May 28, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda : Louis Vuitton Qualifiers Day 2 Results

Day 2 video sent by Emirates Team New Zealand. Official wrapups are nonexistent or 1min cuts. Lucky enough here in Arg we are seeing it through ESPN TV & Play.  I folowed Tracking thanks to Mike Drummond's app Tactical Seagull V2. Photos: Groupama Team France , Ricardo Pinto / Gilles Martin-Raget / ACEA -
What a good  feeling seeing the French win over Artemis. Incredible how they held speed (vs Day 1), clearly still lacking hours on the boat. Only one challenger will be out for the Semis, now is not granted to be the French boat.

TNZ is  Machine as expected even in spite being 'slow' reports from practive races. BAR was not as fine tuned as yesterday neither, and lost easy to USA & TNZ.
Artemis had a tough defeat by France, and later an easy commanding win vs USA, I received some messages on Spithill sandbagging that one, hard to tell.

What is certain that USA racing the RR it's a shame and wasted handicap in favor the challengers,  with all the new tech , ways to handle the boats, upwind foiling and tacks and plenty to learn for all teams, these LV Series would have pure gold gain for them.
Imagine how TNZ sailed solo and they are smoking on the excellent work done back home. Now Oracle has time to adapt and  to improve. If they did it in two days... now they have a lifetime till the Finals.

Team Japan has the fastest boat, but missing some handling and tactics, course was not easy today neither. They have speed so room to improve.

Detailed Results at

Results Sunday 28th
R1 FRA 1 vs SWE 0 - 03 Secs
R2 USA 1 vs GBR 0 - 39 Secs
R3 TNZ 1 vs JPN 0 - 33 Secs
R4 SWE 1 vs USA 0 - 39 Secs
R5 TNZ 1 vs GBR 0 - 1:28 Mins
R6 USA 1 vs JPN 0 - 54 Secs

5pts Oracle Team Usa 4 1 1 5
3pts Land Rover BAR 1 3 2 3
3pts Emirates Team New Zealand 3 1 0 3
2pts Artemis Racing 2 2 0 2
1pts Groupama Team France 1 2 0 1
1pts SoftBank Team Japan 1 3 0 1

America's Cup: Mike Drummond's Custom Track App: Tactical Seagull V2

Mike Drummond's Custom Tracking App: "Tactical Seagull"
Mike Drummond has developed a really cool tracking app in excel, for those not being able to follow stream or TV broadcast or acea app:

The excel app is developed to display ACEA public race data for teams or anyone to build up their own tracking system.

Find below some steps to install it, you will need excel too. We'll try to stream a screen too if possible on his blog. Latest version "F" is doing pretty good after the tests done yesterday.

Really necessary app for this Cup when there is no open stream like past Cup. On ways to see locally check   , Official App is restricted too , check availability in previous link. Donwload here

For Mike's own app which has no restriction for personal and non commercial use follow steps below:

Mike Drummond's Tactical Seagull V2
1: Go to
Download "F" Version of Tactical SeaGull app by Mike

2: Go to ACEA web and download PeliSimInstall.zippy
Rename .zippy to .zip

3. Read Mike's excell app pcompanion TacticatSeagullInstructionsV2.Doc
and ACEA pdf in PeliSim package-

Read Mike's comments too:

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda : LV Qualifiers Day 1 by van der Borch

May 26, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda: Racing Postponed till Saturday 27th

Just in from ACEA: /// America’s Cup Opening Day Postponed Until Saturday 27th May...

A-Class, Scheurer G7 2017 Upwind foiling vid

May 25, 2017

America's Cup 2017: Team New Zealand, Glenn Ashby: "We are Ready"

Photo: ACEA / Ricardo Pinto - Video: sent by Emirates Team New Zealand. Glenn Ashby is Ready , the guy extrudes confidence as few others and no matter in which situation: Racing solo in the A-Cats, even under speed handicap, or sailing along top notch helm Peter Burling and the entire Commando Task force of  Emirates Team New Zealand.
Special Cup for the Kiwis on their lone trainings back in Auckland plus all the innovative developments they always bring to the Cup.
We like Artemis and we cheer for New Zealand too, both with great chances to challenge Oracle in the AC Finals.

