Sep 29, 2011

New 18 Foiling Tri

Sent by Matt Mc Donald -

"We recently ran our first water test on a new 18’ foiling tri.  Falcon built all the tooling and has constructed the initial boat.  It has glass/foam core hulls, with carbon mast, beams and foils.  The concept is by Hydrosail Inc.and Dr Sam Bradfield, developers of a variety of other foiling designs.  (Scat, NF3, Rave to name a few) 

Some pics attached. This was more about making sure the vessel worked than trying to get publicity, we'll get more soon. This was the very first water test and a complete success.  The boat took flight in a bare 6 knots of wind and quickly accelerated to 12-14 once up. We have a few mods being made to the sail plan (note the very small F16 jib temporarily rigged) and hope to back in the water for a second round of testing next week.

This particular platform will be used for a variety of testing and continued development. Hard wing sails etc are in the works. Hydro sail will be offering this as a semi production race boat for those looking for a bit more tech and thrill." 
Matt McDonald - Falcon Marine


Anonymous said...

Thats cool but probably limited commercial appeal.

Anonymous said...

Must be pretty scary to do a bear away in a breeze in this aircraft

Anonymous said...

Way to go Matt!! Awesome to be involved in projects that push the envelope!!

Eric Witte

Johannes Prison said...

Really cool!

Have previous had some thoughts on the Rave, but didn't appeal enough to go all the way. Instead I ended up with a HC 18F. Great boat. But this REALLY look interesting. Will follow the project closely. Is there anywhere to find more info?

Doug said...

limited appeal?!? Up above the water in 6 knots is great! Post links to your site so we can follow.

Anonymous said...

What is thefoil configuration
Moth style t foils ?

Anonymous said...

yes, the three blades are T foiled shape. Boats looks great. I had a chance to see it. pretty cool toy ;)


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