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Jul 24, 2013

F16 Worlds: Demesmaeker - Van Leeuwen still lead after 11 Races

Image Segel-bilder.com / Travemunde Week. In the pic above you can see Henri  and Jeroen , a 14yrs old kid and the tallest F18 sailor? and x2 World Champ racing together in the Viper. Nice mix of brands in this class with the Falcons, Cirrus Q, Raptors, Nacra F16 & AHPC Vipers.
Gurvan Bontemps was close to podium at the F18 Worlds in Italy and now is trying to get back in the F16 with David Fanoulliere on a Cirrus Q. Andy Lutz & Beat Kaser lost lead in the Falcon but still with chances of podium. In second place the Sach bros I assume on Nacra F16.

Top ten below. Full Results at http://www.travemuender-woche.com/en/races/2013/lists/index.html 

Nr Sail nr Crew Club T N
1  BEL 888 Henri DEMESMAEKER Jeroen VAN LEEUWEN RBSC 27.0 23.0
2  GER 60 Helge SACH Christian SACH LYC 52.0 41.0
3  FRA 56893 Gurvan BONTEMPS David FANOUILLERE SRV 69.0 53.0
4  BEL 666 Aurélie van SCHOOTE Morgan GOOD
95.0 62.0
5  SUI 1 Andreas LUTZ Beat KÄSER RVS 89.0 64.0
6  FRA 2016 Vincent DOMAND Fanny MERELLE CNPA 80.0 68.0
7  BEL 308 Arnout VICTOR Klaas VICTOR RBSC 104.0 83.0
8  NED 2012 Froukje FEENSTRA Diemer FEENSTRA
120.0 87.0
9  FRA 59863 Emmanuel BOULOGNE Jean BOULOGNE CVT 115.0 93.0
10  BEL 111 Philip HENDRICKX Gaetan BOLS
126.5 93.5

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