On the A-Cat / C-Class no jib style by TNZ, above practice racing vs Artemis, remember Oracle Tri vs Alinghi back in 2010. In the breeze the Wing alone (brought to the America´s Cup by New Zealander Design & Engineer guru Mike Drummond) might be more than enough.

On Mike Drummond check his Excel Obscura blog, where you can download a custom tracking app implemented in Excel by him: - We'll try with Mike to stream his tracking screen for those not able to watch stream or even follow tracking app. More on this later.

The tracking, with plenty of data is public and based on Live data provided by ACEA.

America's Cup 2017: Artemis Final trainings by van der Borch

RB Video: Konstantinos Trigonis & A-Cats

Konstantinos sets sail for a new adventure on his eXploder AD3!
Posted by Iordanis Paschalidis - Konstantinos Trigonis Sailing Team on miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Well produced clip by Red Bull on Tornado World Champ Konstantinos Trigonis, currently sailing an Exploder D3 A-Cat. He will also race coming F18 Worlds at Denmark with his long time partner Danny Paschalidis. Both will participate in Sopot A-Class Worlds in August, now reaching 100 entries:

May 25, 2017: New Formula 18 Rules changes proposed & to be voted soon.

Photo: Jasper van Staveren / 2015 Worlds - After more than 10yrs in the IF18CA World Council representing Arg and with our Worlds finished Nov 2016 I felt it was time to leave Class management locally along WC representation. It was without a doubt the most enjoyable and intensive +10yrs building, sailing and racing F18 ,also through Class work and with full promotion here in this web.

One of the things I always pushed within the WC was for the IF18CA  to inform duly and have transparent communications to the sailors. Specially formal rules proposals should be always distributed wide open.

Now the management accepted this request from some WC members (myself included back then)  and they have published proposals below.
Important to note that official text from IF18CA makes reference to a "Mast/Sail area"  rule change proposal that was blocked through voting months ago.
The proposed rule intended to define a fixed area  for main sails  leaving the combined 17m2 total of  Mast+Sail. The change was rejected due to the inconsistency on having only 1 builder mast complying to the new rule, leaving all others combinations out of the rule, handicapped in total area or with the need to modify current sails or buy new ones.

The IF18CA is a non profit public organization which is maintained directly by local Associations membership payments, which are then transferred to the IF18CA accounts.
President, Gral Sec and now an executive committee are the responsibles of administering those funds with some gral budget consultation and approval from the WC.
Reports on the spending is published every year and can be found here:

Now that rule proposals are public I can comment no problem my position on them:

Regarding rules changes below, the ones with more substance and clearly to read are the joined proposals from France , Italy & Hungary, two of them are based in my formal doc to the IF18CA WC back in April 2015, the formal doc analyzed the past, current and future of the Class and presented some alternatives to keep the F18 in the limelight.

Convertible F18 & expand Epoxy resin use
One of those proposals was to adopt and push for a convertible daggercase for sailors to be able to race and also foil for fun if desired outside F18 racing. Along this line of thought I also remarked that we should expand the Epoxy resin use, which is permitted in the Class since day 1 for building hulls, but only in combination with wood cores.

So, if someone wants right now to build an Epoxy resin & wood / balsa core  hull, he/she is allowed to race it 100% legal, no issues.
With many of the new Cats classes using Epoxy resins to add durability and reliability to hulls, basically more resistance and long lasting F18s, I saw no reason for the Class to allow Epoxy with wood cores, but not with PVC / Foam cores.

In the process using epoxy would allowed a more efficient  and durable use of  a "convertible" F18s, due to the high loads affecting platforms and hulls during flights.

In which way a convertible epoxy F18 would affect current class Status? well, only in a good one, as stated in my F18 convertible posts, an F18 could become the only double handed boat you'll ever need.
Participating in a still big floating class, and foiling for fun out of the legal racing without affecting your chances to swap foils and maintain a 100% legal platform to go racing at any given time.

