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Sep 20, 2012

Pending Work

I had a great time at LA, thank all for the good vibes. I tried to enjoy the event to the max, so I wasn´t in full CSN mode and maybe left some pending interviews, but will do them by skype/mail as with wonder boys Taylor&Matthew. Those others looking for me got their interviews recorded. I had pending recs for Soldano/Dave Ullman, the Flying Dutchies AC45 team and Gunnar on the new Nacra 17.
Also had a short but interesting design talk with Mike Drummond (ex Oracle Design Team) at Long Beach, he was racing with his son,  I will have an interview with him soon too on the AC72 and his projects. Mike will be present the A Worlds too.

Now the Tornado Worlds are taking place, more info later. Main event coming is the A-Class Worlds at Isla Morada on October 19-27. The AC45s will be racing again at SF.
Lamberto Cesari made an excellent video for Saily.it on the new Olympic boat, will publish on monday.

The Open Project still going, and I have lots of feedback for the group.
As I'm putting lots of hours on the site and the idea is to continue traveling and covering more events. I want to thank the brands and companies supporting Catsailingnews, as with their help I can invest more time on providing all the info available in the multihull World.

Landenberger One Design
BNR Watersports
Ronstan US
GSEA Design

As you all know, you don´t need to have an ad to be featured in CSN, you just send your info and it will be published for sure, it may just take a little on the amount I'm getting every day.
Also thanks to the photographers like Jasper, Jeremy and all those linked permanently in the right column for being a key part of this web.

F18 Worlds final wrap up next week as I have some addtional people to thank like the Glasers.

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