470 British Sailing Team) to test the S1 along the new Jib Turbo package for the S9, Michele's foiling machine.

RYA www.rya.org.uk
More info on the S1 at Outlaw Sailing : www.outlawsailing.com

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