Why convertible?
Right now I want to continue racing F18 for many years, but also would like to go foiling double handed. Do I have resources to buy two boats? Do I want to buy an Olympic Nacra 17 (beyond being a weapon as stated?  No, I only have budget if any , for one and custom assembly and I want to continue racing in a Formula Class.

So why not join two alternatives in one ? But based firmly on the F18 Class Rules to be able to race no problem? That is the basic idea which can only drives momentum for people to buy more F18s.

Rule compliant
On the rules proposals below by France/Italy/Hungary representatives  they analyze that a convertible platform will need  some additional trimming systems for the foiling mode, like additional clams cleats and sliders for the foiling daggerfoils and T rudder rake systems, the latter are already in place and allowed in the F18 Class:  for ie in the Nacra Infusion regulated castings.

In addition to the Epoxy expand rule, France/Italy & Hungary are proposing to removed the close rule wording, but I really see no issues having some additional clams, blocks for a main foil rake, as stated rudder rake system are already legal and non specifically permitted in the Class wording.

Ready to sail
The third proposal of this group includes a simplified or builder kind of pre certification of new F18 products, being boat, sails, mast etc. for them to be ready to race.
Read proposals for more details.

Below find the proposals above mentioned plus Dutch Class own docs published in the IF18CA official website with Gral Sec Don Findlay's comments.
IF18CA Official Proposals published at

Proposal – Rule simplification and changes 2017
Dutch proposals:
NED proposal Submissions #1-9 – WC Denmark July 2017 v.18052017 – This document gives an overview/summary of all 9 different proposals by the Dutch F18 NCA.
NED proposal #1 – WC meeting Denmark July 2017 v.18052017 – Text document with proposed wording with mark-ups which compares with the original proposal submitted in January 2017
NED proposal #1 – Appendix B – F18 Certificate v.18052017 – Excel document with F18 boat & sails certificate
NED proposals #2-8 – WC meeting Denmark July 2017 v.18052017 – For ease of reference for the NED proposals #2-8 this text document shows the proposed wording with mark-ups which compares with the wording of NED proposal #1

Italian/Hungarian/French proposals:
Submission 1 – To update the list of products entering in F18 hull construction to improve boat construction quality and reliability
Submission 2 – To develop the concept: one platform for a multiple program
Submission 3 – Removed with the abandon of the idea to modify the main sail/mast measurement
Submission 4 – The goal of this proposal is to propose new equipment stamped “ready to sail” from the factory directly to the customers in respect with the current class rules with no hidden or extra cost using an easy process for the customer: Buy it, use it!


Don Findlay's letter to the WC:
As Members know there has been much discussion about rule changes for the F18 Fleet. Council will vote electronically during June so that these matters can be finally resolved. Will all F18 sailors discuss with their National Officers and ensure that their views are taken into consideration.

Dear members,

I do understand the volume of paper work that is coming to you all this week. But we are discussing the future of our F18 Class. In the documents menu on our website you can find all proposals from the Netherlands and the Italian, Hungarian and French National Class Associations.

In line with F18 Constitution, I am asking the Netherlands and the Italian/Hungarian/French NCA’s to examine each of their proposals and see if we can amalgamate any to reduce the volume of voting.

I will be sending to World Sailing (WS) to ensure that any rule changes will be accepted by their Technical Committee, for there is little point in voting. Failure by the IF18CA to agree with their Technical Dept. will mean that the rules have to go to the World Sailing Class Rules Sub-Committee, which can be a longer process. If necessary and subject to their diaries, I will visit World Sailing on Friday of this week.

