Mar 3, 2009

Wave Piercing technology: The "Wild" Navy destroyer Hull

Wave Piercing is already the defacto standard in beach cats racing hulls.
The extreme rake of the new Hobie F18, reminds me the radical US Navy ship.
Now we are also seeing this extreme design in Navy ships like the Zumwalt Class Destroyer.

Some interesting pics and videos below:

Maybe Martin Fsher is working for Northrop Grumman! who knows!

Wakes differences are huge.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the new Hobies are gonna be stealth with ship to ship missles? That's going to be hard to beat

Anonymous said...

Yes but Nacra is developing a missile defence sheld

Anonymous said...

are there any news on the missile systems? the last race sucked, so i thought i have to sort out my options.

Anonymous said...

Here's a missile system effective v. both Jetskis and Nacra flamers. : )

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