Nov 12, 2014

Vid: Franck Cammas Flying the Phantom @St Malo

Sent by Phantom International. Cammas saying he will be continue his C-Class campaign, where Phantom foiils were developed, and he is also looking forward to foil Team France AC45 in the next World Series. The AC45 fleet racing is going to be the best thing we've seen so far from this new Era.
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Kyle Amadio said...

Foiling is great however the cost of the boards and the modifications required to the boats, it makes it out of the question for most F18 owners. I also think the nature of sailing is a bit lost when foiling is added to an F18. I know this sounds a bit like the mono-hull versus catamaran arguments of old... The FP is great - however its something else, its not F18 racing.

catsailingnews said...

The FP and Nacra FCS are two totally separated projects from the F18, that is not searching at all to fly , now or in the future. You just need to appreciate these boats, and let people willing to spent the $ to sail and enjoy them.

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