Once we have had agreement, or not, that proposals can be amended, then I will send out electronic voting forms which can be completed in four weeks. Constitutional requirements for voting will be detailed in the voting forms. I know that electronic voting is not popular with all members, but this is a complex task and leaving it to a Council Meeting simply would not work. This way, each NCA has time to consider and discuss with their members.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Don Findlay
Sec. General IF18CA

Petrucci Design S1 'R' @Rutland Open: Report by Matt Bell

S1R report sent by Matt Bell from Outlaw Sailing , dealers of the S1/S9 in UK and the guys behind the concept of the S1.
Matt Bell: "When we set about creating the S1 we gave to Michele a list of what the boat needed to do, we created a target SCHRS rating and we asked him to work his magic. We wanted a boat that looked fast, went fast, was affordable, manageable on and off the water, simple but effective, sailable in 25knots, fun but most of all a race boat that performed on handicap in a mixed fleet i.e cats and

To say we are happy with the boat would be a massive under statement, Michele has taken the lines

America's Cup Bermuda 2017: AC50s Foils by Ricardo Pinto

May 24, 2017

Bermuda to Antigua (1000NM) on the F4

Video sent by DNA Performance Sailing : "Following on from Red Bull’s Flying on Water mission with Jimmy Spithill, currently airing on Outside TV in the USA, professional snowboarder Travis Rice has just dropped a 14-minute video edit of a 1000 mile trip sailing the DNA F4 One-Design catamaran with Shannon Falconce and team south to Antigua from Bermuda"

May 23, 2017

New Scheurer 'G7' 2017: A Step Forward

Images and video sent by Sandro Caviezel. - Lot too see in this totally new Scheurer G7 , 2017 Edition.
Where to start? Looks for the tillers.. they have implemented a similar solution like the Dna F1 to maintain them inside width, in pics  covered by back to transom tramp.
A new straight traveller as the D3s showed at Medemblik, but the biggest change is how forward the beams are set. Around 300cm from transom, which is where we draw with Arno for the FC.
Beams changed shape from the tubular to a more sharp edges, changing looks plenty, but functionality goes beyond the new position , they also have the ability to change the position of the mast step.

Sail is latest DS from Landenberger.
Click images for better view. Video above: small teaser on the new G7 upwind, the flight trim looks more like a Moth on its upwind stability.

Sandro is sailing with standard 9mts mast, and if new short masts can work in light winds as reported by Landy in Australia, then this new G7 with that shorter mast can become a real game changer towards the full foiling A. Lets see how they match against F1 and D3. So good to have Scheurer in constant development and pushing the limits. They have with Andy Scheurer and the Caviezel bros, Sandro & Daniel, an inhouse combined R&D / built experience as very few yards can aim to have.

Comments by Sandro: "We have new beams they allow us to put the mast on different positions on that front beam , that means mast can be place from 2840 to 3000mm (from transom),
2840 is for the standard mast , for the short mast you can just move the mast base forward what allows a longer base of the sail.

The boat performs. We did some prototype testing during winter time with a platform with different daggerboard cases:
1) Standard position
2) "40cm" position
3) Directly behind the front beam

It was interesting to see that the stability gains were just marginal with the daggerboard further forward but the performance lost was obvious.
so we just keep a certain distance from daggerboard to mast base and just moved the whole platform forward.

Another important information: The first boats are already ordered and the capacity of Scheurer Shipyard is very limited compared to other brands. Anyone interested in getting a boat early next year should get in contact with Aron ( as soon as possible.

GC32 Code Zero by 1D Sails

We use to see the giant code zeros for the D35s or Ventilos for Lake racing in Europe. At Balaton, in Hungary they also have light winds racing and there is a local GC32 team that decided to modify their factory deliver to equip it with a new spin pole and a code Zero. For the sail they called local sailmaker Marton Balazs from 1D Sails.

Marton has taken Ullman GZ legacy forward equipping the entire range of cats. Mitch Booth and Paschahlidis-Trigonis will be racing 1D sails in next F18 Worlds t Denmark.

Below a report sent  by 'Panka' from 1D sails on the work done for the Hungarian GC32 'RSM' new Code Zero to race at Lake Balaton, where the 2011 F18 Worlds were held:
"Balaton, in Hungary is the largest lake of Central-Europe and has a quite big sailing life. Among the activities there is a long time lake rounding regatta, the Kékszalag (which means Blue ribbon).  The

Diam 24OD: RORC "Vice Admirals Cup 2017" report by Simon Northtrop

All images RORC Fb - having a top F18 sailor like Simon Northrop sailing and racing the Diam 24 for the first time was a good chance to know first impressions on this great boat and Class. 22knots floating mode and for 50-60k , what else do you need?

