Feb 13, 2012

C-Class, Challenge Italia: State of the Art (PhotoShop)

EDIT:They put "2012 springtime training in Mondello" and "Rendering by Vito Pavia, I though they were the CAD renders. So my mistake, it is the Biggest bluff ever in CSN. This is a Photoshop render from Canaan, the current winner of Little Americas Cup. An orginal photo I already published, check below. Although the boat will look this cool (They better...) , check building pics at Fcbk this is not actual boat. Comments still apply though, I guess... if they end building it to the hype. I'm gonna hire this Photoshop guy, check original below.
How come these guys dare to design and build this???   "Blasphemy!" , call the Inquisitors, the old keepers of the code! ....Call Umberto Ecco also,  he could have a fest with some situations in the multihull world that resembles to perfection the book/movie "The Name of the Rose"...

State of the Art craft by Challenge Italia. Idem Image by Master photographer Christophe Launay/www.sealaunay.com
C-Class Reborn continues with good health.



Photo: Cristophe Launay - www.sealaunay.com Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke on 'Canaan'


FRENZIED said...

Looks awesome! Let them have their space-age-gust-generating-wing-sail and warp-factor-ten-super-curved-foils and ion-atom-splitting-fission-anti-grav-hulls and sushi-making-unobtanium-composite rudders. ;D

It really does look cool though. Would hate to fall onto that sail.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see people blow lots of money on cats..

Anonymous said...

Nice photoshop job of Canaan!

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