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Dec 22, 2009

F18 Italy: Winter Championship at Calambrone

Calambrone (Pisa) Italy , Sunday December 20, 2009

Report from Marco Radman - F18 ITA 23: "Ice and snow in Italy. But the races are ready in Calambrone !With polar temperature (never up to 2 °C during the day!) was sailed at the Circolo Vela Sunset Calambrone the 3rd day of the Winter Championship. It were sailed two race with wind from the east around 15 knots and a beautiful sun. In the first race wins De Grenet-Marzorati on Fava-Giannatempo and Ferrari-Poggetti at third.

Unlucky figure for Radman-Lai (they were not at the skipper meeting ...) who led the race, crossed the finish line after only two laps, but the race is on three laps (fallen into error also Ferrari-Poggetti but they restart soon)! In the second race Ferrari-Poggetti try and succeed in a splendid start on left tack which will manage well the race and win.

Second the goods Fava-Giannatempo that crossed the finish line at the photo finish on Radman-Lai third. In A-Class Farnesi won all two races, and in HC16 class the first was win by Pellegrini-Giacomelli, and the secon was win by Frassi-Querci.

Good idea made the races on three short laps. Good configuration for training and "temperature" of the crews. Thanks to the boys on the raft who managed the races well and many crews who came from outside although the weather was not particularly inviting.

I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all F18 sailors!" Marco Radman

No Name TOT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Radman Marco, Lai Agostino, MATTIA F18 13 1 2 1 1 5 dnf 3
2 Villani Federico, Golfari Roberto, NACRA 29 4 5 4 6 7 4 6
3 Fava Paolo, Giannatempo Francesco, NACRA 32 2 3 3 dns dns 2 2
4 Zucchi Alessio, Lorenzo Fantoni, CAPRICORN 38 3 1 2 10 2 dns dns
5 Ugo Ferrari, Pietro Poggetti, NACRA 48 dns dns dns 3 1 3 1
6 Vano Nicola, Carpinelli Massimo, WILD CAT 49 8 4 5 dns dns 5 7
7 Vignolini Marco, Colomo Guido, NACRA 49 5 6 6 4 8 dns dns
8 Riccardo De Grenet, Claudio Marzorati, NACRA 50 dns dns dns 2 3 1 4
9 Del Bravo Alberto, Cangemi Rosario, TIGER 80 6 7 7 dns dns dns dns
10 Bianucci Manolo, Vizzoni Giovanna, WILD CAT 85 9 8 8 dns dns dns dns

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