On his sailing preparation and his Loft work with Hyde sails towards the F18 Worlds at Denmark in July, Simon got time to race the Diam and he confirms how good this Trimaran is. I aksed him to describe the handling and his overall impression on the boat. Below his report from the Vice Admirals Cup held a the Solent pas weekend.
Diam 24OD Class, RORC Vice Admirals Cup 2017 , report by Simon Northrop: "We are really busy with our sails production but managed to squeeze in a trip to the Solent to Helm "Team Buzz the Diam 24 OD" for the UK importer Paul Wakelin at the Vice Admirals Cup last weekend -

I had an absolute blast sailing this great boat, great fun racing, we didn't quite get the victory but happy with a second . Seeing it was the first time most of our crew had even seen one let alone sailed

May 22, 2017

America's Cup 35 @Bermuda, 4 Days to Go: Short Film on Artemis Racing development

Photo above by Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing -  This short Film is a perfect way to wait and see for the actual performance on racing for the points at the LV Cup.
Artemis offered the best media material on their series "Road to Bermuda", with this short Film presented by Altair Engineering  (Artemis Racing collaborator: , they have reached a new level on how to show and promote your work. Sailing itself & the America's Cup have plenty to give in terms of stories, personalities, tech and special images, this Short takes a good use them.
Footage displays a bit of the process they went through to reach current status quo, which is accepted by all, that Artemis is rather well prepared, fast  and in good shape for what is coming.

Performance development: 
For some months now I've been learning to 'develop', or better put: to understand how aero/hydro foils sections work, thanks specially to the great help and lectures of an US F18 sailor and Aeronautical Engineer, Sam Carter. What is interesting to see is how little modifications affects or changes performance/polars entirely.

In short film above Artemis design team put emphasis on how a "10th of mm" can do the difference between a good or poor aero/hydrofoil section or simple a fast or slow 'boat'. Nathan speaks on AC50s being literally airplanes, and for sure they are.

To reach the desired lift/drag ratio I'm making foils mods by bare hand, like sculpting each part of the foil beyhond the usual camber, thickness and other parameters. Once you identify how each part of sections affects its behaviour, you can aim to improvements with a "modify, test, verify" cycle.

Getting a computer to do all the possible mods and auto tests/results is no problem to achieve in current times and  the right resources and is one of the things Artemis engineers are doing (if I understood well, if not someone needs to implment it).
Additionally numerical & CFD tests must be validated on the water, and that is still the beauty of the design process. Those relying only theory, well , we already saw results in SF.

1 more knot
With all the OD framework affecting platforms, wings , dagger case positions and many other aspects, one thought months ago not much difference could be made with the little room left to play, but as we've seen thanks to MyislandhomeBDA plus reports from Oracle sailors for ie, there is a great gap among some teams in straight line speed only, not even to start analyzing systems  or TNZ cycling power and else.

I'm amazed on how precise the design process needs to be, if they speak of that 10th of mm final construction is even more critical, as small deformations on molds or final product might reverse the key "10th of mm" gained on the design 'table'. Good to see Brett Ellis still involved with the swede team.

4 days to go for the Lois Vuitton series.
Since we like Artemis and have deep respect for their work and how they reached this stage, we hope for them to encounter New Zealand in the Finals to have the very best challenger possible to race against Spithill's & his crew raw determination and Oracle unlimited resources, so we can have the best close match  possible.

Still nothing granted, we'll find out soon. Louis Vuitton Qualys Schedule:

May 21, 2017

Foiling Bay 2017 @La Baule: Images by Martina Barnetova

Foiling Bay 2017 @La Baule: Final Day

M2 TeamWork Speed Tour 2017: Grand Prix Grandson

Photos: © Erwan Pelisset/TeamWork M2 Speed Tour  -  M2 Grand Prix de Grandson 2017 report and results below, press release in French (Been telling them to send in english too for some years now).
Double week-end pour démarrer le TeamWork M2 Speed Tour 2017
Le circuit 2017 des catamarans high tech M2 a été lancé ce week-end à Grandson, avec deux événements comptant pour le championnat. Samedi, les 14 M2 ont participé au Bol d’Or Henri Lloyd

May 20, 2017

Foiling Bay 2017 @La Baule: Day 3

Foiling Bay , another quality video for Day 3 by Tiger Productions -  Flying Phantoms, Moths, RS-X 'convertible' (Olympic board in Foiling mode)  and Kite foils. Added to the SUP foil surf of Day 1, Foiling Bay at  La Baule will become the top and most complete foiling events.

