Mar 3, 2015

Flying Phantom chosen for Red Bull Foiling Generation

16-20yrs old seems a little low range. If they want youth with experience to Race the FPs, they should have put a limit of say 22-23.
The FP and Nacra are easy to sail up to 8-10knots, above that these boats are not for everyone and you need previous good experience in any racing Class. Even with floating hours behind I've seen live here on the 20s some pretty tough moments for guys with plenty of F18 years on their back.

Above 8knots you need to know what you are doing helming & crewing these foilers.
If you have the 'feeling' and manage to grab the pace, they are a dream to sail also above that limited wind range.


Gloos said...

In the promo movie i not see any Young sailors ?

Max said...

I'm 23 years old german Hobie Wildcat sailor and want to join this!!! I have
catamaran racing experience about more then 7 years! First Hobie 16, then Hobie Tiger and then directly first season of wildcat on the wildcat. Meeeen, i need to sail this awesome flying Phantom

john said...

man, i'm in the same situation as you ! I am french, 23 years old and i want to join this ! Nacra 5.7, nacra 5.8, wildcat, hobiecat 16 et SL5.2.
Flying Phantom is awesome !

catsailingnews said...

John & Max: Sadly the limit this time is too low in my view: 16-20yrs Old. Keeping pushing and sailing though, you will get your chance. I can tell you about some local kids here in Buenos Aires that had a crazy dream: Sailing an AC45 at SF... and they finally did it. Immense achievement for a group of South American Youths.

Yannis said...

I'm french and I'll be 16 in april, I will do my job in sailing (sailor or engineer) and I really would like to join the foiling generation. Do you know how I can join it and what do I need to do it ?

catsailingnews said...

Hi Yannis, contact Roman & Peter at

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