Feb 18, 2015

FP vs Nacra 20FCS, BA Matchup: The waiting

The FP has arrived, well part of, but we are close to get the local 1 on 1 I've been talking about. Meanwhile the F20 crews are training hard and we will have Gunnar Larsen and Fer van West coming next weekend for a Clinic.
Will post later some videos from yesterday of the 20.


Oscar Lindley-Smith said...

Got the same colour as us :)

ably92627 said...

I'm dying to see the side-by-side.

It sure seems that the Nacra FCS isn't as stable foiling as the FP. I've see practically every video of both boats foiling and the foils on the FCS appear to be too far back, forcing the crew to literally stand on the stern to keep the bows up.

I've been considering purchasing one of these two boats, so please do your best to document trials!

catsailingnews said...

Yesterday I was asked about these trials and responsability of donig it.

I replied there is not such a thing, beyond people following this web for years know about how I target objectivity and we've been praised many times for that.

I have only hard criticized two beachcat projects since 2008: Hobie 16 for Olympics Trials and Nacra 15 for ISAF Youths.
As these kind of selections affects us sailors a whole, where no choice is left, thus better have a good discussion before selecting and providing a brand with a monopoly and control over the pinnacle of our sport at Open and Jr level.

Regarding the FP and Nacra20 I will only post a video where the two boats will sail together in several wind conditions, conclusions will be made by viewers, simply as that.

ably92627 said...

Your views are completely subjective. I'd rather read about "your" opinions than not get some insight.

catsailingnews said...

Of course they are subjective, my point of view in the 'editorial' sense. But objectivity is also to give place to all projects and brands. And not telling don´t go with this boat or go with the other cause is a 'pos' or targeting Hobie or Nacra on the projects mentioned above either way.

And when I like a project like Sail Innovation in 2009, DNA, Mayfly, Exploder, Shockwave, Infusion, Wildcat and hundreds others I write full praising of them in a full subjective way. My own perception.

I tend not to 'kill' beachcat projects I don´t like (beyond those two exceptions) and just post raw data I receive from them, as I now the hard work involved.

I try to provide direct data myself and get the opinions of Pros in the design and sailing community. Just read the archive.

I can point you many examples like this interview with Larsen in 2012 when AHPC was sponsoring the web and I wrote the Nacra 17 was the favorite:

Peter Vink & Gunnar Larsen: "General
note to CSN: We would like to thank Martin Vanzulli for creating this
fantastic Catsailing news website. It shows that a website can be run
from anywhere in the world to be succesfull. This Blog really helped
getting the Multihull back in the OLYMPIC GAMES from which ever make. Of
course we hope to be the supplier with the NACRA F16 or the NACRA 17.
We are doing the best we can and we are ready for it.Thanks also for
always being so objective about all subjects!!! Keep it up!!"

Not targeting objectivity would be saying "don´t buy the Nacra 20 and go for the FP" - I write my subjective view without a doubt but with respect to all beachcat projects.

The big AC guys are beyond this little website opinions so I don´t mind saying again what a failure was in the design aspect the Artemis AC34 , project lead by a fellow countrymen like Juan K.

Achim said...

So how is it going?

catsailingnews said...

Still waiting for final assembly, don't worry I will post news as soon both boats are ready to sail together.

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