The Flying Phantom fleet keeps gathering momentum, with the US crew, Tomko & Atwood , Olympic bronze N17 helm Thomas Zajac and the usual top French sailors coming directly from the F18 like Tim Mourniac & Pierre Yves Durand, Thomas Normand & Antoine Joubert , Haineville bros and many others.
Tim & Pierre lead over Zajac & Saunders. Full results after 12 races at Foiling Bay Fb

Nice to see the organization is also having a "King of the Bay" race, open to all foilers. Similar to what I want to do with the Ultimate foiler Challenge, maybe they can host it next year too.

Stay tuned for some top shots by photograper Martina Barnetova, some of the best I've seen yet for foiling beahcats.
Below press release by the Foiling Bay
FOILING BAY: Winners keep the lead!
Flat water, sun, wind and 18 races completed on Day 3 of the Foiling Bay competition. Julien Bontemps (Windsurf), Kieran Leborgne (Kitesurf), Julien Villon (International Moth) and Cup Legend Crew (Flying Phantom) stay in the lead!

Flying Phantom
All races were tighter than the day before between Cup Legend and Redbull. Tactics were key today and one wrong manoeuvre could be the difference between winning and losing. Even though the wind was blowing all day long, it was constantly varying in intensity. Sometimes, it was stronger at the top of race zone, and sometimes further down the zone, so the teams had to take the best option as soon as they passed the first mark. Since all crews were on equal footing with their manoeuvres, Redbull took the lead thanks to their speed and strategic choices. Oman Sail finished in third place which they just missed out on yesterday. Kook, the boat skippered by local sailor, Sébastien Rogues, remained in sixth position and crossed the finish line in first position in the second race.

International Moth
The Moths flew over the racing zone at higher speed thanks to a strong wind and flatter water that

May 19, 2017

Foiling Bay 2017 @La Baule: Day 2

Excellent filming from Day 2 of the Flying Phantom fleet by Tiger Productions -  Below press release sent by the Foiling Bay.
FOILING BAY Day 2: Over 15 races held across the fleets
Conditions were perfect on the first official day of racing with 15 races for all entries. With 14 boats having entered, the Flying Phantom races have been really intensive right up until the last leg. The Race Directors of each class have made the most of the sailing area by setting up short and technical races suitable for each craft, offering an outstanding show.

Flying Phantom
“This day couldn’t be better! It was really close between Redbull and Cup Legend. The fleet was

Bermuda LV America's Cup 35 Qualifiers Schedule: 7 Days to Go

Photo; ACEA /  Ricardo Pinto from Final practice races Day 3. Click pic left to enlarge with full schedule. - Seven days to go for the first match of the Louis Vuitton Series , event to decided the final challenger for the Finals against Oracle.
On Friday May 26th Oracle will face Groupama Team France.
Is key to remark that the defender will be participating in these LV series, fact which will bring them even more advantage to fine tuning their defense, nothing to lose for them on the LV series, just huge gains.

Many are asking where to to watch, check and select your country. The app is rather useless and not working in zones where rights are taken (but sometimes not used by TV broadcasters).

From what we've seen, thanks only to MyislandhomeBDA efforts, its going to be a blast, boats looks super responsive and fast, AC72s look old panzer tanks compared to the AC50s. Hope for Ainslie to get some speed going, if not I go for Artemis & New Zealand for the LV finals, but Team Japan joint development with Oracle and great sailors onboard , like Barker & Draper (Waterhouse also part of the team) could surprise.

