Jun 2, 2015

AC35: Oracle & Artemis AC45s Training @Bermuda

Image: Still from video below by Oracle Team USA -- The 'Turbo' AC45s Looking good and stable at Bermuda, with  Artemis way advanced in the program this time around. On the experience this team had to endure past Cup, added to the incredible work on making the 45 & 72 getting airborne in such a reduced time, plus their talented sailing & design team,  I will go with Artemis to challenge Oracle in the Finals, only after a good LV final against TNZ.
Repeating the 49er & Moth & A-Class battle between the top two helms nowadays, Peter Burling & Nathan Outteridge.


Jorgo said...

So Roundtexel is no longer "The biggest catrace in the world".

uli said...

Whats the reason for that limit? Also strange that roundtexel.com is only available in dutch now. Is this the end of the worl... ahm sry, end of Round Texel as we know it?

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