- Watch Barker's short interview by Americas Cup press: Barker weights on past Cup and preview of Bermuda 
- Coutts 'vlog' : Practice Races are over

LV Qualys , full schedule click pic above or go to

Friday May 26th
Race 1: USA vs France
Race 2: Sweden vs Japan
Race 3: France vs NZ
Race 4: GBR v Sweden
Opening Ceremony

Saturday May 27th
Race 5:

May 18, 2017

Foiling Bay 2017 @La Baule: May 18-21

Video by Tiger Productions. - Nice to have cat/kite foiling regattas along foiling SUPs in the same place. Watch video above with some nice surfing footage from Day 1.  Foiling SUP & Surfboards are a real forward change & innovation for the sport of surfing,  as you don´t need any more perfect breaking waves, or even breaing at to have a surf session. That is technology and evolution helping to send more quality time on the water.
FPs and RSX Windsurf foiling mode present, read details below on press release sent by the Foiling Bay -

- 4 days of unique regattas dedicated to foiling from May 18th - 21st.
- 5 disciplines on the same body of water.
- More than 100 competitors of 9 different nationalities.
- 1st World Foiling Stand Up Paddle Event.
- Various onshore activities and entertainment.
- Press briefing organised on Thursday 18th May at 9am at the La Baule Yacht Club.

From Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st May, Pouliguen Bay - La Baule - Pornichet will host the second edition of the Foiling Bay, a spectacular event that celebrates the foiling phenomenon. This year the Foiling Bay, La Baule’s newest Derby, will host not one but five foiling disciplines in its nautical arena, which is ideal for sailing foiling boats and boards: Flying Phantom, Foiling Moth, Kitefoil, Foiling Windsurf and Foiling Stand Up Paddle, all new boats and boards that represent the future of water sports. There is no need to be a specialist to enjoy this highly aesthetic and sensational show. This year the event is merging with the legendary Derby Kite and Paddle, a staple of the Stand Up Paddle circuit since the advent of this sport in which the best kite-surfers usually compete.

High flying competitions
Thanks to the appearance of foils (large fins which, similar to that of an aircraft wing, with added

Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 keeps Monohulls (foiling mode)

Waited a bit to comment on the Volvo going Multis last weeks.  After seeing their "3 Hulls" render left , many jumped into conclusion  and they went "VOR will be held in Trimarans". The problem was that render/pic showing the 3 hulls. In fact that preview is a standard mono hull replicated to both sides (no amas shapes at all, neither the central one similar to a Trimaran main hull).
Yesterday talking with a pro designer I told him about that, and doubted on the Trimaran.

For me is a good decision they made to stay with updated Monohulls with side foils, which are well proven by now as seen in last Vendee Globe great racing by Le Cléac'h triumphs over Alex Thomson:

Wise move by Volvo management to wait a few years   , but the prediction we made here with Loick Peyron for the Volvo will become true sooner or later.

Foiling trimarans are still to be reliable or to be sailed, like new Macif, new Sodebo and even Maserati , as they haven't been able to foil the MOD70 at 100% of its possibilities on breakages or other reasons.

On inshores races they talk about a "32-50 foot Cat", thus leacing the door open for GC32s to be used first, they talk on "A tender process opened today for the design and build of catamarans (32-50 foot; 10-15 metre) which will be built to a strict One Design rule like the monohulls, permitting much of the very latest ‘flying’ technology to be built in, but at relatively low cost."

Official announcements & statements: #The Future & Design details.

Celina Burlin & the FP Essentiel

Best styled cat ever for sure. Top production by Alex Udin. The guy knows how to sell his products. All shots by Master Photographer Pierrick Contin, click images for HD & Slideshow. Video Wannaii films.
Celina Burlin? She just became a Star. Celina participated in the FP Red Bull series , and Alex invited her to sail the Essentiel. since she was there... (?!) they decided to launch and sail the new Phil Ashcroft painted Essentiel along 60s '007' styled swimsuit.

This production should be exhibited in Paris or NY Modern Art Museum along the Essentiel itself.

Below more details on press release sent by Phantom International
When glamour and art meet foil sailing

"Celina Burlin is one of these young sailing athletes who is changing the future of sailing. At the age of 17 she bested the best of Sweden’s young sailors and

fb video